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Animals Quokka Facts

Quokka Facts

Quokkas Occupy Only a Small Portion of Australia The first of our quokka facts reveals…

Animals Duck Facts

Duck Facts

Ducks Are Excellent Divers The word duck comes from the Old English word that means…

Animals Platypus Facts

Platypus Facts

The Platypus Is One of The Most Unique Animals on Earth Platypus facts tell us…

Animals Tiger Facts

Tiger Facts

Tigers Are Currently Nearly Extinct One of the more sobering tiger facts is that these…

Animals Giraffe Facts

Giraffe Facts

Giraffes Are the Tallest Living Terrestrial Animals Giraffe facts reveal something that you probably already…

Animals Cat Facts

Cat Facts

The Domestic Cat Is the Most Popular Pet in the World The first of our…

Animals Lion Facts

Lion Facts

Female Lions Run the Pack Lion facts show that female lions are responsible for 80-90%…

Animals Wolf Facts

Wolf Facts

American Wolves Rarely Attack Humans There are plenty of attacks by wolves on humans each…

Earth Pollution Facts

Pollution Facts

There Are 7 Types of Pollution The first of our pollution facts might surprise you.…

Earth Water Facts

Water Facts

Water Is the Most Abundant Compound on Earth One of the most interesting water facts…

Animals Cheetah Facts

Cheetah Facts

Cheetahs Are the Fastest Land Animals Cheetah facts show that a grown cheetah can reach…

Animals Barn Owl Facts

Barn Owl Facts

The Barn Owl Is Found on Every Continent Except Antarctica The first of our interesting…

Animals Giant Panda Facts

Giant Panda Facts

Giant Pandas Have Unique Facial Structures Many think that giant pandas have cute and chubby…

Earth Tsunami Facts

Tsunami Facts

Most Tsunamis Occur in the Pacific Ocean Tsunami facts show that nearly 80% of the…

Earth Hurricane Facts

Hurricane Facts

Hurricanes Need Ideal Weather Conditions to Form Hurricane facts reveal that these giant storms can…

Earth Climate Change Facts

Climate Change Facts

Climate Change Is Not Necessarily Equal to Global Warming Climate change facts reveal that although…

Earth Rainforest Facts

Rainforest Facts

Rainforests Regulate Climate Rainforest facts show that rainforests absorb and emit vast amounts of carbon…

Animals Camel Facts

Camel Facts

A Camel’s Temperature Varies by 7 Degrees from Day to Night The first in our…

Animals Cow Facts

Cow Facts

Cows Only Have 1 Stomach The first of our brilliant cow facts dispels a popular…