Rheta Zorn

Rheta Zorn

Published: 25 Sep 2023

Source: Laconservancy.org

The Forum in Inglewood, California, is an iconic landmark that has hosted countless memorable concerts, sporting events, and entertainment shows throughout its history. With its distinctive circular architecture and rich cultural significance, The Forum stands as a testament to the vibrant entertainment scene in Southern California.

From legendary performances by music icons such as The Beatles, Queen, and Nirvana to historic sporting events like the NBA Finals and the Olympic basketball tournament, The Forum has witnessed it all. Its immense popularity and close proximity to Los Angeles have made it a go-to destination for both locals and tourists alike.

In this article, we will delve into 14 astounding facts about The Forum, shedding light on its historical significance, architectural features, and the unforgettable experiences it offers. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of The Forum and discover what makes it a truly exceptional landmark.

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The Forum (Inglewood) was originally built as a sports arena.

The Forum, located in Inglewood, California, was initially constructed as a sports arena. It first opened its doors in 1967 and quickly became a prominent venue for various sporting events, including basketball and tennis tournaments.

The Forum has a rich music history.

One of the most astounding facts about The Forum is its remarkable music heritage. It has hosted numerous legendary concerts and performances by renowned artists, making it a sought-after destination for music lovers worldwide.

It was the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings.

For over three decades, The Forum served as the home arena for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and the Los Angeles Kings ice hockey team. The venue witnessed countless victories, championships, and unforgettable moments in both sports.

The Forum underwent a major renovation.

In 2014, The Forum underwent an extensive renovation to revitalize its iconic structure. The project aimed to restore the venue’s grandeur and enhance its acoustic capabilities, ensuring an unparalleled experience for both performers and audiences.

It has a seating capacity of over 17,000.

The Forum boasts a massive seating capacity, accommodating more than 17,000 spectators during events. Its spacious layout and excellent sightlines ensure that every attendee has an optimal view of the stage or game.

The Forum has been nicknamed the “Fabulous” Forum.

The venue earned the reputation as the “Fabulous” Forum due to its glamorous aesthetics and grandeur. The distinct architecture, characterized by its round shape and unique exterior, adds to its iconic status.

Many iconic musicians have performed at The Forum.

Throughout its history, The Forum has played host to a multitude of legendary musicians, including The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Prince, Pink Floyd, and many more. These unforgettable performances have solidified The Forum’s place in music history.

The Forum features state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.

Ensuring an immersive experience for both performers and attendees, The Forum is equipped with cutting-edge sound and lighting technology. This enables artists to deliver breathtaking performances while creating a visually stunning atmosphere.

The venue has served as a filming location for movies and TV shows.

With its striking appearance and historical significance, The Forum has been a preferred filming location for many movies, television shows, and music videos. Its unique ambiance adds an extra layer of authenticity to on-screen productions.

The Forum has hosted influential political events.

Not limited to sports and music, The Forum has also been the setting for significant political events and speeches. Presidential candidates and political figures have held rallies and delivered speeches at the venue, leaving a mark on its diverse legacy.

The Forum is a cultural landmark in Inglewood.

As a cultural icon in Inglewood, The Forum holds immense significance to the local community and beyond. Its presence has contributed to the city’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene, attracting visitors from all over the world.

The venue offers a range of amenities for attendees.

Aside from its spectacular events, The Forum provides various amenities to enhance the overall experience for attendees. These include ample parking, comfortable seating, and a selection of food and beverage options to cater to different tastes.

The Forum has hosted the Grammy Awards.

In 2000 and 2001, The Forum had the honor of hosting the Grammy Awards, one of the most prestigious music award ceremonies. The venue’s grandeur and acoustics added an element of grandiosity to the star-studded event.

The Forum is a beloved landmark in Los Angeles.

With its storied history and legendary performances, The Forum has earned a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. As one of Los Angeles’ most iconic venues, it continues to captivate audiences and serve as a symbol of entertainment excellence.


In conclusion, The Forum in Inglewood is a truly remarkable landmark that holds a rich history and significant cultural importance. Its unique architectural design, legendary performers, and iconic events have made it a cherished venue for countless music, sports, and entertainment lovers. With its recent renovation, The Forum continues to be a thriving hub for world-class performances and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a sports fanatic, or simply appreciate architectural marvels, The Forum should definitely be on your must-visit list. So, next time you find yourself in Inglewood, make sure to catch a show at The Forum and immerse yourself in its enchanting atmosphere.Now, let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about The Forum.


1. When was The Forum built?

The Forum was originally built in 1967 as a multi-purpose indoor arena.

2. How many seats does The Forum have?

The Forum can accommodate approximately 17,500 spectators for concerts and up to 17,000 for sporting events.

3. Who has performed at The Forum?

The Forum has hosted performances by legendary artists such as The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Prince, and many more.

4. Can I visit The Forum for a tour?

Yes, The Forum offers guided tours that allow visitors to explore the venue and learn about its history.

5. Does The Forum have parking facilities?

Yes, The Forum has ample parking space available for attendees.

6. Is The Forum easily accessible by public transportation?

Absolutely! The venue is conveniently located near major transportation hubs, making it easily accessible by bus, train, and even shuttle services.

7. Can I book tickets for events at The Forum online?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for events at The Forum through their official website or authorized ticketing platforms.

8. Are there any food and beverage options available at The Forum?

Yes, The Forum offers a variety of dining options, including concessions stands and on-site restaurants.

9. Does The Forum have any special amenities for disabled individuals?

Absolutely. The venue provides accessible seating, restrooms, and other amenities to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

10. Can I host private events at The Forum?

Yes, The Forum offers event spaces for private functions, corporate events, and special occasions. You can contact their event management team for more information.