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Cheetor, one of the iconic characters from the Transformers franchise, gained immense popularity with his appearance in Beast Machines. As a member of the Maximals, Cheetor transformed into a sleek and agile cheetah. With his remarkable speed and sharp instincts, Cheetor played a vital role in the battles against the evil Predacons, led by Megatron.

In this article, we will delve into 22 intriguing facts about Cheetor, exploring his origins, abilities, and significant developments throughout the Beast Machines series. From his growth as a character to his crucial contributions to the overall storyline, Cheetor captivated the hearts of fans around the globe.

So, join us as we uncover the exciting details about this beloved Transformer, Cheetor, and his thrilling adventures in the animated series Beast Machines!

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Cheetor is a fictional character in the Transformers universe.

Cheetor is a member of the Maximals, a faction of Transformers who fight against the evil Predacons. He made his debut in the Beast Machines series, which aired in 1999.

Cheetor transforms into a cheetah.

As his name suggests, Cheetor has the ability to transform into a sleek and fast cheetah. This gives him incredible agility and speed, allowing him to outmaneuver his enemies.

Cheetor is known for his youthful and impulsive personality.

Cheetor is often portrayed as a young and spirited character. He is curious, adventurous, and always eager to prove himself in battle. However, his impulsive nature sometimes gets him into trouble.

Cheetor is one of the fastest Maximals.

With his cheetah mode, Cheetor can reach incredible speeds. This makes him an ideal scout for the Maximals, as he can quickly navigate through enemy territory and gather important information.

Cheetor has a strong sense of loyalty.

Throughout the Beast Machines series, Cheetor displays unwavering loyalty to his fellow Maximals and their cause. He is always ready to lend a helping hand and will risk his own safety to protect his friends.

Cheetor’s arsenal includes powerful energy weapons.

In addition to his speed and agility, Cheetor is equipped with various energy-based weapons, including blasters and lasers. These weapons allow him to engage enemies from a distance and deal significant damage.

Cheetor has a rivalry with Blackarachnia.

Throughout the Beast Machines series, Cheetor has an ongoing rivalry with Blackarachnia, a former Predacon who joins the Maximals. Their conflicting personalities often lead to clashes, but they eventually develop a mutual respect.

Cheetor undergoes a transformation in the Beast Machines series.

In Beast Machines, Cheetor undergoes a significant transformation, both physically and mentally. This transformation reflects his growth as a character and his journey towards becoming a true leader.

Cheetor is voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Ian James Corlett provides the voice for Cheetor in the Beast Machines series. His energetic and youthful portrayal brings the character to life and adds depth to Cheetor’s personality.

Cheetor has appeared in various Transformers media.

Aside from the Beast Machines series, Cheetor has made appearances in other Transformers media, including comic books, video games, and toy lines. His popularity has solidified his status as a fan-favorite character.

Cheetor is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

In addition to his speed and energy weapons, Cheetor is a skilled fighter in close-quarters combat. His feline agility and reflexes make him formidable in hand-to-hand battles.

Cheetor is known for his witty one-liners.

Cheetor often delivers witty one-liners during battles, adding humor to intense situations. His quick wit and sharp tongue make him a memorable and entertaining character.

Cheetor’s colorscheme is predominantly yellow and black.

Cheetor’s robot mode maintains a vibrant yellow and black color scheme, resembling the markings of a real cheetah. This iconic design makes him easily recognizable among Transformers fans.

Cheetor’s loyalty is tested throughout the Beast Machines series.

As the Beast Machines series progresses, Cheetor faces numerous challenges that test his loyalty to the Maximals. These tests of character allow him to grow and develop as a hero.

Cheetor is driven by a sense of justice.

Cheetor is motivated by a strong sense of justice, always striving to do what is right. He believes in fighting for the oppressed and standing up against the forces of evil.

Cheetor forms close bonds with his fellow Maximals.

Throughout the series, Cheetor forms deep friendships with his fellow Maximals, creating a tight-knit team united in their fight against the Predacons. These bonds strengthen their resolve and make them a formidable force.

Cheetor’s cheetah mode allows him to track and hunt targets with precision.

In his cheetah form, Cheetor possesses enhanced senses, including sharp eyesight and heightened smell. This enables him to track down targets and hunt with incredible accuracy.

Cheetor has a strong sense of adventure.

Cheetor is always ready for a new adventure. He thrives on excitement and is often the first to volunteer for dangerous missions, eager to prove himself and test his limits.

Cheetor’s leadership skills develop over time.

Throughout his journey in the Beast Machines series, Cheetor evolves from a reckless warrior to a capable leader. He learns valuable lessons about responsibility and the importance of thinking strategically.

Cheetor’s role in the Beast Machines series is crucial in the Maximals’ battle against the Predacons.

Cheetor’s skills, determination, and loyalty play a crucial role in the Maximals’ ongoing battle against the Predacons. He proves to be an invaluable asset to the team in their fight for freedom.

Cheetor’s storyline explores themes of identity and self-discovery.

Throughout the Beast Machines series, Cheetor grapples with questions of identity and self-discovery. His journey mirrors the struggles many individuals face as they navigate their own path in life.

Cheetor remains a beloved character among Transformers fans.

Years after his introduction in the Beast Machines series, Cheetor continues to be a beloved character among Transformers fans. His vibrant personality, incredible speed, and growth as a hero have made him an enduring fan-favorite.


Cheetor, the fearless Maximal from Transformers: Beast Machines, has captivated fans with his sleek design and impressive abilities. Throughout the series, Cheetor’s character undergoes significant growth and development, making him a beloved character among Transformers enthusiasts. From his agile movements to his quick thinking, Cheetor never fails to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering this feline Autobot, Cheetor is sure to continue to inspire and entertain in the world of Transformers.


1. Who is Cheetor in Transformers: Beast Machines?

Cheetor is a Maximal character in the animated series Transformers: Beast Machines. He transforms into a sleek robotic cheetah and is known for his speed and agility.

2. What are Cheetor’s special abilities?

Cheetor has enhanced speed, allowing him to outrun most opponents. He also possesses powerful claws and sharp teeth, which he can use in combat. Additionally, Cheetor has the ability to use his optic sensors to detect unseen dangers.

3. How does Cheetor contribute to the Maximal cause?

Cheetor plays a crucial role in the Maximal cause by using his skills and intelligence to gather information and scout enemy territories. His speed and agility often make him an excellent reconnaissance agent.

4. Does Cheetor have any memorable moments in Transformers: Beast Machines?

Cheetor undergoes significant character development throughout the series, facing challenges and wrestling with his own sense of identity. One memorable moment is when he embraces his more aggressive instincts, transforming into a more powerful and battle-ready form.

5. Is Cheetor a popular character among Transformers fans?

Yes, Cheetor has gained a significant fan following due to his dynamic personality, impressive abilities, and memorable story arcs. His growth and transformation throughout the Beast Machines series have made him a fan-favorite among Transformers enthusiasts.