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Blinnie Carrigan

Modified & Updated: 07 Oct 2023


The Edenton Music and Water Festival is an annual event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Edenton, North Carolina. This two-day extravaganza combines the love for music and the appreciation for the town’s beautiful waterfront, making it a must-attend event for both locals and visitors alike. With its picturesque setting and a diverse lineup of musical performances, the festival has gained recognition as one of the premier events in the region.

In this article, we will delve into 20 fascinating facts about the Edenton Music and Water Festival. From its humble beginnings to the notable musicians who have graced its stages, we will explore the history, highlights, and unique aspects of this cherished annual event. Whether you are a music enthusiast, a lover of outdoor festivals, or simply curious about this iconic celebration, join us as we uncover the magic of the Edenton Music and Water Festival.

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A Festival with a Rich History

The Edenton Music and Water Festival is an annual celebration that has been taking place in Edenton, North Carolina for over 30 years. It first started in 1986 and has become a highly anticipated event in the region, attracting both locals and visitors from all over.

A Blend of Music and Water Activities

This unique festival combines live music performances with a variety of water-based activities. Attendees can enjoy music from various genres while also participating in water-related events such as boat races, paddleboarding, and fishing competitions.

A Platform for Local Talent

The Edenton Music and Water Festival provides a stage for local musicians to showcase their talent. It offers opportunities for emerging artists to gain exposure and connect with a wider audience.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

The festival caters to all age groups, with activities and performances suitable for families. In addition to the music and water events, there are also carnival rides, food vendors, and craft stalls, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Spectacular Fireworks Display

One of the highlights of the Edenton Music and Water Festival is the grand fireworks display that illuminates the night sky. This dazzling show attracts spectators from far and wide, creating a truly memorable experience.

Community Support

The festival is organized and supported by the local community, including businesses, organizations, and volunteers. Their involvement ensures a well-coordinated and successful event that brings people together.

Environmental Awareness

The Edenton Music and Water Festival promotes environmental consciousness and aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the local waterways. Various initiatives such as clean-up campaigns and educational programs are incorporated into the event.

Diverse Music Lineup

The festival attracts a diverse range of musical acts, featuring genres such as rock, country, jazz, blues, and more. This eclectic lineup ensures there is something to suit every musical taste.

Boost to Local Economy

The festival brings a significant economic boost to the town of Edenton, with visitors spending money on accommodations, dining, shopping, and other local services. It supports local businesses and helps showcase the town’s tourism potential.

Interactive Workshops and Demonstrations

In addition to the performances, the festival also offers interactive workshops and demonstrations. Attendees can engage in activities such as instrument workshops, dance lessons, and art displays, fostering a sense of creativity and learning.

Annual Parade

As part of the festival, a vibrant parade takes place, featuring floats, marching bands, and community groups. This colorful procession adds to the festive atmosphere and draws crowds along the parade route.

Charity Involvement

The Edenton Music and Water Festival has a strong philanthropic aspect, with a portion of the proceeds going towards supporting local charities and organizations. This helps make a positive impact on the community beyond the festival itself.

Water-Based Competitions

For those seeking a bit of friendly competition, the festival offers various water-based contests. From kayak races to sandcastle building competitions, participants can showcase their skills and enjoy some thrilling moments.

Camping Opportunities

For attendees who want to fully immerse themselves in the festival experience, camping opportunities are available nearby. This allows festival-goers to enjoy the festivities throughout the day and night, creating lasting memories.

Cultural Performances

In addition to the music, the festival also celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the region. Traditional dance performances, storytelling sessions, and cultural exhibitions provide a glimpse into the local traditions and customs.

Collaboration with Local Artists

The Edenton Music and Water Festival collaborates with local artists to create unique festival merchandise and artwork. This partnership supports the local arts community and offers attendees the opportunity to take home a special memento.

Scenic Location

The festival takes place in the picturesque town of Edenton, known for its beautiful waterfront views and historic charm. The scenic surroundings add to the festival’s ambiance, creating a truly enchanting experience.

Multiple Stages and Performance Areas

The festival features multiple stages and performance areas, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for attendees. From a main stage for headline acts to smaller stages for local performers, there is always music playing throughout the festival grounds.

Educational Workshops

As part of its commitment to community engagement, the festival offers educational workshops for attendees of all ages. These workshops cover various topics such as music appreciation, songwriting, and the importance of water conservation.

Celebration of Unity and Togetherness

Above all, the Edenton Music and Water Festival celebrates the spirit of unity and togetherness. It brings people from different backgrounds and interests together, fostering a sense of community and creating lasting memories for all who attend.


The Edenton Music and Water Festival is an annual event that brings together music lovers and water enthusiasts from all over. With its rich history, picturesque views, and diverse lineup of artists, this festival has become a must-visit for music and nature enthusiasts alike.

From the waterfront concerts to the boat parades, there is something for everyone at the Edenton Music and Water Festival. Whether you’re enjoying the sounds of live music, exploring the local craft vendors, or simply taking in the beauty of the water, this festival offers a truly unique and memorable experience.

So mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of music and water. The Edenton Music and Water Festival is an event you won’t want to miss!


1. When is the Edenton Music and Water Festival held?
The festival is typically held in the summer, with exact dates varying from year to year. It’s best to check the official website or social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

2. Is the festival suitable for all ages?
Yes, the festival caters to people of all ages. There are family-friendly activities and performances specifically designed for children, as well as entertainment options for adults.

3. Are outside food and drinks allowed?
Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are generally allowed. However, alcoholic drinks are usually available for purchase from the festival vendors.

4. Can I bring my own lawn chair or blanket?
Yes, it is recommended to bring your own lawn chair or blanket, especially for the outdoor concerts. This ensures that you have a comfortable spot to enjoy the performances.

5. Are pets allowed at the festival?
While pets are generally not allowed at the festival, service animals are permitted. It’s important to check the festival guidelines for any specific restrictions or requirements concerning service animals.

6. How do I purchase tickets for the festival?
Tickets can be purchased online through the festival’s official website or at designated ticket outlets. It’s advisable to purchase tickets in advance to secure your spot as the festival may sell out.

7. Is there parking available at the festival?
Yes, there are parking options available near the festival venue. However, it can get crowded, so it’s recommended to arrive early or consider using public transportation if possible.

8. Can I bring my own boat to the water activities?
Yes, you can bring your own boat to participate in the water activities. However, it’s important to comply with all safety regulations and guidelines set by the festival organizers.

9. Are there accommodations near the festival venue?
Yes, there are various accommodations available near the festival venue, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. It’s advisable to book in advance, as availability may be limited during the festival period.

10. What happens if it rains during the festival?
The festival is generally rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, certain performances or activities may be adjusted or rescheduled. It’s best to check the festival’s official channels for any updates regarding changes due to weather conditions.