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Arda Lessard

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Are you familiar with the time-traveling adventures of Buck Tuddrussel from the popular animated series “Time Squad”? Well, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of this fearless cartoon character! Buck Tuddrussel is a central figure in the show, known for his comedic antics and larger-than-life personality. As a member of the Time Squad, Buck travels through time to ensure that history remains unchanged, facing off against a variety of historical villains along the way. In this article, we will explore 15 fascinating facts about Buck Tuddrussel, from his origin story to his extraordinary skills and memorable catchphrases. So, fasten your seatbelts and embark on an exciting journey through time with Buck Tuddrussel!

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Buck Tuddrussel is the main character of the animated series “Time Squad”.

Buck Tuddrussel, voiced by Rob Paulsen, is the adventurous and sometimes reckless time-traveling cop who serves as the leader of Time Squad.

He is a member of the Time Squad, an organization responsible for maintaining the integrity of historical events.

Buck Tuddrussel, along with his colleagues Otto Osworth and Larry 3000, travel through time to prevent historical inaccuracies from occurring and ensure that history unfolds as it should.

Buck Tuddrussel wears a distinctive green suit and helmet.

His green suit and helmet are adorned with various gadgets and tools that aid him in his time-traveling adventures and missions.

He is known for his love of action and his eagerness to jump into dangerous situations.

Buck Tuddrussel’s fearless and adventurous nature often leads him into perilous encounters, but his bravery and quick thinking help him overcome obstacles and save the day.

Buck Tuddrussel is characterized by his brash personality and blunt remarks.

His direct and often humorous remarks add a comedic element to the show, making him a fan-favorite character.

He has a close friendship with Otto Osworth.

Despite their contrasting personalities, Buck Tuddrussel and Otto Osworth share a strong bond and work together as a team to complete their time-traveling missions.

Buck Tuddrussel’s catchphrase is “Let’s fix some history!”

This iconic catchphrase reflects his determination and enthusiasm to correct historical inaccuracies and preserve the timeline.

He has a penchant for using unconventional and sometimes reckless methods to solve problems.

Buck Tuddrussel’s unorthodox approach often leads to unexpected outcomes, creating entertaining and unpredictable plotlines in the series.

Buck Tuddrussel has a love for junk food, especially chili dogs.

His fondness for chili dogs serves as a recurring gag in the show, adding a lighthearted and relatable aspect to his character.

He hails from the 26th century.

Buck Tuddrussel’s origins lie in the future, where he became a member of the Time Squad and embarked on his time-traveling adventures.

Despite his rough exterior, Buck Tuddrussel has a soft spot for history and understanding its importance.

Throughout the series, his character develops a deeper appreciation for historical events and strives to protect their integrity.

Buck Tuddrussel’s time machine is a modified police car named the “Time Fracture Generator.”

This unique vehicle allows him and his team to travel through time and correct any disruptions in history.

He tends to be overconfident and occasionally lets his ego get the best of him.

Buck Tuddrussel’s confidence can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences, adding a layer of growth and humility to his character arc.

Buck Tuddrussel’s favorite historical figure is George Washington.

He holds a particular admiration for the first president of the United States and often references him throughout the series.

His time-traveling adventures take him to various historical periods and events, including ancient Egypt, the Renaissance, and the Wild West.

Buck Tuddrussel encounters numerous iconic historical figures and faces exciting challenges in different time periods, contributing to the show’s captivating storyline.


These 15 facts about Buck Tuddrussel from Time Squad showcase the fascinating and entertaining world of this beloved cartoon character. From his time-traveling adventures to his quirky personality, Buck Tuddrussel has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the show, learning more about Buck Tuddrussel will deepen your appreciation for the animated series and the impact it has had on pop culture. So, grab a bag of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the time-bending escapades of Buck Tuddrussel and the rest of the Time Squad.


1. Who is Buck Tuddrussel?

Buck Tuddrussel is a character from the animated series Time Squad. He is a time-traveling officer from the future who is dedicated to fixing historical inaccuracies and preserving the timeline.

2. What are Buck Tuddrussel’s main characteristics?

Buck Tuddrussel is known for his brash and impulsive nature. He often disregards rules and protocol, but his intentions are always focused on maintaining the integrity of history.

3. Who are Buck Tuddrussel’s companions in Time Squad?

Buck Tuddrussel is accompanied by his loyal robotic sidekick, Larry 3000, and the intelligent but temperamental Otto Osworth. Together, they form the Time Squad and embark on various missions throughout history.

4. What are some memorable episodes featuring Buck Tuddrussel?

Some memorable episodes featuring Buck Tuddrussel include “To Hail with Caesar,” “Dishonest Abe,” and “The Prime Minister Has No Clothes.” These episodes showcase his unique approach to fixing historical mishaps.

5. How has Buck Tuddrussel impacted pop culture?

Buck Tuddrussel has become a beloved character in the world of animation. His time-traveling adventures and comedic antics have left a lasting impression on fans of all ages. The character’s popularity has led to merchandise, fan art, and even cosplay.

6. Can I watch Time Squad online?

Yes, Time Squad episodes are available for streaming on various platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Cartoon Network’s official website. Check your favorite streaming service to explore the adventures of Buck Tuddrussel and the Time Squad.