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The Perry-Castañeda Library, also known as PCL, is an iconic landmark located at the heart of the University of Texas at Austin campus. As one of the largest academic libraries in North America, PCL serves as a hub of knowledge and learning for students, faculty, and researchers alike. But beyond its renowned status as a library, PCL is home to a rich history and a host of intriguing facts that make it a truly unique institution. From its architectural marvels to its vast collection of resources, the Perry-Castañeda Library offers an immersive experience for visitors and holds many secrets waiting to be discovered. In this article, we will dive into 12 fascinating facts about the Perry-Castañeda Library that will leave you in awe of this remarkable establishment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perry-Castañeda Library at University of Texas is a massive hub of knowledge with 10 million volumes and a rooftop garden offering stunning views of the campus.
  • Named after two distinguished individuals, the library is a symbol of academic excellence and offers a wide range of study spaces and online resources for students and scholars.
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The Perry-Castañeda Library is the main library at the University of Texas at Austin.

Located in the heart of the campus, this iconic landmark is known for its distinctive architecture and extensive collection of resources.

The library is named after two distinguished individuals.

Earl L. Perry and Carlos E. Castañeda, both former faculty members at the university, made significant contributions to the field of history.

It is one of the largest academic libraries in the United States.

With over 10 million volumes and countless digital resources, the Perry-Castañeda Library offers a wealth of information to students, researchers, and scholars.

The library’s collection spans a wide range of subjects.

From humanities to social sciences, natural sciences to engineering, the library houses materials in diverse disciplines to support the university’s academic programs.

The library is renowned for its map collection.

With over 1.6 million maps, including rare and historical maps, the Perry-Castañeda Library is a treasure trove for geography enthusiasts and researchers.

The library offers a variety of study spaces.

Whether you prefer individual carrels, group study rooms, or open areas, the library provides a conducive environment for both collaborative and independent learning.

The library’s rooftop garden provides stunning views of the campus.

Visitors can enjoy a peaceful ambience while taking in panoramic vistas of the university grounds and the beautiful Austin skyline.

The library hosts regular exhibitions and special collections.

From rare manuscripts to unique artworks, the Perry-Castañeda Library showcases a diverse range of materials to enrich the academic experience of its patrons.

The library is a hub for research and innovation.

With access to extensive databases and resources, students and faculty members can delve into cutting-edge research projects that contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

The library offers a wide range of services and resources.

From interlibrary loan to research consultations, digital access to online journals, the Perry-Castañeda Library ensures that users have the support they need for their academic pursuits.

The library has a vast collection of online resources.

Users can access e-books, academic journals, databases, and other digital materials from the comfort of their own devices, making research more accessible and convenient.

The Perry-Castañeda Library is a symbol of academic excellence.

As a central hub of learning and knowledge, this iconic library represents the University of Texas at Austin’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and scholarship.

In conclusion, the Perry-Castañeda Library stands as a testament to the University of Texas at Austin’s dedication towards creating a vibrant academic community. With its vast collection, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to supporting research and learning, it continues to inspire and serve as a resource hub for generations of students and scholars.


In conclusion, the Perry-Castañeda Library is a truly remarkable landmark that encompasses not only a vast collection of knowledge but also a rich history and unique architectural design. From its distinctive six-story atrium to its extensive map collection, the library offers an immersive and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a student looking for a quiet study spot, a history enthusiast interested in exploring rare maps, or simply a bibliophile seeking an intriguing place to visit, the Perry-Castañeda Library is guaranteed to captivate and inspire. So, next time you find yourself in Austin, Texas, be sure to pay a visit to this iconic landmark and discover its many hidden treasures.


1. What is the significance of the Perry-Castañeda Library?

The Perry-Castañeda Library is the main library of the University of Texas at Austin and is known for its extensive collection of books, maps, and multimedia resources. It is a hub for academic research and supports the educational needs of students, faculty, and the general public.

2. How old is the Perry-Castañeda Library?

The library was completed in 1977, making it over four decades old. However, its design and architecture have stood the test of time, and it continues to be a prominent and iconic landmark in Austin.

3. Are non-students allowed to visit the library?

Yes, the Perry-Castañeda Library is open to the public. Visitors can explore the library’s facilities, access select resources, and even participate in guided tours that showcase the building’s unique features and history.

4. Can I borrow books from the Perry-Castañeda Library?

Borrowing privileges are primarily limited to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin. However, visitors can still access a wealth of information within the library, including reference materials, digitized resources, and special collections.

5. Is there parking available near the Perry-Castañeda Library?

Yes, there are several parking options available near the library, including on-campus parking garages and metered street parking. Visitors are advised to check the university’s parking regulations and availabilities before their visit.

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