Published: 21 Sep 2023

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom, a name synonymous with internet entrepreneurship, controversy, and legal battles, has been a figure of intrigue for many years. Here are 49 facts about this German-Finnish entrepreneur that shed light on his life, ventures, and the challenges he has faced.

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Kim Dotcom was born as Kim Schmitz on January 21, 1974, in Kiel, West Germany.

Dual Nationality

He possesses both German and Finnish citizenship.


Over the years, he’s been known as Kimble and Kim Tim Jim Vestor.


Dotcom’s formal education extends only up to middle school.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

He’s best known for founding Megaupload, Mega, and

Political Involvement

Dotcom was associated with the Internet Party from 2014 to 2018.

Criminal Allegations

He’s faced charges like computer fraud, data espionage, and embezzlement.

Current Residence

As of the last update, he resides in Glenorchy, New Zealand.

Initial Fame

In the 1990s, he gained recognition in Germany as a hacker.


Founded in 2005, this file hosting service was seized by the US Department of Justice in 2012.

Extradition Battle

Dotcom has been fighting potential extradition to the US since the seizure of Megaupload.


In 2013, he launched Mega, another cloud storage service.

Political Ambitions

He founded the Internet Party in 2014, though it didn’t win any seats in subsequent elections.

Conspiracy Theories

Dotcom has been linked to conspiracy theories, notably regarding the murder of Seth Rich.

Lavish Lifestyle

He’s known for his opulent lifestyle, including owning luxury cars and hosting grand parties.

Gaming Prowess

Dotcom was once the top-ranked player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


He’s been married twice and is a father to six children.

Legal Challenges

His arrest in New Zealand and subsequent legal battles have been widely publicized.

Political Repercussions

His legal issues have had significant political implications in New Zealand.

Internet Party’s Vision

The party aimed to challenge political norms and champion internet freedom.

Media Spotlight

Dotcom’s life and legal battles have consistently been in the media limelight.

Megaupload’s Reach

At its zenith, Megaupload was the 13th most visited site on the Internet.

Global Investigations

He’s faced legal scrutiny in countries like Germany, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

New Zealand Move

Dotcom relocated to New Zealand in 2008 and secured permanent residency in 2010.

Controversy with Auckland Mayor

His interactions with Auckland Mayor John Banks led to significant political drama.

Megaupload’s Demise

The operation to arrest him involved 76 officers and two helicopters.

Public Image

Dotcom has been both a controversial figure and perceived as a victim of political overreach.

Music Venture

Dotcom released an album titled “Good Times” in 2014.


A documentary about his life, “Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web,” was released in 2017.

Legal Defense

Dotcom has maintained that Megaupload was a legitimate business that adhered to copyright takedown requests.

Asset Seizure

Following his arrest, several of his assets, including luxury cars and properties, were seized.

Internet Freedom Advocate

Dotcom has been a vocal advocate for internet freedom and privacy.


He’s collaborated with several artists and musicians over the years.

Hacker Reputation

In his early years, Dotcom claimed to have hacked NASA, the Pentagon, and Citibank.

Business Acumen

Despite controversies, Dotcom has showcased a knack for identifying digital trends.

Legal Representation

High-profile lawyers, including Robert Amsterdam, have represented him.

Mega’s Encryption

Mega was touted as a service with end-to-end encryption, emphasizing user privacy.


Dotcom has been involved in various charitable activities in New Zealand.

Political Impact

His legal battles have influenced public opinion on extradition laws in New Zealand.

Public Appearances

Dotcom has made appearances on various talk shows and public forums.

Social Media Presence

He’s active on social media platforms, sharing his views and updates.

Business Ventures

Apart from Megaupload and Mega, Dotcom has been involved in several other business ventures.

Legal Stand

Dotcom has consistently maintained his innocence and challenged the charges against him.

Public Support

Over the years, he’s garnered both support and criticism from the public.

Future Plans

Dotcom has hinted at future ventures, including a decentralized internet.

Legal Precedents

His case has set several legal precedents in the realm of internet law.

Innovative Ideas

Dotcom has proposed ideas like a submarine cable between New Zealand and the US.

Celebrity Interactions

Over the years, he’s interacted with several celebrities and public figures.


Kim Dotcom’s legacy is multifaceted, influencing internet entrepreneurship, politics, and legal landscapes.


Kim Dotcom’s journey, from a hacker in Germany to an internet mogul in New Zealand, is nothing short of cinematic. His life, marked by innovation, controversies, and legal battles, serves as a testament to the complexities of the digital age. Dotcom’s story is not just about one man’s rise and challenges but also reflects broader issues of internet freedom, privacy, and the intersection of technology with law and politics. As the world continues to grapple with these themes, Dotcom’s legacy, both as an entrepreneur and a figure of contention, remains indelibly etched in the annals of internet history. Whether viewed as a champion of digital rights or a controversial figure, there’s no denying the impact and intrigue that Kim Dotcom brings to the table.