Anne-Marie Rushton

Anne-Marie Rushton

Published: 29 Jul 2023


When it comes to firearms, Kimber Manufacturing is a name that stands out in the industry. Known for their high-quality and precision-built weapons, Kimber has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional performance. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, this American firearm manufacturer has remained at the forefront of the industry for over four decades.

In this article, we will explore 20 fascinating facts about Kimber Manufacturing. From their origins as a small custom shop to their current status as one of the most respected names in the firearms market, we’ll delve into the company’s milestones, iconic models, and the cutting-edge technology that sets them apart. So, whether you’re a firearms enthusiast or simply interested in learning more about the world of weapons, get ready to uncover some intriguing insights about Kimber and their impressive lineup of firearms.

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Kimber Manufacturing was founded in 1979.

Established in the year 1979, Kimber Manufacturing has been an influential player in the firearms industry for several decades. With a rich history spanning over 40 years, the company has consistently delivered high-quality firearms to its customers.

The headquarters of Kimber Manufacturing is located in Yonkers, New York.

Situated in the bustling city of Yonkers, New York, the headquarters of Kimber Manufacturing serves as the central hub for the company’s operations. This state-of-the-art facility houses a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to design, manufacture, and distribute firearms that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

Kimber Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing handguns.

With a primary focus on handguns, Kimber Manufacturing has become renowned for producing some of the finest pistols in the industry. The company’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has led to the development of a diverse lineup of firearms, catering to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Kimber Manufacturing is known for its 1911-style pistols.

One of the flagship products of Kimber Manufacturing is the iconic 1911-style pistol. This classic design, originally developed over a century ago, has been perfected by Kimber Manufacturing to offer enhanced performance, reliability, and accuracy. The company’s 1911 pistols have gained a reputation for their exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Kimber Manufacturing utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques.

Keen on maintaining its position as an industry leader, Kimber Manufacturing incorporates cutting-edge manufacturing techniques into its production processes. From precision CNC machining to modern materials and coatings, the company leverages technology to ensure that every firearm is built with utmost precision and durability.

Kimber Manufacturing’s firearms are trusted by law enforcement and military personnel.

Thanks to their exceptional reliability and performance, Kimber Manufacturing’s firearms have gained wide acceptance in the law enforcement and military sectors. Many professionals rely on Kimber handguns for their duty and personal defense needs, a testament to the company’s commitment to producing firearms that can be trusted in high-stakes situations.

Kimber Manufacturing offers a wide range of models and calibers.

Understanding that different users have unique preferences and requirements, Kimber Manufacturing offers an extensive selection of models and calibers to choose from. Whether you are a concealed carry permit holder or a competitive shooter, there is a Kimber pistol available to suit your needs.

Kimber Manufacturing prioritizes safety and accuracy.

As a responsible firearms manufacturer, Kimber Manufacturing places utmost importance on safety and accuracy. The company incorporates features such as ergonomic grips, ambidextrous controls, and high visibility sights to enhance user comfort and improve shooting performance.

Kimber Manufacturing uses premium materials.

When it comes to the construction of its firearms, Kimber Manufacturing spares no expense. The company utilizes premium materials such as stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloys to ensure the longevity and durability of its pistols.

Kimber Manufacturing has a strong commitment to quality control.

Quality control is a top priority for Kimber Manufacturing. Every firearm undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that it meets the company’s stringent quality standards. This attention to detail has earned Kimber Manufacturing a reputation for producing firearms that are reliable and built to last.

Kimber Manufacturing offers custom options.

In addition to their standard models, Kimber Manufacturing provides customers with the opportunity to customize their firearms. From grip materials and finishes to sight options and accessories, the company allows users to personalize their Kimber pistol to their unique preferences.

Kimber Manufacturing has a strong online presence.

Recognizing the importance of digital marketing, Kimber Manufacturing has established a strong online presence to connect with its customers. The company’s website serves as a comprehensive resource, providing detailed information about their products, as well as customer support and dealer locator services.

Kimber Manufacturing offers a warranty on their firearms.

To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, Kimber Manufacturing provides a warranty on all their firearms. This warranty demonstrates the company’s confidence in the quality and reliability of their products.

Kimber Manufacturing has a dedicated customer service team.

Should any issues or concerns arise, Kimber Manufacturing has a professional and knowledgeable customer service team ready to assist customers. Whether it’s answering product-related questions or providing support with warranty claims, the company strives to deliver exceptional customer service.

Kimber Manufacturing has a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Beyond their contributions to the firearms industry, Kimber Manufacturing also demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility. The company actively supports various charities and organizations dedicated to veterans, law enforcement, and firearm safety education.

Kimber Manufacturing emphasizes training and education.

Recognizing the importance of responsible firearm ownership, Kimber Manufacturing places an emphasis on training and education. The company provides resources and support to help gun owners develop their skills and knowledge, promoting safe and responsible use of firearms.

Kimber Manufacturing participates in industry trade shows and events.

As a prominent player in the firearms industry, Kimber Manufacturing participates in various trade shows and events throughout the year. These gatherings provide opportunities for the company to showcase its latest products, connect with customers, and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Kimber Manufacturing has a loyal customer base.

Over the years, Kimber Manufacturing has developed a loyal following of customers who appreciate the craftsmanship and performance of their firearms. This dedicated customer base is a testament to the quality and reputation that the company has built over several decades.

Kimber Manufacturing supports the Second Amendment.

Being a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, Kimber Manufacturing actively advocates for the rights of gun owners. The company recognizes the importance of individual freedoms and believes in the responsible and lawful ownership of firearms.

Kimber Manufacturing continues to innovate and evolve.

Despite its long-standing reputation, Kimber Manufacturing strives to continuously innovate and evolve. Through research and development efforts, the company seeks to introduce new technologies and designs that push the boundaries of firearm performance and user experience.


In conclusion, Kimber Manufacturing is a renowned company in the firearms industry, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and commitment to producing high-quality weapons. With a rich history dating back to 1979, Kimber has established itself as a trusted brand among firearms enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel worldwide.

From their wide range of pistols, rifles, and shotguns to their dedication to precision manufacturing, Kimber sets a standard of excellence that is hard to match. Whether you are a professional seeking a reliable weapon for duty or a recreational shooter looking for a high-performance firearm, Kimber has something to offer.

With constant innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to safety, Kimber continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in firearms manufacturing. It is no wonder that this American company has earned a reputation for producing some of the most accurate and reliable firearms in the world.


Q: What types of firearms does Kimber Manufacturing produce?

A: Kimber Manufacturing produces a wide range of firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. They are particularly known for their line of 1911-style pistols, which are highly regarded for their accuracy, reliability, and craftsmanship.

Q: Where is Kimber Manufacturing based?

A: Kimber Manufacturing is based in Yonkers, New York. Their headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in this city, where they design and produce their firearms.

Q: Are Kimber firearms suitable for self-defense purposes?

A: Yes, Kimber firearms are often chosen by individuals for self-defense purposes due to their reliability and accuracy. However, it is important to undergo proper training and follow local laws and regulations regarding firearm usage and self-defense.

Q: Does Kimber Manufacturing offer a warranty for their firearms?

A: Yes, Kimber provides a warranty for their firearms, typically covering manufacturing defects and malfunctions. It is recommended to refer to the specific warranty terms and conditions provided by Kimber for detailed information.

Q: Can I customize a Kimber firearm?

A: Yes, Kimber offers various customization options for their firearms, allowing customers to personalize their weapons according to their preferences. These options may include different grips, finishes, sights, and other accessories.