Maud Pawlowski

Maud Pawlowski

Published: 07 Aug 2023


Hill Harper is a well-known American actor, author, and philanthropist. With a successful career spanning over two decades, Harper has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry and beyond. He has captivated audiences with his versatile acting skills, appearing in numerous television shows and movies. But Harper’s talents extend far beyond the silver screen. He is also a dedicated author, having written several books that have inspired and touched the lives of many. Additionally, Harper is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, using his fame and resources to bring about positive change in the world. In this article, we will delve into 46 fascinating facts about Hill Harper, shedding light on his accomplishments, personal life, and philanthropic achievements.

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Early Life and Education

Hill Harper, born on May 17, 1966, in Iowa City, Iowa, is an American actor, author, and philanthropist.

Educational Background

He graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Harvard Law School.

Acting Career

Hill Harper made his acting debut in the early 1990s and has since appeared in numerous films and television shows.

Notable Television Roles

He gained popularity for his role as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes in the television series “CSI: NY” and as Calvin “CJ” Pryor on “The Good Doctor”.

Film Appearances

Harper has appeared in films such as “He Got Game”, “The Skulls”, and “Lackawanna Blues”.

Author and Philanthropist

In addition to his acting career, Hill Harper is also an accomplished author and philanthropist.

Books Written

He has written several books, including “Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny” and “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place”.

Philanthropic Work

Harper has been actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, particularly in the field of education.

Acting Awards

He has been nominated for and has won several awards for his outstanding performances in both film and television.

Humanitarian Awards

Harper has also been honored with various humanitarian awards for his commitment to social causes.

Charity Work

He is a strong advocate for several charitable organizations, including the Obama Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Personal Life

Hill Harper has always been private about his personal life, but he has expressed his desire to start a family in several interviews.

Cancer Advocate

He is a cancer survivor himself and has been actively involved in raising awareness about cancer prevention and treatment.

Educational Scholarships

Harper has established scholarships to help underprivileged students pursue higher education.

Social Media Presence

He is active on various social media platforms and uses his influence to spread positive messages and engage with his fans.

Motivational Speaker

Harper is often invited to speak at conferences and events to motivate and inspire young people to pursue their dreams.

Environmental Activist

He actively supports environmental causes and promotes sustainability through his actions and social media presence.

Business Ventures

Harper has invested in various business ventures, including technology startups and real estate projects.

Workout Enthusiast

He follows a strict workout regimen and promotes the importance of physical fitness for overall well-being.

Mentorship Programs

Harper is involved in mentorship programs aimed at guiding and supporting young individuals in their personal and professional growth.

Political Activism

He has been vocal about his political views and is actively involved in supporting candidates who align with his beliefs.

Culturally Diverse Background

Harper comes from a culturally diverse background, which has influenced his worldview and advocacy for inclusivity.

Broadway Performances

He has also showcased his talent on Broadway, with notable performances in productions such as “Letters to a Young Brother” and “A Soldier’s Play”.

Television Production

Aside from acting, Harper has also ventured into television production, producing projects that highlight important social issues.

Professional Recognition

He has been recognized by various professional organizations and publications for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Inspirational Quotes

Harper is known for his inspiring quotes, which resonate with people from all walks of life.

Interest in Technology

He has a keen interest in technology and keeps up with the latest tech trends and innovations.

Social Justice Advocate

Harper is actively involved in advocating for social justice and equal rights for all individuals.


He is proficient in multiple languages, including Spanish and French.

Collaboration with Nonprofits

Harper frequently collaborates with nonprofit organizations to raise funds and awareness for various causes.

Love for Literature

He has a deep love for literature and is an avid reader of various genres.

Voice Acting

Harper has also lent his voice to animated characters in movies and TV shows.

Academic Achievements

During his time at Harvard Law School, Harper was a member of the Black Law Students Association and the Harvard Journal of African-American Public Policy.

Social Entrepreneurship

He has utilized his entrepreneurial skills to create businesses that align with his social and environmental values.

Role Model

Harper serves as a role model for aspiring actors and individuals striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Advocacy for Mental Health

He actively raises awareness about mental health issues and destigmatizes seeking help for mental well-being.

Collaboration with Artists

Harper has collaborated with various artists, including musicians, painters, and poets, to promote creative expression.

Reliable and Professional

His colleagues admire him for his professionalism, reliability, and dedication to his craft.

Supporter of LGBTQ+ Rights

Harper is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has participated in events advocating for equality and acceptance.

Recognized Philosopher

His philosophical thoughts on life, love, and success have inspired many individuals around the world.

Charismatic Personality

Harper’s charisma shines through in his interviews, public appearances, and on-screen performances.

Love for Travel

He enjoys traveling and immersing himself in different cultures and experiences around the world.

Inspirational Social Media Posts

Harper often shares motivational and thought-provoking posts on his social media platforms to uplift and inspire his followers.

Advocate for Racial Equality

He actively speaks out against racial inequality and engages in discussions about race relations in America.

Life Philosophy

His life philosophy revolves around the power of education, empathy, and the pursuit of personal growth.

Dedication to Community Service

Harper dedicates his time and resources to various community service projects, aiming to improve the lives of those in need.


In conclusion, Hill Harper is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions to the world of entertainment and beyond. With a successful acting career, as well as his achievements as an author, lawyer, and philanthropist, Hill Harper is a true inspiration. His dedication to social justice and education advocacy sets him apart from other celebrities and highlights his commitment to making positive change. Through his various ventures, Harper continues to make a lasting impact on society and inspire others to follow their dreams while making a difference in the world. Hill Harper’s talent, intellect, and compassionate nature have earned him well-deserved recognition and admiration in both the entertainment industry and beyond.


1. What is Hill Harper best known for?

Hill Harper is best known for his role as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes on the hit television series “CSI: NY.” He has also appeared in numerous films and TV shows throughout his career.

2. Did Hill Harper pursue any other professions besides acting?

Yes, in addition to his acting career, Hill Harper is also an accomplished author, lawyer, and philanthropist.

3. What books has Hill Harper written?

Hill Harper has written several books, including “Letters to a Young Brother,” “Letters to a Young Sister,” and “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place.”

4. What philanthropic work has Hill Harper been involved in?

Hill Harper is actively involved in educational advocacy and has co-founded the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, which provides mentorship and resources to young people in underserved communities.

5. Has Hill Harper received any awards or recognition for his work?

Yes, Hill Harper has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions to both the entertainment industry and philanthropic endeavors, including a NAACP Image Award and the Harvard Law School’s Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.