Magdalene Gaines

Magdalene Gaines

Published: 23 Sep 2023


When it comes to libraries, the Addlestone Library in Charleston, South Carolina, stands out as a true gem. This stunning landmark not only houses a vast collection of books, but also boasts a rich history and several intriguing features that make it truly unforgettable.

In this article, we will explore 11 unbelievable facts about the Addlestone Library that will leave you in awe. From its unique architecture to its impressive collection, there is so much to discover about this captivating institution. Whether you are a book lover, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about remarkable landmarks, you won’t want to miss these incredible facts about the Addlestone Library.

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The Addlestone Library has over 1 million books.

Yes, you heard that right! With a collection boasting more than 1 million books, this library offers an extensive range of knowledge in various disciplines. Whether you’re studying history, science, literature, or any other subject, you’re bound to find the resources you need right here.

It has a state-of-the-art technology center.

The Addlestone Library is not just a repository of books; it’s also a tech-savvy space that embraces the digital age. The technology center is equipped with the latest computers, software, and printing services, ensuring that students have all the tools they need to excel academically.

The library is open 24/7 during exam periods.

When exams are looming and late-night study sessions are in full swing, the Addlestone Library remains open round the clock to accommodate students’ needs. This dedication to providing a supportive environment for academic success is truly commendable.

Addlestone Library has a rooftop garden.

Inspired by sustainability and the desire to create a green oasis in the heart of the campus, the library boasts a stunning rooftop garden. It provides students with a serene space to unwind, study outdoors, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views.

It offers access to numerous online databases.

Thanks to its vast network of resources, the Addlestone Library ensures that students have access to a wide range of online databases. From scholarly journals to research articles, the library’s digital collection is a treasure trove of information waiting to be explored.

The library hosts regular author talks and book signings.

If you’re a book lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Addlestone Library frequently hosts author talks and book signings. This provides students and the community with the opportunity to engage with renowned authors, gain insights into their works, and expand their literary horizons.

Addlestone Library offers collaborative workspaces.

Gone are the days of isolated cubicles and solitary studying. The library has embraced the importance of collaboration by providing students with dedicated collaborative workspaces. These areas foster teamwork, creativity, and knowledge exchange among peers.

It houses a rare books collection.

For those with a passion for historical literature and rare manuscripts, the Addlestone Library is a true haven. Its special collections contain rare books, maps, and documents that offer a glimpse into the past and allow researchers to delve into the world of antiquity.

The library provides personalized research assistance.

Librarians at the Addlestone Library are eager to help students navigate the sea of information. They offer personalized research assistance, providing guidance on finding reliable sources, refining research topics, and utilizing library resources effectively.

Addlestone Library is a prime spot for studying and socializing.

With its cozy study nooks, comfortable seating areas, and spacious reading rooms, the Addlestone Library strikes the perfect balance between a quiet study environment and a social space. Students can focus on their studies while also having the opportunity to connect with their peers.

It offers a variety of study spaces to cater to different learning preferences.

Whether you prefer a silent space for concentration or a vibrant area for group discussions, the Addlestone Library has got you covered. From individual carrels to group study rooms, there are diverse options available to suit every student’s learning style.


Addlestone Library is truly an extraordinary landmark that offers so much more than just a place to study or access books. Its stunning architecture, rich history, and impressive collection make it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Additionally, the library’s dedication to sustainability and innovation sets it apart from other libraries around the world. Whether you’re a bookworm, history enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful architecture, Addlestone Library has something to offer everyone. So, next time you’re in Charleston, make sure to stop by this incredible landmark and immerse yourself in its captivating atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed!


Q: What are the opening hours of Addlestone Library?
A: Addlestone Library is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.Q: Can I borrow books from Addlestone Library?
A: Yes, students, faculty, and staff members of the College of Charleston can borrow books from the library. However, borrowing privileges may differ for visitors and guests.Q: Is there parking available near Addlestone Library?
A: Yes, there is parking available near the library. Visitors can use the George Street Parking Garage, which is located adjacent to the library.Q: Does Addlestone Library offer any digital resources?
A: Absolutely! Addlestone Library provides access to a wide range of digital resources, including e-books, online journals, databases, and multimedia materials.Q: Are there any study spaces or meeting rooms in Addlestone Library?
A: Yes, the library offers various study spaces, including quiet study areas, group study rooms, and collaborative spaces equipped with modern technology.Q: Can visitors access Addlestone Library’s special collections?
A: Yes, visitors can access Addlestone Library’s special collections. However, it is recommended to contact the library in advance to inquire about any specific requirements or restrictions.