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Beatriz Soares, more commonly known by her stage name DJ BIIA, is a burgeoning figure in the world of electronic music. Her journey from a marketing graduate to a techno DJ in Portugal is as unique as the eclectic sets she spins. Below, we delve into 15 intriguing facts about this rising star in the DJ scene. 

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Early Life

DJ BIIA, born Beatriz Soares, developed a deep affinity for electronic music at a tender age. At just 14, she would visit her cousin’s DJ shop during the summer holidays, where she first fell in love with the genre.

Introduction to DJing

Despite her early interest in music, BIIA initially pursued a more conventional career path. She studied marketing in college and even graduated in the field. However, upon graduation, she realized that her true calling was music. She started teaching herself how to DJ and eventually took professional DJ and music production lessons. Today, she’s even contemplating taking piano lessons.

Signature Style

BIIA’s music style is nothing if not diverse. She artfully blends a variety of genres including techno, acid, electro, and breakbeat in her sets. However, she refrains from labeling her style, as it often depends on the lineup, the club, the public, and the scheduled time for her set. Her ultimate aim when playing her sets is to create a captivating narrative, an immersive “bubble” where listeners can momentarily escape their reality.


Despite her nascent career, BIIA has already had the opportunity to collaborate with some renowned names in the music industry. In her Spotlight Mix, she features artists like Vladimir Dubyshkin and Asquith, showcasing her eclectic taste and wide range of influences.


Image from Facebook
Image from Facebook

Though she’s only at the beginning of her journey, BIIA has already made significant strides in her career. She has produced her first original track, which she plans to release soon. Moreover, her DJ sets have been well-received by her followers, particularly during the pandemic when she started doing more streamable DJ sets.


The COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique set of challenges for artists globally, and BIIA was no exception. Her biggest struggle was trying to maintain a meaningful connection with her fans while physical interactions were limited. However, she channeled these challenges into her music, creating a more profound bond with her audience through her virtual performances​.


As an artist, BIIA draws inspiration from various other musicians. Recently, she has been listening to Vladimir Dubyshkin and Asquith, whose music she describes as “refreshingly peculiar” and full of “deep bass excursions,” respectively.

Future Goals

BIIA’s immediate goal is to release her first track, which is already in the pipeline. She is also working on other tracks in her studio, eagerly waiting to share them with her fans. While she has specific objectives she wants to achieve, she doesn’t obsess over long-term results, viewing them as a natural consequence of her actions.

Personal Life

BIIA’s personal life remains largely private, with her focus publicly being on her music and growth as a DJ.

Fan Following

BIIA has built a strong rapport with her fans, cherishing their feedback and support

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Techno Project

One of the notable aspects of DJ BIIA’s career is her techno project. BIIA’s techno project, which was featured live by Grutas Da Moeda, showcases her diverse influences, ranging from techno to acid to breakbeat. This project is seen as an important step in her promising career.

Positive Response to Her Mixes

Her mixes, especially the ones she streams online, have been met with a lot of positive responses. The feedback and stories from people dancing to her sets have been a source of inspiration and satisfaction for BIIA. This recognition has not only reaffirmed her decision to pursue music full-time but has also been a driving force in her journey

Impact of the Pandemic on Her Music

The pandemic has had a significant impact on DJ BIIA’s music. She states that her sound changed a little as she had more time to listen to new artists and explore other music genres. This influenced her taste and allowed her to evolve and invest in her knowledge and skills. It also reaffirmed her desire to pursue music, realizing how essential gigs and parties are to her life.


DJ BIIA profile shot
Image from Facebook

One of the things that keep BIIA motivated is music itself. Even in times of adversity, she easily overcomes the difficulties and refocuses her energy on her music. With the prospect of performing at gigs this summer and the gradual return to normal life, she is very excited about the future.

Her First Original Track

BIIA has produced her first original track, “Distorted,” which is due to be released soon. This track represents a significant milestone in her career as a DJ and music producer, demonstrating her growth and development in the industry.


Beatriz Soares, known as DJ BIIA, is a rising star in the world of electronic music. From her early introduction to the genre to her evolution as a DJ and producer, her journey is a testament to her passion for music. With her unique style, diverse influences, and unwavering dedication, there is no doubt that BIIA is set to make even greater strides in her career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is DJ BIIA?

DJ BIIA, whose real name is Beatriz Soares, is a Portuguese electronic music DJ known for her eclectic style, which encompasses techno, acid, electro, and breakbeat genres.

How did BIIA start her career in music?

BIIA started her career in music after graduating from college. Despite studying marketing, she decided to follow her passion for music, which she had since she was 14. She taught herself how to DJ and later took professional DJ and music production lessons.

What is BIIA’s music style?

BIIA’s music style is diverse and eclectic. She can play techno, acid, electro, breakbeat, and other styles, creating immersive narratives in her sets. Her style often depends on the lineup, the club, the public, and the scheduled time for her set.

Has BIIA produced any original tracks?

Yes, BIIA has produced her first original track, “Distorted,” which she plans to release soon. This marks a significant milestone in her career as a DJ and music producer.

What are BIIA’s future goals?

BIIA’s immediate goal is to release her first track. She is also working on other tracks in the studio that she can’t wait to share with everyone. As for her career, she doesn’t think much about the long-term result but focuses on what she wants to do and what she needs to do to achieve her goals.