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Deeanne Hoy

Modified & Updated: 08 Sep 2023


The Seattle Kraken, the newest addition to the National Hockey League (NHL), has taken the sports world by storm. Since the announcement of their expansion in 2021, hockey fans have eagerly awaited the debut of this exciting new team. As the first NHL team in Seattle since the departure of the Seattle Metropolitans in 1924, the Kraken holds a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. In this article, we will delve into 16 fascinating facts about the Seattle Kraken, shedding light on their history, team colors, mascot, stadium, and much more. So, strap on your skates and get ready to dive deep into the world of the Seattle Kraken!

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The Seattle Kraken is an Expansion NHL Team

The Seattle Kraken is the newest addition to the National Hockey League (NHL), having been awarded an expansion franchise on December 4, This makes them the 32nd team in the league.

Their Inaugural Season is in 2021-2022

The Seattle Kraken is set to hit the ice for the first time in the 2021-2022 NHL season. Hockey fans are eagerly awaiting their debut and the excitement surrounding this new team.

The Kraken’s Logo and Colors Pay Homage to the Sea

The team’s logo features a menacing sea creature, the Kraken, emerging from a blue wave, while their primary colors, deep sea blue and ice blue, evoke the depths of the ocean.

Climate Pledge Arena is Their Home Arena

The Seattle Kraken will call Climate Pledge Arena their home. The arena, located at the Seattle Center, is currently undergoing renovations and will be the world’s first carbon-neutral certified arena.

The Kraken’s Mascot is a Sea Monster Named “Squatch”

Squatch is the beloved mascot of the Seattle Kraken. This friendly sea monster represents the team’s spirit and adds to the excitement during games and events.

Ron Francis is the First General Manager

Former NHL player Ron Francis was named the first general manager of the Seattle Kraken. With his extensive experience, Francis is tasked with building a competitive and successful team.

The Kraken’s AHL Affiliate is the Charlotte Checkers

The Charlotte Checkers of the American Hockey League (AHL) became the Kraken’s official affiliate. This partnership allows for player development and the nurturing of talent within the organization.

The Kraken’s First NHL Entry Draft was in 2021

In July 2021, the Seattle Kraken participated in their first NHL Entry Draft. This allowed them to select players who would play a significant role in shaping the team’s future.

The Kraken’s Team Name was Chosen Through Fan Engagement

Seattle’s NHL team name was decided through a unique process that involved fan engagement. The team’s name, Kraken, was chosen from over 1,200 names submitted by fans.

The Kraken Have a Strong Social Media Presence

The Seattle Kraken has embraced social media and has garnered a strong following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Fans can stay connected and engage with the team through various digital channels.

Their Official Hashtags are #ReleaseTheKraken and #SeaKraken

To further engage fans on social media, the Seattle Kraken has adopted hashtags such as #ReleaseTheKraken and #SeaKraken. These hashtags have become popular among supporters and are used to rally support for the team.

The Kraken Have a Competitive Roster

Through the NHL Expansion Draft and subsequent player signings, the Seattle Kraken have assembled a competitive roster. The team is expected to make a strong impact in their inaugural season.

The Kraken’s Fan Base is Passionate and Loyal

Seattle has embraced the Kraken with incredible enthusiasm. The team’s passionate and loyal fan base is eagerly awaiting their first game and has shown immense support throughout the team’s journey.

The Kraken Support Local Community Initiatives

The Seattle Kraken prioritize giving back to the local community. Through various initiatives and programs, they aim to make a positive impact beyond the hockey rink and be an integral part of Seattle’s fabric.

The Kraken’s Ownership Group is Diverse and Influential

The Seattle Kraken’s ownership group is composed of influential figures from different industries, including business leaders, sports personalities, and Hollywood stars. This diverse group brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization.

The Kraken’s Arrival Has Reinvigorated Hockey in Seattle

The arrival of the Seattle Kraken has sparked a renewed interest in hockey within the city. Fans are excited to have a local team that they can cheer for and call their own, creating a vibrant and thriving hockey community in Seattle.


In conclusion, the Seattle Kraken is an exciting addition to the world of sports teams. With a unique name, a passionate fan base, and a talented roster of players, they are poised to make a big impact in the NHL. The team’s commitment to community engagement and sustainability is commendable, and showcases their dedication to being more than just a sports team. As the first professional hockey team in Seattle since 1924, the Kraken have already captured the hearts and imaginations of fans across the globe. So, whether you’re a hockey fan or new to the sport, keep an eye out for the Seattle Kraken as they set sail and embark on their journey in the NHL!


1. When was the Seattle Kraken established?

The Seattle Kraken was established as the 32nd franchise in the NHL on December 4, 2018.

2. What is the meaning behind the team name “Kraken”?

The Kraken is a mythical sea creature in Scandinavian folklore. The name was chosen to honor the maritime heritage of Seattle and to represent the team’s strong and mysterious presence on the ice.

3. Where will the Seattle Kraken play their home games?

The Seattle Kraken will play their home games at the newly constructed Climate Pledge Arena, located at the Seattle Center.

4. Who is the head coach of the Seattle Kraken?

The head coach of the Seattle Kraken is Dave Hakstol.

5. What jerseys will the Seattle Kraken wear?

The team’s primary colors are deep sea navy blue, ice blue, and red alert. The home jersey features the primary logo of the Kraken, while the away jersey showcases the secondary logo with a more subdued color scheme.

6. Are there any notable players on the Seattle Kraken roster?

Yes, the Seattle Kraken had the opportunity to select players in the NHL Expansion Draft. Some notable players on the roster include goaltender Philipp Grubauer, defenseman Mark Giordano, and forwards Jaden Schwartz and Jordan Eberle.

7. What is the team’s mascot?

The Seattle Kraken’s mascot is named “Kraken the Octopus.” Kraken embodies the spirit of the team and entertains fans with his playful and energetic presence at games and community events.

8. What are the team’s goals for community engagement?

The Seattle Kraken are dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. They aim to support youth hockey programs, promote diversity and inclusion, and prioritize environmental sustainability through various initiatives.