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Deborah Steinmetz

Modified & Updated: 07 Oct 2023


Wishiwashi, the fish-like Pokémon that made its debut in Generation VII, may appear unassuming at first glance, but it holds some fascinating secrets beneath its humble exterior. This article aims to shine a spotlight on this unique Water-type Pokémon by exploring 17 intriguing facts about Wishiwashi. From its extraordinary ability to transform into a powerful schooling form to its connection with Alolan folklore, Wishiwashi has captured the hearts of trainers and fans alike. So, dive into the depths of the Pokémon world as we unravel the mysteries surrounding this extraordinary aquatic creature. Get ready to discover everything you never knew about Wishiwashi!

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Wishiwashi’s Schooling Ability

One of the defining characteristics of Wishiwashi is its amazing ability to form a powerful school. When Wishiwashi reaches a certain level of experience, it can join forces with its fellow Wishiwashi to transform into a massive and formidable creature. This ability allows them to become a force to be reckoned with in battle!

A Tiny Fish with a Huge Potency

Despite its small size, Wishiwashi packs a punch. Its stats soar when it transforms into its School Form, making it an incredibly powerful opponent. This transformation not only enhances its attack and defense but also grants it a new moveset. So, never underestimate the potency of this seemingly petite Pokemon!

The Shy and Timid Nature of Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi is known to be a rather timid and shy Pokemon. It prefers to stay hidden in schools and avoids conflicts whenever possible. However, when threatened or when its school is in danger, it will muster the courage to protect its fellow Wishiwashi and fight valiantly.

A Native of the Alola Region

Wishiwashi originates from the tropical Alola region, known for its unique ecological diversity. The warm and inviting waters provide the perfect habitat for this Water-type Pokemon, allowing it to thrive and flourish.

The Appearance of Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi resembles a small, fish-like creature with glowing eyes and a blueish hue. Its streamlined body helps it to swiftly navigate through the water, making it an adept swimmer.

Alolan Guardians

Wishiwashi is considered one of the Alolan Guardians. These Pokemon are revered for their powers and play a significant role in maintaining the balance of the Alola region’s ecosystem.

A Favorite Prey of Larger Pokemon

Due to its delicate size, Wishiwashi often finds itself as a favorite prey of larger Pokemon in the Alola region. It must remain vigilant and stay within the safety of its school to avoid becoming a tasty meal for hungry predators.

The Wishiwashi Schooling Mechanism

Wishiwashi’s schooling ability is a remarkable example of teamwork in the Pokemon world. The individual Wishiwashi in a school synchronize their movements and actions, allowing them to function as a collective entity.

A Diverse Moveset

Wishiwashi has an array of powerful moves at its disposal. From devastating water-based attacks like Hydro Pump and Aqua Tail to defensive moves like Protect and Light Screen, it has a versatile arsenal to counter its opponents.

A Tempting Target for Trainers

Trainers are often drawn to the allure of capturing a Wishiwashi due to its unique abilities and impressive strength in battle. Its schooling ability provides trainers with a powerful asset to add to their team, making it a prized catch.

Protection in Numbers

Wishiwashi’s schooling mechanism not only amplifies its offensive power but also serves as a defense mechanism. The sheer number and coordination of Wishiwashi protect the collective whole from potential threats, making it difficult for predators to single out an individual.

A Sought-After Pokemon in Competitive Battles

Wishiwashi’s School Form has gained recognition in the competitive Pokemon battling scene. Trainers strategically incorporate Wishiwashi into their teams, utilizing its formidable offensive and defensive capabilities to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Evolutionary Lineage

Wishiwashi is the evolved form of Solo Wishiwashi. When it reaches a certain level of experience, it undergoes a transformation and emerges as a larger, more powerful Pokemon.

Adaptability in Different Water Habitats

Wishiwashi has the unique ability to adapt to various water habitats. Whether it be freshwater lakes, rivers, or the vast ocean, this versatile Pokemon can thrive and adjust its lifestyle accordingly.

The Wishiwashi Totem

In the Alola region, trainers face the formidable challenge of battling against the Wishiwashi Totem. This powerful boss Pokemon guards one of the island’s trial sites, testing trainers’ skills and determination.

Wishiwashi’s Association with Schooling Fish

In the real world, Wishiwashi is inspired by real-life schooling fish, such as sardines and anchovies. These fish exhibit similar behavior, forming large groups to fend off predators and enhance their chance of survival.

Wishiwashi’s Impact on the Ecosystem

Wishiwashi and its schooling ability play a crucial role in the Alola region’s ecosystem. By maintaining harmony and balance, they contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the marine environment.

There you have it, 17 fascinating facts about Wishiwashi! This remarkable Pokemon continues to captivate trainers and enthusiasts alike with its unique abilities and awe-inspiring transformations. So, go out there, catch a Wishiwashi, and witness the power of its formidable schooling ability!


Wishiwashi may appear unassuming at first, but this humble Water-type Pokemon has some fascinating qualities. From its unique schooling ability to its impressive stats, Wishiwashi proves to be a formidable force in battle. Its evolution, School Form, is truly a sight to behold, showcasing the power of teamwork.

Whether you’re a Pokemon trainer looking to add Wishiwashi to your team or simply a fan of these aquatic creatures, exploring the depths of Wishiwashi’s abilities and lore is sure to be an exciting journey. So dive in and discover the wonders that this tiny fish Pokemon has to offer!


1. How does Wishiwashi’s schooling ability work?

When in its Solo Form, Wishiwashi appears as an average-sized fish. However, when it reaches level 20, it activates its unique schooling ability, transforming into the powerful School Form. In this form, Wishiwashi’s stats increase dramatically, making it a force to be reckoned with.

2. Can Wishiwashi revert back to its Solo Form?

Yes, Wishiwashi can revert back to its Solo Form if its HP falls below a certain threshold. This will cause it to lose the boost in stats, so it’s important to strategize your battles and ensure Wishiwashi remains in its School Form for optimal performance.

3. Where can Wishiwashi be found in the wild?

Wishiwashi can be found in bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. It is more commonly found in tropical regions and is known to form large schools, making it a sight to behold when encountered in the wild.

4. What is Wishiwashi’s signature move?

Wishiwashi’s signature move is “Hydro Pump,” a powerful Water-type move that deals significant damage to its opponents. Coupled with its high Special Attack stat, Wishiwashi can unleash devastating attacks on its enemies.

5. Can Wishiwashi evolve?

No, Wishiwashi does not have any further evolutions. However, it does possess an intriguing ability that allows it to cooperate with other Wishiwashi to form a more powerful School Form.

6. Is Wishiwashi a strong Pokemon in battle?

Absolutely! While Wishiwashi’s Solo Form may appear weak, its School Form is incredibly strong, boasting impressive stats and a wide range of powerful moves. With proper training and strategy, Wishiwashi can be a formidable addition to any team.