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When it comes to reality TV stars, few are as fascinating and captivating as Ramona Singer. Best known for her role on the hit Bravo series, “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Ramona has become an iconic figure in the world of television. With her signature blonde hair, assertive demeanor, and larger-than-life personality, she has captured the attention of fans and critics alike.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Ramona Singer and uncover 50 intriguing facts about her life. From her early years and rise to fame, to her business ventures and personal relationships, we will explore the many layers of this dynamic reality star. So grab a glass of Pinot Grigio and get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Ramona Singer!

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Ramona Singer is a well-known reality TV personality.

With her signature blonde hair and vibrant personality, Ramona Singer rose to fame as one of the original cast members on Bravo’s hit reality show, “The Real Housewives of New York City.

She was born on November 17, 1956, in Rhinebeck, New York.

Ramona Singer’s birthday falls on November 17th, making her a Scorpio, known for their determination and passion.

Ramona is an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman.

In addition to her role on reality TV, Ramona is the founder and owner of her own skincare line, Ageless by Ramona, as well as a successful jewelry collection.

She is known for her famous catchphrase, “I have a turtle time!”

Ramona coined the phrase “turtle time” during a memorable episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” which became a popular reference throughout the show’s history.

Ramona has a daughter named Avery.

Avery Singer is Ramona’s only child, and their close bond has been showcased on the reality show.

She loves to travel and has been to over 40 countries.

Ramona has a passion for exploration and has documented her travels on social media, sharing her experiences with her followers.

Ramona is known for her love of Pinot Grigio.

Throughout the show, Ramona has often been seen indulging in her favorite white wine, Pinot Grigio, which has become a trademark of her character.

She is an avid tennis player.

Ramona enjoys staying active and often takes to the tennis court to maintain her fitness.

Ramona is a supporter of various charitable causes.

She has been involved in fundraising for organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Mario Batali Foundation.

Ramona is known for her strong personality and outspoken nature.

She never hesitates to speak her mind, which has led to both memorable moments and conflicts with her fellow cast members.

She is a fashion enthusiast.

Ramona is often seen showcasing her trendy and stylish outfits, making her a fashion icon in the reality TV world.

Ramona has written a memoir titled “Life on the Ramona Coaster.”

In her memoir, she shares personal stories, lessons, and insights from her life and experiences in the public eye.

She runs her own online fashion store.

Ramona launched her online fashion boutique, RS by Ramona Singer, where she offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories.

Ramona is a fitness enthusiast.

She prioritizes her physical health and maintains a strict workout routine to stay in shape.

She is known for her changing hairstyle.

Ramona is often experimenting with different hairstyles, ranging from long and wavy to short and sleek.

Ramona loves to dance.

She is frequently seen showcasing her dance moves at social events and parties.

She has a close relationship with her sister Tanya.

Tanya is often seen supporting and joining Ramona on her adventures, both on and off-camera.

Ramona is an animal lover.

She has a pet dog named Coco, whom she adores and often shares pictures of on her social media accounts.

She is highly active on social media.

Ramona Singer interacts with her fans regularly through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Ramona is a wine connoisseur.

She has a deep appreciation for fine wines and enjoys exploring different varieties and vineyards.

She is known for her signature walk.

Ramona’s confident and distinctive walk has become one of her trademarks on the show.

Ramona is a supporter of women empowerment.

She often speaks out on issues faced by women and advocates for their rights and equality.

She has a passion for interior design.

Ramona enjoys decorating her homes and has a keen eye for creating stylish and inviting spaces.

Ramona is a devoted mother.

She has always put her daughter’s well-being and happiness first throughout her journey on the show.

She has her own line of accessories.

Ramona has expanded her entrepreneurial ventures by launching her line of statement jewelry and accessories.

Ramona is known for her honesty, sometimes brutally so.

Her straightforward nature has often led to confrontations with her castmates, but she remains unapologetically herself.

She values loyalty in her friendships.

Ramona has shown unwavering loyalty to those she considers her close friends, often going to great lengths to support them.

Ramona is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle.

She believes in the importance of physical and mental well-being and actively promotes self-care and wellness.

She has a strong work ethic.

Ramona’s drive and determination have been evident in her various business ventures and her commitment to success.

Ramona is a fan favorite on “The Real Housewives of New York City.”

Her bold personality and unfiltered honesty have earned her a dedicated following of fans who love to watch her on the show.

She is an advocate for body positivity.

Ramona encourages self-acceptance and celebrates all body types, promoting a message of confidence and self-love.

Ramona loves to cook.

She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and sharing her favorite recipes with her fans.

She is known for her iconic eye rolls and facial expressions.

Ramona’s reactions and expressions have become legendary among fans of the show.

Ramona is an active supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

She has been involved in various LGBTQ+ organizations and advocates for equal rights and inclusivity.

She is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.

Ramona emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and surrounding oneself with uplifting energy.

Ramona is a talented photographer.

She has a keen eye for capturing beautiful moments and often shares her photography on social media.

She is known for her energetic dance moves.

Ramona loves to let loose on the dance floor and is always the life of the party.

Ramona is fiercely loyal to her close friends.

She has formed strong bonds with several castmates and has remained steadfast in her support for them.

She has a love for the beach.

Ramona enjoys spending time by the ocean, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Ramona is a survivor.

She has overcome personal hardships and challenges and has emerged stronger and more resilient.

She is known for her stylish fashion sense.

Ramona’s fashion choices have become a topic of conversation among fans of the show.

Ramona values honesty above all.

She believes in being truthful and expects the same from those around her.

She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Ramona’s drive and ambition have led her to launch multiple successful business ventures.

Ramona is passionate about philanthropy.

She actively participates in charity events and donates to causes close to her heart.

She has a love for fine dining.

Ramona enjoys indulging in delicious meals and exploring different culinary experiences.

Ramona is a survivor of divorce.

She has openly shared her personal journey through divorce and has proven her resilience in overcoming it.

She has a strong sense of self.

Ramona is confident and self-assured, never allowing others to dim her light.

Ramona is a supporter of female empowerment.

She champions women’s rights and encourages women to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

She believes in the power of forgiveness.

Ramona acknowledges the importance of forgiveness and letting go of grudges for personal growth.

Ramona Singer continues to entertain and inspire viewers with her larger-than-life personality.

Her journey on “The Real Housewives of New York City” has made her a household name and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on reality TV history.


Ramona Singer is undoubtedly an intriguing and multifaceted celebrity. With her vibrant personality and eventful life, there are countless fascinating facts about her. From her time on “The Real Housewives of New York City” to her successful business ventures, Ramona has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Whether you love her or find her controversial, there’s no denying that she has become a household name. With her ongoing presence in the public eye, we can only expect more interesting developments in Ramona Singer’s life and career.


1. Where is Ramona Singer from?
Ramona Singer was born and raised in Rhinebeck, New York.

2. What is Ramona Singer famous for?
Ramona Singer gained fame for her role on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New York City.”

3. How many seasons of “The Real Housewives of New York City” has Ramona been on?
Ramona Singer has been a cast member on “The Real Housewives of New York City” since its inception in 2008. As of now, she has appeared on all the seasons.

4. What is Ramona Singer’s net worth?
Ramona Singer’s net worth is estimated to be around $18 million, primarily from her successful business ventures and appearances on reality TV.

5. Has Ramona Singer been married?
Yes, Ramona Singer has been married and divorced. She was previously married to Mario Singer, and they have one daughter together.

6. What is Ramona Singer’s skincare line called?
Ramona Singer launched her own skincare line called “Ageless by Ramona,” which focuses on anti-aging products.

7. Is Ramona Singer involved in any philanthropic activities?
Yes, Ramona Singer is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. She has supported charities such as Dress for Success and the American Cancer Society.

8. Does Ramona Singer have any other business ventures?
Apart from her skincare line, Ramona Singer has also ventured into the wine business. She introduced her own brand, “Ramona Pinot Grigio,” which has gained popularity.

9. Has Ramona Singer appeared on any other TV shows?
Ramona Singer has made appearances on other TV shows, including “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and “The Apprentice.”

10. What is Ramona Singer’s signature catchphrase?
Ramona Singer is known for her iconic catchphrase, “Ramona likes to speak her mind!”