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Deb Das

Modified & Updated: 07 Oct 2023


Capgemini is a renowned global consulting, technology, and outsourcing company that has been making waves in the corporate world for several decades. With its strong presence in over 50 countries and a workforce of more than 250,000 employees, Capgemini has established itself as a leader in the industry.

In this article, we will delve into 17 fascinating facts about Capgemini that showcase its achievements, services, and contributions to the business world. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s biggest brands, Capgemini has a rich history and an impressive track record.

So, sit back and get ready to explore the key insights into the workings of this iconic company. Whether you are a business enthusiast, a current or potential employee, or simply curious about the achievements of popular companies, this article will provide you with a comprehensive look at Capgemini.

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Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services.

Capgemini is renowned for its expertise in helping businesses transform and thrive in the digital age.

The company was founded in 1967 by Serge Kampf.

Serge Kampf established Capgemini with the vision of delivering innovative IT solutions to clients worldwide.

Capgemini operates in over 50 countries.

With a strong global presence, Capgemini serves clients across various industries on a truly international scale.

Capgemini employs over 270,000 people.

The company’s diverse workforce consists of talented professionals from different backgrounds, working together to drive success.

Capgemini offers a wide range of services.

From consulting and technology services to digital transformation and outsourcing, Capgemini provides comprehensive solutions to meet client needs.

Capgemini is known for its focus on innovation.

The company fosters a culture of continuous innovation, encouraging employees to think creatively and explore new ideas.

Capgemini has a strong emphasis on sustainability.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Capgemini is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Capgemini has strategic partnerships with leading technology companies.

The company collaborates with major players in the tech industry to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients.

Capgemini has a dedicated research and development unit.

The company’s R&D division focuses on exploring emerging technologies and developing innovative solutions for clients.

Capgemini has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion.

The company recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and fosters an inclusive work culture that celebrates differences.

Capgemini invests in training and development programs.

The company provides its employees with opportunities to enhance their skills and continuously grow both personally and professionally.

Capgemini is committed to corporate social responsibility.

The company actively supports various social initiatives, contributing to the well-being of communities around the world.

Capgemini has a strong digital transformation offering.

The company helps organizations navigate the digital landscape and embrace the opportunities of the digital era.

Capgemini has a strong customer-centric approach.

The company places great importance on understanding and meeting the unique needs of its clients, delivering value and building long-term partnerships.

Capgemini has a collaborative work culture.

Teamwork is at the core of Capgemini’s ethos, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees.

Capgemini has a global delivery model.

The company leverages its global network to efficiently deliver services to clients, ensuring seamless operations across borders.

Capgemini consistently ranks among the top IT consulting firms.

With its expertise, innovation, and commitment to client success, Capgemini has earned its place among the best in the industry.


In conclusion, Capgemini is a highly successful and influential company in the field of consulting, technology, and outsourcing. With its wide range of services, global presence, and commitment to innovation, Capgemini has been able to consistently deliver value to its clients and establish itself as a leader in the industry. The company’s focus on sustainability, diversity, and corporate responsibility further contributes to its positive reputation. As Capgemini continues to evolve and adapt to changing market dynamics, it is poised to maintain its position as one of the top companies in the world.


1. When was Capgemini founded?

Capgemini was founded on October 1, 1967.

2. Where is Capgemini headquartered?

Capgemini is headquartered in Paris, France.

3. How many employees does Capgemini have?

As of 2021, Capgemini has more than 270,000 employees worldwide.

4. What industries does Capgemini serve?

Capgemini serves a wide range of industries including banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.

5. What are Capgemini’s core services?

Capgemini offers services in consulting, technology, digital transformation, and outsourcing.

6. Is Capgemini involved in corporate social responsibility?

Yes, Capgemini is committed to corporate social responsibility and has initiatives focused on sustainability, diversity, and community engagement.

7. Does Capgemini have a global presence?

Yes, Capgemini operates in more than 50 countries around the world, serving clients globally.