Jamima Burch

Jamima Burch

Published: 17 Sep 2023

Source: Vniuqu.com

When it comes to football clubs, there are few that can boast the history and success of the Go Ahead Eagles. This Dutch club, based in Deventer, has a rich legacy that spans decades, captivating fans and captivating the world with their thrilling performances on the pitch. From memorable victories to heart-wrenching defeats, the Go Ahead Eagles have left an indelible mark in the annals of football history.

In this article, we’ll uncover 21 fascinating facts about the Go Ahead Eagles that will give you a deeper insight into the club’s journey. From their early beginnings to their rise to prominence and the passionate fan base that supports them, get ready to explore the captivating world of the Go Ahead Eagles.

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Founded in 1902

The Go Ahead Eagles Football Club was founded in 1902, making it one of the oldest football clubs in the Netherlands.

Located in Deventer

The club is based in the city of Deventer, which is situated in the province of Overijssel in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Nicknamed “Kowet”

The Go Ahead Eagles are affectionately nicknamed “Kowet” by their passionate supporters, a term derived from the Dutch pronunciation of the club’s initials.

Royal designation

Go Ahead Eagles was granted the “Royal” designation in 1965, becoming known as the “Royal Go Ahead Eagles Football Club.”

Home stadium: De Adelaarshorst

The club plays its home matches at the De Adelaarshorst stadium, which has a seating capacity of over 10,000 spectators.

Rivalry with PEC Zwolle

Go Ahead Eagles shares a fierce rivalry with PEC Zwolle, another football club from the nearby city of Zwolle. Matches between these two teams are highly anticipated by fans.

Prominent period in the 1920s and 1930s

During the 1920s and 1930s, Go Ahead Eagles experienced a period of great success, winning the national championship twice.

Relegation and promotion

The club has had its fair share of relegations and promotions throughout its history, fluctuating between different divisions in Dutch football.

KNVB Cup victory in 1930

In 1930, the Go Ahead Eagles won the KNVB Cup, one of the most prestigious domestic cup competitions in Dutch football.

Notable players

Over the years, Go Ahead Eagles has had several notable players represent the club, including Marc Overmars, Paul Bosvelt, and Erik ten Hag.

Return to the Eredivisie in recent years

After a period in the lower divisions, Go Ahead Eagles made a return to the top-flight Eredivisie in the 2020-2021 season.

Dedicated fan base

The club boasts a dedicated fan base who show unwavering support to the team, packing the stands of the De Adelaarshorst for home matches.

Community involvement

Go Ahead Eagles Football Club is deeply involved in the local community, organizing various outreach programs and initiatives to give back to the fans and the city of Deventer.

Youth academy

The club has a well-established youth academy that focuses on nurturing young talents and preparing them for future success in professional football.

Storied history

With over a century of existence, Go Ahead Eagles has a rich and storied history that is cherished by its supporters and football enthusiasts.

Traditional colors

The team’s traditional colors are yellow and red, which are prominently displayed in their home and away kits.

Memorable European campaign

In the 1965-1966 season, Go Ahead Eagles participated in the UEFA Cup, making it an unforgettable European campaign for the club and its fans.

Strong youth development program

Go Ahead Eagles places great emphasis on its youth development program, striving to produce talented players through proper coaching and guidance.

Supporting local talent

The club has a history of supporting local talent, giving opportunities to young players from the region to showcase their skills on a professional platform.

Active in the Eerste Divisie

Currently, Go Ahead Eagles competes in the Eerste Divisie, the second-highest tier of professional football in the Netherlands.

Ambitious aspirations

As a club, Go Ahead Eagles has ambitious aspirations to regain its position in the Eredivisie and compete with the top teams in Dutch football.

Overall, the Go Ahead Eagles: 21 Football Club Facts highlight the rich history, passionate fan base, and the determination of the club to succeed in the challenging world of football.


In conclusion, Go Ahead Eagles is a football club with a rich history and a dedicated fan base. From its humble beginnings as a local club in Deventer, Netherlands, to its success in the Eredivisie and KNVB Cup, Go Ahead Eagles has established itself as a prominent force in Dutch football. The club’s commitment to developing young talent, its passionate supporters, and its strong sense of community make it a unique and respected institution in the world of football. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply interested in learning more about football clubs, Go Ahead Eagles is definitely a club worth following and supporting.


1. When was Go Ahead Eagles founded?Go Ahead Eagles was founded on December 2, 1902.

2. What is Go Ahead Eagles’ home stadium?Go Ahead Eagles’ home stadium is called De Adelaarshorst, located in Deventer, Netherlands.

3. Has Go Ahead Eagles ever played in the Eredivisie?Yes, Go Ahead Eagles has played in the Eredivisie several times throughout its history.

4. How many times has Go Ahead Eagles won the KNVB Cup?Go Ahead Eagles has won the KNVB Cup once in 1930.

5. Who are some notable players who have played for Go Ahead Eagles?Some notable players who have played for Go Ahead Eagles include Johnny Rep, Marc Overmars, and Paul Bosvelt.

6. How can I get tickets to watch Go Ahead Eagles’ matches?Tickets for Go Ahead Eagles’ matches can be purchased through the club’s official website, or at the ticket office at De Adelaarshorst stadium.

7. Does Go Ahead Eagles have a youth academy?Yes, Go Ahead Eagles has a youth academy that focuses on developing young talent.

8. What is Go Ahead Eagles’ nickname?Go Ahead Eagles’ nickname is “De Blauwvingers” (The Blue Fingers).

9. How can I become a member of Go Ahead Eagles’ supporter’s club?Information on becoming a member of Go Ahead Eagles’ supporter’s club can be found on the club’s official website.

10. Can I visit Go Ahead Eagles’ club museum?Yes, you can visit the Go Ahead Eagles’ club museum, which showcases the history and achievements of the club.