Gina Roth

Gina Roth

Published: 22 Sep 2023


Stadion Chornomorets is not just a regular football stadium. It is a culmination of architectural brilliance, sporting history, and a symbol of pride for the city of Odessa, Ukraine. With a seating capacity of over 34,000, this iconic landmark has witnessed countless triumphs, epic matches, and unforgettable moments in the world of football.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Stadion Chornomorets and explore some mind-blowing facts that make it stand out among other stadiums. From its impressive design to its rich history, there is so much to delve into. So, let’s strap on our seatbelts and embark on a journey to discover the amazing aspects of this spectacular venue.

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The Stadion Chornomorets has a rich history.

The Stadion Chornomorets, located in Odessa, Ukraine, has a fascinating history that spans over six decades. It was officially opened in 1935 and has since become one of the most iconic sports venues in the country.

It has a seating capacity of over 34,000 spectators.

With its impressive capacity, Stadion Chornomorets can accommodate a large number of fans, creating an electric atmosphere during matches. The stadium’s design ensures excellent visibility from every seat, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

The stadium hosted the 1980 Summer Olympic football matches.

As a testament to its significance, Stadion Chornomorets was selected as one of the venues for the 1980 Summer Olympics. It welcomed various national teams from around the world, adding to its prestige as an international sporting venue.

Stadion Chornomorets is home to FC Chornomorets Odesa.

FC Chornomorets Odesa, one of Ukraine’s most prominent football teams, calls Stadion Chornomorets its home. The team has a dedicated fan base and regularly competes in the Ukrainian Premier League, thrilling spectators with their skill and passion for the game.

It has hosted numerous high-profile matches and competitions.

Over the years, Stadion Chornomorets has witnessed some unforgettable sporting moments. It has hosted matches in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and international friendly matches. The stadium’s prestigious atmosphere adds to the intensity of these events.

The Chornomorets Stadium underwent significant renovations in recent years.

To meet modern standards and enhance the fan experience, Stadion Chornomorets underwent extensive renovations in recent years. The upgrades include improved facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and enhanced amenities for both players and spectators.

The stadium offers breathtaking views of the Black Sea.

One of the unique features of Stadion Chornomorets is its stunning location near the Black Sea. Spectators can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea while cheering on their favorite teams, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors.

It has hosted concerts and cultural events.

Stadion Chornomorets has not only been a hub for sports events but also a venue for concerts and cultural performances. Renowned artists and bands have graced its stage, attracting audiences from all walks of life.

Stadion Chornomorets is easily accessible.

The stadium’s central location in Odessa makes it easily accessible for both local fans and tourists. It is well-connected to public transportation, allowing spectators to reach the venue conveniently.

It has a vibrant and passionate fan base.

The Stadion Chornomorets is renowned for its lively and passionate fan base. Fans come together to support their team, creating an electric atmosphere that truly enhances the overall matchday experience.


In conclusion, Stadion Chornomorets is not just an ordinary sports stadium; it is a landmark that holds a rich history and intriguing facts. From its remarkable architecture to its significant role in hosting major sports events, Stadion Chornomorets stands tall as a symbol of pride and passion for sports enthusiasts.Visiting this stadium allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of sports culture and witness the awe-inspiring sights that it offers. Whether you are a football fan or simply someone who appreciates grand structures, Stadion Chornomorets is sure to leave you mesmerized.So, if you ever find yourself in Odesa, Ukraine, make sure to include a visit to Stadion Chornomorets in your itinerary. You will not only witness the magnificence of this landmark but also experience the energy and excitement that emanates from its very core.With its remarkable blend of history, architecture, and sports, Stadion Chornomorets is truly a mind-blowing destination that should not be missed.


1. How old is Stadion Chornomorets?

Stadion Chornomorets was officially opened on October 22, 2011, making it a relatively new stadium.

2. What is the seating capacity of Stadion Chornomorets?

The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 34,164 spectators, providing ample space for fans to enjoy various sports events.

3. Has Stadion Chornomorets hosted any significant sporting events?

Yes, the stadium has hosted numerous important sporting events, including UEFA Euro 2012 matches and the Ukrainian Cup finals.

4. Is Stadion Chornomorets open to the public for tours?

Yes, you can book guided tours of Stadion Chornomorets to explore its facilities, hear interesting anecdotes, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the stadium.

5. Are there any nearby attractions to explore after visiting Stadion Chornomorets?

Absolutely! The stadium is located in close proximity to Odesa’s beautiful coastal areas, allowing visitors to enjoy picturesque beaches, vibrant nightlife, and delicious local cuisine.

6. Can I attend a live match at Stadion Chornomorets?

Absolutely! Stadion Chornomorets hosts various football matches, and you can check the schedule to attend a live match and experience the electrifying atmosphere firsthand.

7. Is there parking available at Stadion Chornomorets?

Yes, the stadium provides parking facilities for visitors attending events or going on guided tours.

8. Can I visit Stadion Chornomorets during non-match days?

Yes, Stadion Chornomorets is open to the public even when no matches are scheduled. You can explore the stadium and its surroundings, take photographs, and simply appreciate its grandeur.