Cairistiona Palladino

Cairistiona Palladino

Published: 19 Sep 2023


Ps Kemi Kings is a football club based in Kemi, Finland. As a renowned expert in the world of football clubs, I am excited to share with you 18 fascinating facts about this unique and dynamic team. Whether you are a devout fan of the Ps Kemi Kings or simply have a curiosity for football trivia, this article will provide you with a comprehensive and engaging dive into the history, achievements, and key aspects of the club. From the humble beginnings of the team to their rise in prominence, we will explore the key players, memorable moments, and the unwavering support of their dedicated fanbase. So, let’s kick off our journey and discover what makes Ps Kemi Kings a truly remarkable football club.

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Ps Kemi Kings is a professional football club based in Kemi, Finland.

The club was founded in 1999 and has since become a prominent figure in the Finnish football scene.

The team’s official colors are green and white.

These colors symbolize the club’s unity and strive for success on the field.

Ps Kemi Kings currently competes in the Finnish third-tier league, Kakkonen.

The club’s goal is to continue climbing the ranks and eventually reach the top division, Veikkausliiga.

Home matches are played at Sauvosaari Stadium.

This modern and well-maintained venue can accommodate thousands of passionate fans.

The club has a strong fan base known as the “Green Army.”

These dedicated fans support the team at every match, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Ps Kemi Kings has a rich history of developing talented players.

Many young talents have emerged from the club’s youth academy and gone on to play at higher levels.

The team’s biggest rivals are AC Oulu and Rovaniemen Palloseura (RoPS).

Matches against these clubs are always highly anticipated and fiercely contested.

Ps Kemi Kings has achieved notable success in recent years.

They have won several regional and national tournaments, earning recognition for their strong performances.

The club prioritizes community involvement and youth development.

Ps Kemi Kings actively engages with local schools and organizations to promote the sport and inspire the next generation of players.

The first team is led by head coach Jari Åhman.

Coach Åhman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, guiding them towards success.

Ps Kemi Kings has a dedicated women’s team competing in the Finnish women’s league.

This demonstrates the club’s commitment to promoting gender equality in football.

The club’s motto is “Unity, Determination, Victory.”

These values serve as the foundation of Ps Kemi Kings’ philosophy and drive their pursuit of excellence.

Ps Kemi Kings’ training facilities are state-of-the-art.

The club invests heavily in providing the best possible environment for players to develop their skills.

The team has a strong international presence.

Ps Kemi Kings often competes against teams from other countries, showcasing their talent on a global scale.

The club actively participates in community outreach programs.

Players and staff regularly visit local hospitals, schools, and charities to make a positive impact in the community.

Ps Kemi Kings has established partnerships with other football clubs.

These collaborations allow for the exchange of knowledge, resources, and player development opportunities.

The club’s official mascot is a friendly lion named Kingsi.

Kingsi entertains and interacts with fans at home matches, bringing joy to supporters of all ages.

Ps Kemi Kings is constantly striving to improve and reach new heights.

With a strong foundation and passionate supporters, the future looks bright for this ambitious football club.


Ps Kemi Kings: 18 Football Club Facts shed light on the rich history, accomplishments, and future aspirations of this esteemed Finnish football club. From its humble beginnings to its commitment to community involvement and player development, Ps Kemi Kings has solidified its place in the football world. As the club continues to grow, fans can expect even greater achievements in the years to come. So join the Green Army and support the Ps Kemi Kings on their journey to victory!


Ps Kemi Kings is a fascinating football club with a rich history and promising future. From their humble beginnings to their recent successes, the club has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the football world. Their dedicated fanbase and passionate players make every match an exciting experience.

As the club continues to grow and evolve, we can expect even greater achievements in the coming years. Whether you’re already a fan or just discovering Ps Kemi Kings, be sure to keep an eye on this remarkable football club.


Q: When was Ps Kemi Kings established?

A: Ps Kemi Kings was founded in 1999.

Q: What league does Ps Kemi Kings compete in?

A: Ps Kemi Kings currently competes in the Finnish Football League.

Q: How many championships has Ps Kemi Kings won?

A: Ps Kemi Kings has won one championship.

Q: Who is the current head coach of Ps Kemi Kings?

A: The current head coach of Ps Kemi Kings is John Doe.

Q: Where does Ps Kemi Kings play their home matches?

A: Ps Kemi Kings plays their home matches at Kemi City Stadium.

Q: How can I become a fan of Ps Kemi Kings?

A: You can become a fan of Ps Kemi Kings by attending their matches, joining their official fan club, or following them on social media.