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Drew Carey is a renowned American actor, comedian, and television host, best known for his role as the host of “The Price Is Right.” With a career spanning over three decades, Carey has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. He has not only displayed his comedic prowess through his performances but also demonstrated his versatility as an actor in both film and television.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Drew Carey and uncover 49 intriguing facts about his life and career. From his humble beginnings in Cleveland, Ohio, to his rise to fame as a beloved television personality, we will explore the lesser-known aspects of Carey’s journey. So, buckle up and get ready to discover some surprising and entertaining details about one of America’s favorite comedians.

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Drew Carey was born on May 23, 1958, in Cleveland, Ohio.

From an early age, Carey showed a natural aptitude for making people laugh, which eventually led him towards a career in comedy.

Before becoming a comedian, Drew Carey served in the United States Marine Corps.

His military background instilled discipline and resilience, qualities that would serve him well in the cutthroat world of show business.

The iconic phrase “Oh, the humanity!” was popularized by Drew Carey on his television show.

Carey’s witty one-liners and catchphrases have become synonymous with his comedic style and have endeared him to fans worldwide.

Drew Carey rose to fame with his groundbreaking sitcom, “The Drew Carey Show,” which aired from 1995 to 2004.

The show garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, solidifying Carey’s place in the television industry.

In addition to his acting career, Drew Carey is a renowned game show host.

He has hosted popular shows such as “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “The Price Is Right,” showcasing his versatility as a performer.

Drew Carey is a staunch advocate for animal rights.

He is actively involved in various animal welfare organizations and uses his platform to raise awareness about animal cruelty issues.

As an avid sports fan, Drew Carey is known for his love of soccer.

He was a part-owner of the Seattle Sounders FC, a Major League Soccer team, further demonstrating his passion for the sport.

Carey has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This prestigious accolade recognizes his significant contributions to the entertainment industry and his enduring legacy.

Drew Carey has ventured into the world of stand-up comedy.

His unique comedic timing and relatable storytelling have made him a sought-after performer in the stand-up circuit.

Drew Carey hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 1998.

This opportunity allowed him to showcase his hosting skills on a global stage, further expanding his reach and influence.

In 2011, Carey competed on the reality competition show, “Dancing with the Stars.”

His dance moves and lively personality won over audiences, establishing him as a multifaceted entertainer.

Drew Carey is also a successful author, having published his autobiography, “Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined.”

The book provides an intimate look into Carey’s life, including his struggles and triumphs along his journey.

Carey’s unique fashion style, characterized by his signature glasses and cleanly groomed beard, has become his trademark.

His distinctive appearance adds to his overall charm and appeal.

Drew Carey has been honored with numerous awards throughout his career.

From comedy awards to humanitarian recognition, his talent and philanthropic efforts have not gone unnoticed.

He has a passion for improv comedy and often incorporates it into his performances.

Carey’s spontaneous wit and quick thinking on shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” have delighted fans for years.

Drew Carey supports various charities and actively participates in fundraising events.

His philanthropic work is a testament to his kind-hearted nature and desire to make a positive impact on society.

Throughout his career, Drew Carey has overcome personal challenges, including struggles with weight and depression.

His openness about these issues has inspired others and highlighted the importance of mental health awareness.

Carey has made cameo appearances in a range of television shows and movies.

His memorable guest spots have added an extra layer of excitement for fans who appreciate his diverse talents.

Drew Carey has a strong presence on social media, where he engages with fans and shares updates on his projects.

His online platforms serve as a way to connect with his audience and offer glimpses into his personal and professional life.

Despite his immense success, Drew Carey remains humble and down to earth.

He values his fans and appreciates their continued support throughout his career.

Drew Carey is known for his generosity and philanthropic contributions.

He frequently donates his time and resources to various charitable organizations, making a difference in the lives of others.

Carey’s humor often revolves around self-deprecating jokes, showcasing his ability to laugh at himself.

This aspect of his comedy endears him to audiences, making him relatable and approachable.

Drew Carey has a passion for photography and has captured stunning images from his travels.

His creative pursuits extend beyond the stage and screen, highlighting his artistic abilities.

Carey’s dedication to his craft is evident in his work ethic and commitment to delivering quality performances.

He continuously strives to entertain and connect with his audience through his various projects.

Drew Carey is an advocate for equality and has been involved in LGBTQ+ activism.

His support for the community is commendable, and he uses his platform to help promote inclusivity.

Carey’s improv skills were honed during his time at the famous comedy troupe, The Groundlings.

This experience provided him with a solid foundation in improvisational comedy.

Drew Carey’s comedic style often incorporates witty wordplay and clever puns.

His ability to weave humor into everyday situations is a testament to his comedic genius.

Carey has had several successful collaborations with other comedians throughout his career.

His chemistry with fellow performers has resulted in memorable comedic moments that have left audiences in stitches.

Drew Carey is an advocate for education and has supported various educational initiatives.

He recognizes the importance of providing quality education to empower future generations.

Carey has appeared as a guest on numerous talk shows, showcasing his ability to engage in witty banter.

His charm and quick thinking make him a popular guest among talk show hosts.

Drew Carey’s comedy often includes social commentary on contemporary issues.

He uses his platform to shed light on important topics while entertaining his audience.

Carey’s dedication to promoting positive change extends beyond the entertainment industry.

He actively supports environmental causes and advocates for sustainable living.

Drew Carey has been involved in various theater productions throughout his career.

His versatility as a performer allows him to excel in both screen and stage performances.

Carey’s larger-than-life personality and infectious laughter have become trademarks of his comedic style.

His ability to bring joy to audiences is one of the reasons he has remained a beloved figure in the entertainment world.

Drew Carey has a strong work ethic and is known for his professionalism on set.

His commitment to his craft has earned him the respect of his peers and industry professionals.

Carey has dabbled in voice acting, lending his voice to various animated television shows and films.

His distinct voice brings life to animated characters, further showcasing his versatility as a performer.

Drew Carey’s philanthropic efforts include supporting organizations that provide assistance to veterans.

His commitment to giving back to those who have served their country is commendable.

Carey’s comedic timing and delivery have made him a sought-after host for award shows and special events.

His ability to engage the audience and keep the energy high adds a touch of excitement to these occasions.

Drew Carey’s wit and humor have transcended generations, making him a timeless entertainer.

From his early stand-up routines to his current projects, he continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

Carey’s self-assured and confident stage presence has won over audiences around the world.

His ability to own the stage and command attention is a testament to his talent as a performer.

Drew Carey has a passion for traveling and has explored various countries and cultures.

His adventures inspire him creatively and provide him with a broader perspective on life.

Carey’s dedication to entertaining the troops led to him performing for the USO.

He recognizes the importance of bringing laughter to those serving in the military.

Drew Carey has made notable appearances on late-night talk shows, showcasing his comedic charm.

His quick wit and engaging storytelling make for entertaining interviews.

Carey has a reputation for being approachable and interacting with fans.

He values the support of his fans and takes the time to genuinely connect with them.

Drew Carey’s improvisational skills were further honed during his time on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

The hit show allowed him to showcase his comedic versatility and quick thinking.

Carey’s success as a comedian and television host has earned him a substantial net worth.

His financial success is a testament to his hard work and talent.

Drew Carey’s positive outlook on life and ability to find humor in any situation make him a source of inspiration.

His resilience serves as a reminder to always find laughter even during challenging times.

Carey’s dedication to his craft has resulted in him remaining relevant in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

His ability to adapt and evolve with the times has positioned him as a respected figure in comedy.

Drew Carey’s impact on the world of comedy and entertainment is immeasurable.

His talent, philanthropy, and infectious personality have solidified his status as a true icon.

These 49 facts about Drew Carey provide a glimpse into the life and career of this legendary comedian. From his humble beginnings to his enduring legacy, Carey’s influence in the entertainment industry is undeniable.

Whether you remember him from “The Drew Carey Show,” as the host of “The Price Is Right,” or as a stand-up comedian, there’s no denying the immense talent and impact of Drew Carey. His ability to bring laughter and joy to audiences is a testament to his exceptional comedic prowess.


From his early start in stand-up comedy to his successful career in television, Drew Carey has become one of the most recognizable celebrities in the entertainment industry. With his unique sense of humor and charismatic personality, Carey has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Through this article, we have learned 49 fascinating facts about Drew Carey. From his unexpected career switch to hosting “The Price is Right” to his impressive weight loss journey, Carey’s life has been filled with captivating moments.

Whether you know him from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” or “The Drew Carey Show,” it’s clear that Drew Carey’s talent and charm have made a lasting impact on the entertainment world. As a beloved figure in television, Carey continues to bring joy and laughter to audiences everywhere.


Q: What is Drew Carey’s full name?

A: Drew Carey’s full name is Drew Allison Carey.

Q: How old is Drew Carey?

A: As of [current year], Drew Carey is [age] years old.

Q: How did Drew Carey become famous?

A: Drew Carey gained fame through his work as a stand-up comedian and his roles in various TV shows, including “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “The Drew Carey Show.”

Q: How long has Drew Carey been hosting “The Price is Right”?

A: Drew Carey has been hosting “The Price is Right” since [year].

Q: Has Drew Carey been married?

A: Yes, Drew Carey has been married in the past. He was married to [spouse’s name] from [year] to [year].

Q: What is Drew Carey’s net worth?

A: As of [current year], Drew Carey’s net worth is estimated to be around [net worth amount].

Q: Has Drew Carey won any awards?

A: Yes, Drew Carey has won several awards throughout his career, including [award names].

Q: How did Drew Carey lose weight?

A: Drew Carey lost weight through a combination of diet and exercise. He made significant lifestyle changes and incorporated healthy habits into his daily routine.

Q: What are Drew Carey’s hobbies outside of work?

A: Drew Carey enjoys various hobbies, such as [hobbies], in his free time.

Q: Is Drew Carey active on social media?

A: Yes, Drew Carey can be found on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he shares updates and interacts with fans.