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Jimmy Valiant, also known as Handsome Jimmy or Boogie Woogie Man, is a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling. With a career spanning several decades, Valiant left an indelible mark on the industry with his flamboyant personality, stylish appearance, and electrifying in-ring performances. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Jimmy Valiant and uncover 20 intriguing facts about his life and career. From his humble beginnings to his memorable feuds and championship reigns, Valiant’s story is one that will captivate wrestling fans of all generations. So, let’s lace up our boots, step into the squared circle, and discover what makes Jimmy Valiant a true icon of sports entertainment!

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Early Beginnings

Jimmy Valiant was born on August 6, 1942, in Knoxville, Tennessee. His love for wrestling started at a young age, and he began training under legendary wrestler Jack Fefer.

The Valiant Brothers

Jimmy Valiant, along with his storyline brothers Johnny and Jerry Valiant, formed the iconic tag team known as The Valiant Brothers. Together, they dominated the tag team scene in the 1970s.

Championship Success

Throughout his career, Jimmy Valiant captured numerous championships and accolades. He is a former United States Heavyweight Champion, NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, and NWA World Tag Team Champion, among others.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Connection

Valiant’s flamboyant personality and rock ‘n’ roll-inspired attire made him a fan favorite during the peak of his career. He often entered the ring to the sound of his signature rock anthem, adding an extra layer of excitement to his matches.

Feud with Paul Jones

One of Jimmy Valiant’s most memorable rivalries was with fellow wrestler and manager Paul Jones. Their feud captivated audiences and resulted in some of the most intense and entertaining matches of their time.

Managerial Stints

Aside from his in-ring career, Valiant also had successful stints as a manager. He managed and guided the careers of several up-and-coming wrestlers, imparting his knowledge and expertise in the industry.

“Boogie Woogie” Dance

The “Boogie Woogie Man” was known for his energetic and lively dance moves inside and outside the ring. His signature “Boogie Woogie” dance became synonymous with his character and added an extra layer of entertainment to his persona.

Feud with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Valiant’s feud with the charismatic “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is considered one of the most iconic feuds in professional wrestling history. Their clashes brought a new level of intensity and excitement to the squared circle.

JCP Hall of Fame

In recognition of his contributions to the wrestling industry, Jimmy Valiant was inducted into the Jim Crockett Promotions Hall of Fame in It was a testament to his impact and legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

International Success

Valiant’s popularity extended beyond the borders of the United States. He toured extensively in countries like Japan and Canada, winning over fans with his unique blend of charisma and in-ring abilities.


After an illustrious career, Jimmy Valiant retired from in-ring competition in However, his legacy continues to live on, and he remains an iconic figure in the annals of professional wrestling history.

Charitable Contributions

Beyond the ring, Valiant has been actively involved in various charitable endeavors. He has dedicated his time and resources to supporting causes such as children’s hospitals and organizations promoting the well-being of underprivileged children.

Inspirational Speaker

Jimmy Valiant has taken his motivational and inspirational messages to a wider audience as a sought-after speaker. He shares his life experiences and the lessons he has learned from his storied career, spreading positivity and encouragement.

Return to the Spotlight

In recent years, Valiant has made sporadic appearances in wrestling events and conventions, reconnecting with fans and reminiscing about the golden days of professional wrestling.

Influence on Future Generations

Jimmy Valiant’s unique character and charismatic performances have inspired countless wrestlers who have followed in his footsteps. Many superstars credit Valiant as a major influence on their careers and wrestling styles.

The “Boogie Jam” Music Album

In a testament to his passion for music, Jimmy Valiant released a music album titled “Boogie Jam.” The album showcased his love for rock ‘n’ roll and added another dimension to his multifaceted career.

Legendary Promotions

Valiant competed in various legendary wrestling promotions throughout his career, including the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP).

Comic Book Appearance

Jimmy Valiant made a guest appearance in the famous comic book series “The Boogie Woogie Man Presents,” where he shared his experiences and larger-than-life persona with readers of all ages.

Philanthropic Ventures

Valiant has dedicated his life to helping others, establishing philanthropic ventures that support various causes. His generosity and dedication to making a positive impact have earned him admiration both inside and outside the wrestling community.

Undying Legacy

Jimmy Valiant’s impact on professional wrestling is immeasurable. His unique personality, in-ring skills, and ability to connect with the audience have secured his place in the hearts of wrestling fans worldwide.

These 20 facts about Jimmy Valiant barely scratch the surface of the remarkable career and life of this wrestling legend. From his iconic matches and feuds to his philanthropic endeavors, Valiant’s impact on the wrestling industry will be forever remembered and celebrated.


Jimmy Valiant is undoubtedly a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling. With a career spanning several decades and multiple championships to his name, Valiant has left an indelible mark on the industry. From his flamboyant persona to his high-energy wrestling style, he captivated audiences around the world. Whether you remember him as “Boogie Woogie Man” or “The Luscious One,” there’s no denying the impact he had on the sport. Valiant’s dedication, charisma, and in-ring talent make him a true hero to wrestling fans everywhere.


1. How did Jimmy Valiant get his start in professional wrestling?

Jimmy Valiant got his start in professional wrestling in the 1960s after being trained by the legendary Stu Hart in the famous Hart Dungeon.

2. What are some of the notable achievements of Jimmy Valiant’s career?

Throughout his career, Jimmy Valiant held numerous championships, including the NWA World Tag Team Championship and the NWA United States Tag Team Championship.

3. What was the significance of Jimmy Valiant’s “Boogie Woogie Man” persona?

The “Boogie Woogie Man” persona of Jimmy Valiant was known for its eccentric and charismatic nature. It allowed Valiant to connect with the audience on a deeper level and make him a fan favorite.

4. Did Jimmy Valiant have any notable feuds in his career?

Yes, Jimmy Valiant had several notable feuds throughout his career, including ones with Paul Jones, Ric Flair, and Big John Studd.

5. What is Jimmy Valiant’s legacy in professional wrestling?

Jimmy Valiant’s legacy in professional wrestling is that of a true entertainer who brought joy and excitement to fans around the world. His unique personality and in-ring abilities continue to inspire wrestlers to this day.