Olivie Sotomayor

Olivie Sotomayor

Published: 22 Jul 2023

Source: Reuters.com

Marubeni is a renowned multinational trading company that has managed to make a significant impact in various industries across the globe. With a rich history spanning over a century, Marubeni has become a household name known for its expertise in trading, investment, and project development.

In this article, we will delve into 19 fascinating facts about Marubeni that highlight its achievements, contributions, and unique qualities. From its humble beginnings in Japan to its expansion into diverse sectors such as energy, agriculture, and infrastructure, Marubeni has continuously demonstrated its ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

So, let’s dive in and explore the intriguing world of Marubeni, uncovering their impressive track record, global presence, and the values that set them apart.

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Marubeni is a leading Japanese multinational corporation.

Established in 1858, Marubeni has evolved over the years to become one of Japan’s prominent conglomerates with a diverse range of businesses.

Marubeni operates in various sectors.

The company is involved in sectors such as energy, chemicals, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, and general trading, among others.

Marubeni’s global presence is extensive.

With offices in over 70 countries and regions, Marubeni has established a strong global network to connect businesses worldwide.

Marubeni focuses on sustainable development.

The company actively promotes sustainability through its business operations, aiming to contribute to a better future for the planet and society.

Marubeni is committed to renewable energy.

Recognizing the importance of renewable energy sources, Marubeni has invested in various renewable energy projects globally, including wind, solar, and biomass.

Marubeni has a strong emphasis on innovation.

The company values continuous innovation and actively seeks new technologies and business models to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Marubeni’s history is intertwined with Japan’s modernization.

Throughout its long history, Marubeni has played a significant role in supporting Japan’s economic growth and industrial development.

Marubeni has diverse business partnerships.

The company collaborates with various partners, including suppliers, customers, and local communities, to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Marubeni values corporate social responsibility.

The company is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibilities by actively engaging in philanthropic activities and supporting community development.

Marubeni focuses on creating value through supply chain management.

The company strives to optimize supply chains to deliver value-added products and services to customers, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Marubeni prioritizes safety and health.

The company maintains stringent safety protocols and prioritizes the well-being of its employees, customers, and partners.

Marubeni has a strong financial standing.

The company’s solid financial performance and prudent management have earned it a strong reputation in the global business community.

Marubeni is committed to diversity and inclusion.

The company promotes a diverse and inclusive work environment, recognizing the value of different perspectives and experiences.

Marubeni is actively involved in the digital transformation.

The company embraces digital technologies to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and create new business opportunities.

Marubeni supports international trade.

The company plays a critical role in facilitating global trade by connecting suppliers and customers across different markets.

Marubeni is involved in the development of infrastructure projects.

The company actively participates in infrastructure development initiatives, supporting the growth and modernization of economies around the world.

Marubeni emphasizes corporate governance.

The company values transparency, accountability, and integrity in its corporate governance practices.

Marubeni values its employees.

The company invests in the professional development and well-being of its employees, fostering a supportive and enriching work environment.

Marubeni is dedicated to continuous growth and success.

With a resilient business model and a commitment to adapt to changing market dynamics, Marubeni remains focused on achieving long-term growth and sustainable success.

In conclusion, these 19 facts about Marubeni provide a glimpse into the remarkable journey of this global conglomerate. From its humble beginnings to its present-day prominence, Marubeni has demonstrated its resilience, innovation, and commitment to creating value for stakeholders. With a strong focus on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and technological advancements, Marubeni continues to shape industries and contribute to the global business landscape.


In conclusion, Marubeni is a highly successful and influential company in the global market. With a rich history, diverse portfolio, and commitment to sustainability, Marubeni has established itself as a trusted and innovative player in various industries. Through strategic partnerships and investments, the company continues to expand its reach and contribute to the economic growth of different countries. Marubeni’s strong financial performance, ethical business practices, and dedication to social responsibility make it a popular choice for investors and stakeholders. As Marubeni continues to evolve and adapt to changing market dynamics, it is poised to make even greater strides in the future.


1. What is Marubeni?

Marubeni is a Japanese trading company involved in various businesses, including food, energy, chemicals, textiles, and machinery.

2. How long has Marubeni been in business?

Marubeni was founded in 1858, making it over 160 years old.

3. What are some industries that Marubeni operates in?

Marubeni operates in industries such as agriculture, power generation, infrastructure, finance, and telecommunications.

4. Does Marubeni have a global presence?

Yes, Marubeni has a strong global presence with operations and offices in various countries around the world.

5. Is Marubeni committed to sustainability?

Yes, Marubeni has a strong commitment to sustainability and is actively involved in projects and initiatives that promote environmental conservation and social responsibility.

6. What is Marubeni’s approach to business partnerships?

Marubeni believes in fostering long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships through collaboration and trust.

7. How does Marubeni contribute to the communities it operates in?

Marubeni is actively involved in various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, including supporting education, healthcare, and environmental conservation activities in the communities it operates in.

8. Is Marubeni a publicly traded company?

Yes, Marubeni is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

9. What is Marubeni’s vision for the future?

Marubeni aims to be a global value creator, actively contributing to a sustainable society through its diversified business operations.

10. Can individuals invest in Marubeni?

Yes, individuals can invest in Marubeni through purchasing its shares on the stock market.