Bonni Omeara

Bonni Omeara

Published: 20 Sep 2023


When it comes to football, there is no shortage of exciting teams and legendary clubs that capture the hearts of fans around the world. One such club that has made its mark in the footballing world is FC Ilves. Located in Tampere, Finland, FC Ilves has been a prominent figure in the Finnish football scene since its establishment in 1931.

In this article, we will explore 14 interesting facts about FC Ilves that shed light on the club’s rich history, passionate fan base, and impressive achievements. From iconic players to memorable moments, FC Ilves has a story worth delving into. So, put on your orange and black scarf, and join us on a journey through the fascinating world of FC Ilves.

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FC Ilves was founded in 1931

Since its establishment in 1931, FC Ilves has become one of the most prominent football clubs in Finland. With a rich history spanning over nine decades, the club has achieved great success both domestically and internationally.

The club is based in Tampere, Finland

Located in the city of Tampere, FC Ilves is deeply rooted in the local community. The club’s passionate fan base and strong support from the city have contributed to its growth and popularity over the years.

FC Ilves has won multiple national championships

Throughout its history, FC Ilves has captured numerous Finnish championships, solidifying its position as one of the top football clubs in the country. The team’s consistent success on the national stage is a testament to their dedication and talent.

The club’s colors are black and yellow

FC Ilves is known for its striking black and yellow team colors, which represent the strength, unity, and determination of the players on the field. These iconic colors are proudly displayed by the club’s supporters during matches.

FC Ilves has a fierce rivalry with Tampere United

One of the most intense rivalries in Finnish football is between FC Ilves and Tampere United. Matches between these two teams often generate a thrilling atmosphere and passionate support from fans.

The club’s home stadium is Tammela Stadium

Tammela Stadium serves as the home ground for FC Ilves. With a capacity of over 5,000 spectators, the stadium provides a vibrant and electric setting for matches, creating an unforgettable experience for both players and supporters.

FC Ilves has a strong youth academy

The club places great emphasis on youth development, with a well-established academy that nurtures young talent. Many talented players have emerged from FC Ilves’ youth system and have gone on to have successful careers in professional football.

FC Ilves has competed in European competitions

FC Ilves has had the opportunity to test their skills on the European stage, competing in tournaments such as the UEFA Europa League. These experiences have allowed the club to showcase their abilities and gain valuable international exposure.

The club has a dedicated and passionate fan base

FC Ilves boasts a loyal and dedicated fan base that supports the team through thick and thin. The passionate atmosphere created by the fans adds an extra level of excitement to matches and motivates the players to perform at their best.

FC Ilves has a strong presence on social media

The club actively engages with its fans through various social media platforms, providing updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interacting with supporters. This digital presence allows fans to connect with the club and stay up to date with all the latest news and events.

FC Ilves has a women’s team

FC Ilves also has a women’s team that competes at a high level in Finnish women’s football. The women’s team has enjoyed success of their own and contributes to the overall growth and development of the club.

FC Ilves has a strong emphasis on community outreach

FC Ilves is actively involved in community initiatives and outreach programs, using the power of football to make a positive impact on society. The club’s players and staff actively participate in various charitable activities, strengthening their bond with the local community.

FC Ilves has a unique mascot

The club’s mascot, a friendly and energetic lynx named “Ilves,” represents the team’s spirit and identity. The mascot creates a fun and engaging atmosphere during matches, entertaining fans of all ages.

FC Ilves continues to strive for success

As FC Ilves looks to the future, the club remains focused on its goal of continuous improvement and success. With a committed team of players, dedicated staff, and passionate supporters, FC Ilves is poised to achieve even greater heights in the world of football.

So there you have it, the FC Ilves: 14 Football Club Facts. From their rich history and championship victories to their passionate fan base and community involvement, FC Ilves remains a prominent and respected football club in Finland.


In conclusion, FC Ilves is a fascinating football club with a rich history and a dedicated fanbase. From their humble beginnings in 1931 to their success in recent years, FC Ilves has become a prominent force in Finnish football.With numerous trophies and achievements under their belt, including a Finnish Cup win in 2019, FC Ilves has proven themselves to be a formidable team in the league. Their commitment to developing local talent and nurturing young players is commendable, highlighting their focus on long-term success.Off the field, FC Ilves also strives to engage with the community through various initiatives and events. Their passionate supporters, known as “The Yellow Brigade,” create an electric atmosphere in the stadium, making each match an unforgettable experience.Whether you’re a die-hard FC Ilves fan or simply appreciate the beauty of the game, this football club is sure to captivate you with their skill, determination, and thrilling performances. FC Ilves truly embodies the spirit of football and continues to make a mark on the Finnish football scene.


1. When was FC Ilves founded?

FC Ilves was founded in 1931.

2. What league does FC Ilves compete in?

FC Ilves competes in the Finnish top-tier league, the Veikkausliiga.

3. What are some notable achievements of FC Ilves?

FC Ilves has won the Finnish Cup once, in 2019. They have also finished as runners-up in the league on multiple occasions.

4. Where does FC Ilves play their home matches?

FC Ilves plays their home matches at the Tammelan Stadion in Tampere, Finland.

5. What is the fanbase of FC Ilves called?

The fanbase of FC Ilves is known as “The Yellow Brigade.”

6. Does FC Ilves focus on developing young players?

Yes, FC Ilves places a strong emphasis on developing local talent and nurturing young players for long-term success.

7. What is the atmosphere like at FC Ilves matches?

The atmosphere at FC Ilves matches is electric, thanks to the passionate support of “The Yellow Brigade” and their lively chants and celebrations.

8. How can I get involved with FC Ilves?

You can get involved with FC Ilves by attending their matches, joining the fan club, and participating in community events and initiatives organized by the club.