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Chris Jericho is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the world of professional wrestling. With a career spanning over three decades, Jericho has left an indelible mark on the industry and continues to captivate audiences with his in-ring skills and charismatic personality. But beyond his in-ring persona, there are numerous intriguing facts about the man known as “Y2J.” From his early days in the wrestling business to his ventures in music and acting, Chris Jericho’s journey is a fascinating one. So, if you’re curious to learn more about this multifaceted entertainer, buckle up and get ready to dive into 19 intriguing facts about Chris Jericho!

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Chris Jericho is a Wrestling Legend

Chris Jericho, also known as the “Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla,” is a professional wrestler who has achieved legendary status in the world of wrestling. Throughout his career, Jericho has won numerous championship titles and has been praised for his exceptional in-ring skills and charismatic persona.

Chris Jericho is a Multi-Talented Entertainer

Aside from being a wrestler, Jericho has showcased his versatile talents in various entertainment fields. He is an accomplished musician, hosting his own podcast, and has even participated in reality TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Masked Singer.”

Chris Jericho’s Career Spanned Multiple Promotions

Jericho has wrestled for several major promotions throughout his career, including WWE, WCW, ECW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. His ability to adapt and thrive in different environments is a testament to his talent and versatility.

Chris Jericho is the First-Ever Undisputed Champion

In 2001, Jericho made history by becoming the first wrestler to hold both the WCW and WWE Championships simultaneously. This monumental achievement solidified his legacy as one of the greatest champions in wrestling history.

Chris Jericho is a Bestselling Author

Jericho has penned several books, including his autobiography “A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex.” His books have been well-received by fans and critics alike, offering a unique insight into his life both inside and outside the ring.

Chris Jericho is a Heavy Metal Frontman

As the lead vocalist of the band Fozzy, Jericho has released several successful albums and toured around the world. His passion for music shines through in his energetic performances and his ability to connect with the audience.

Chris Jericho is a Master of Catchphrases

Throughout his career, Jericho has coined various catchphrases that have become iconic among wrestling fans. From proclaiming himself as the “best in the world at what he does” to his famous “it” catchphrase, Jericho’s mic skills are unparalleled.

Chris Jericho is a Record-Breaking Cruiserweight Champion

During his time in WCW, Jericho held the Cruiserweight Championship multiple times, showcasing his agility and technical prowess against smaller opponents. His matches in the cruiserweight division are often considered classics by wrestling enthusiasts.

Chris Jericho is a Trailblazer for Luchadores

Jericho’s battles against Mexican luchadores such as Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero helped introduce the lucha libre style to a broader audience. He embraced the high-flying and fast-paced style, further diversifying his already impressive repertoire.

Chris Jericho is a Wrestling Innovator

Jericho constantly reinvents himself and pushes the boundaries of what a wrestler can be. From his unique character evolutions to his innovative move set, he has always been at the forefront of the industry, pioneering new trends and ideas.

Chris Jericho is a Podcasting Pioneer

Jericho’s podcast, “Talk is Jericho,” has become a staple in the wrestling community. With his candid interviews with fellow wrestlers and other entertainment figures, Jericho has proven himself to be an engaging and insightful host.

Chris Jericho is a Master of Surprise

Throughout his career, Jericho has made several unexpected returns and surprise appearances, leaving fans in awe. He knows how to keep his audience on the edge of their seats, always ready for the next big moment.

Chris Jericho is an International Superstar

Jericho’s fame extends far beyond the borders of the United States. He has gained a massive following worldwide, solidifying his status as a true global superstar.

Chris Jericho is a Journeyman Wrestler

Jericho has wrestled in numerous countries and has faced off against some of the greatest wrestlers from around the world. His willingness to travel and compete in various promotions showcases his passion for the sport and his dedication to entertaining the fans.

Chris Jericho is a Thrilling Performer

Whether he’s engaging in technical battles or high-flying encounters, Jericho always delivers electrifying performances. His matches are filled with suspense and excitement, leaving fans begging for more.

Chris Jericho is a Master of Psychology

Jericho understands the importance of storytelling in wrestling. He knows how to captivate the audience through his actions and words, creating compelling narratives within the ring.

Chris Jericho is an Influential Figure for Young Wrestlers

Many aspiring wrestlers have looked up to Jericho as a role model and a source of inspiration. His success and longevity in the industry serve as proof that hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude can lead to greatness.

Chris Jericho is a Charismatic Showman

Jericho possesses a natural charisma that draws people in. Whether he’s cutting a promo or performing in front of a live audience, he has the ability to command attention and leave a lasting impression.

Chris Jericho is Still Going Strong

Even after decades in the wrestling industry, Jericho continues to captivate audiences and prove that age is just a number. His passion, dedication, and love for the sport are unwavering, making him an enduring force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, Chris Jericho’s legacy is built on a foundation of talent, versatility, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He has left an indelible mark on the world of wrestling and entertainment, continuing to inspire future generations of wrestlers.


In conclusion, Chris Jericho is a true legend in the world of professional wrestling. With a career spanning decades, he has achieved numerous accomplishments and has left a lasting impact on the industry. From his charismatic persona to his impressive in-ring skills, Jericho has captivated audiences around the world.

Throughout his career, Jericho has consistently reinvented himself, evolving his character and keeping fans on their toes. Whether he is performing in the ring, playing in his band Fozzy, or hosting his podcast, “Talk is Jericho,” he continues to showcase his versatility and passion.

With 19 facts about Chris Jericho, we have only scratched the surface of his remarkable journey. As a wrestling icon and multi-talented entertainer, Jericho’s legacy will undoubtedly live on for years to come.


Q: When did Chris Jericho start his professional wrestling career?

A: Chris Jericho began his professional wrestling career in 1990.

Q: Has Chris Jericho won any championships?

A: Yes, Chris Jericho has won numerous championships throughout his career, including the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and Intercontinental Championship, among others.

Q: Is Chris Jericho still an active wrestler?

A: Yes, Chris Jericho continues to wrestle on occasion while focusing on his various other ventures.

Q: What other projects has Chris Jericho been involved in?

A: Apart from wrestling, Chris Jericho is also the lead vocalist of the band Fozzy and hosts his own podcast called “Talk is Jericho.”

Q: How many countries has Chris Jericho wrestled in?

A: Chris Jericho has wrestled in over 20 countries around the world.