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When it comes to country music duos, one name that cannot be missed is LOCASH. Comprising of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, LOCASH has been making waves in the music industry with their dynamic performances, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies. With their unique blend of country, rock, and pop sounds, this duo has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of LOCASH and uncover 41 fascinating facts about the talented duo. From their humble beginnings to their rise to stardom, we will explore the behind-the-scenes stories, personal anecdotes, and career milestones that have shaped LOCASH into the powerhouse they are today. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the duo, get ready to discover some interesting insights about LOCASH that will leave you wanting more.

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Locash is an American country music duo.

Composed of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, Locash has made a significant impact on the country music scene.

They were originally known as LoCash Cowboys.

The duo began their journey in the music industry under the name LoCash Cowboys before shortening it to Locash.

Locash was formed in 2008.

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust came together as songwriters and eventually decided to form a duo.

Their breakthrough single was “I Love This Life”.

Their catchy and upbeat single “I Love This Life” reached the top of the country music charts, solidifying their place in the industry.

Locash has released three studio albums.

Their albums include “The Fighters,” “Brothers,” and “LoCash Cowboys,” showcasing their versatility and range as musicians.

They have written hit songs for other artists.

Locash’s songwriting skills have been recognized by other artists, leading to collaborations and successful hits for performers within the country music genre.

The duo has performed at major music festivals.

Locash has graced the stage at renowned music festivals such as Country Thunder, Stagecoach, and CMA Fest, captivating audiences with their energetic live performances.

Locash has toured with big-name country artists.

They have shared the stage with country legends such as Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Toby Keith, gaining exposure and building a loyal fanbase.

Their music combines elements of country, rock, and pop.

Locash’s unique sound blends various genres, attracting a diverse fanbase and appealing to a wide range of music listeners.

Locash has collaborated with rapper Pitbull.

They joined forces with Pitbull on the hit song “All Day,” showcasing their ability to cross genres and explore different musical styles.

They are known for their high-energy performances.

Locash’s live shows are renowned for their infectious energy, engaging the crowd and creating an unforgettable concert experience.

Locash has won awards and accolades.

They have received nominations from various award shows, including the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Association Awards.

One of their hit singles is “One Big Country Song”.

This anthem celebrates the essence of country music and the shared love for the genre among fans across the nation.

Locash has a strong presence on social media.

The duo actively interacts with their fans through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, ensuring a close connection with their dedicated following.

They have supported charitable causes.

Locash has used their platform to give back, participating in events and initiatives that aim to make a positive impact on society.

Locash has performed on national television shows.

They have made appearances on shows such as “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote their music and connect with a broader audience.

Their album “The Fighters” reached the top 15 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Locash’s album “The Fighters” garnered commercial success, showcasing their ability to create engaging and popular music.

They have a dedicated fanbase known as the “Locash Mob.”

Their passionate fans, called the “Locash Mob,” show unwavering support for the duo’s music and attend their concerts in large numbers.

Locash has performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Being invited to perform at the prestigious Grand Ole Opry further solidified Locash’s position as respected artists within the country music community.

They have been recognized for their songwriting skills.

Locash’s songwriting talents have been acknowledged with nominations for awards such as the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s (NSAI) Song of the Year.

Locash has a signature catchphrase, “Let’s all get Locash!”.

Embedded in their brand, the catchphrase “Let’s all get Locash!” has become synonymous with the duo’s lively performances and connection with their fans.

Their music videos have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Locash’s visually captivating music videos have garnered significant online attention and engagement, with their videos reaching millions of views.

They have performed at major sporting events.

Locash has had the opportunity to perform at prominent sports events, including the Super Bowl pre-game show, bringing their electrifying energy to diverse audiences.

Fans of Locash are known as “Locashions”.

The duo’s dedicated fanbase has come to be known affectionately as “Locashions,” a term that reflects their connection and loyalty to the music and the artists.

Locash has performed for the US military overseas.

They have had the honor of entertaining troops stationed overseas, showing their support and appreciation for the men and women serving in the armed forces.

They have a strong presence on streaming platforms.

Locash’s music is widely available on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, allowing fans to enjoy their songs at any time.

Their music has been featured in television shows and commercials.

Locash’s songs have been licensed for use in popular TV shows and commercials, further expanding their reach and introducing their music to new audiences.

Locash has performed at renowned music venues.

They have graced the stages of prestigious music venues, including the Ryman Auditorium and the Troubadour in Los Angeles, leaving a lasting impression with their live performances.

They have a song dedicated to their hometown, “Ring on Every Finger”.

“Ring on Every Finger” is an ode to their roots and hometown pride, showcasing their love for where they come from.

Locash has a strong online following.

Their engaging social media presence and active online community contribute to their continuous growth and connection with fans.

They have collaborated with legendary musicians.

Locash has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed artists such as Charlie Daniels and Joe Diffie, bridging the gap between generations of country music.

Locash’s music is known for its relatable lyrics.

The duo’s songs often delve into universal themes and experiences, resonating with listeners on a personal level.

They have performed on cruise ship concerts.

Locash has taken their music to the high seas, entertaining fans on cruise ship concerts and creating unique experiences for their audience.

Locash has been featured on country music playlists.

Their music has been prominently featured on popular country music playlists, helping to introduce their songs to new fans and expand their reach.

Their live performances are full of audience interaction.

Locash actively engages with their audience during live shows, creating an immersive experience that leaves fans wanting more.

They are known for their unique stage presence and fashion sense.

Locash’s distinct style and commanding stage presence add to their appeal as performers, making each concert an unforgettable experience.

They have recorded songs with catchy melodies.

Locash’s music often features infectious melodies that stick with listeners long after the songs end, contributing to their popularity.

Locash’s music is frequently played on country radio stations.

The duo has achieved significant airplay on country radio stations, reaching a wide audience and becoming a familiar presence on the airwaves.

They have a strong fanbase in Europe.

Locash’s music has garnered attention and support from fans across Europe, showcasing the global appeal of their songs.

Their music resonates with fans of all ages.

Locash’s music transcends generational boundaries, attracting fans of various ages who appreciate their heartfelt and relatable lyrics.

Locash is constantly evolving and experimenting with their sound.

Through their musical journey, Locash continues to explore new sonic territories, allowing their music to evolve and grow with each new release.


In conclusion, Locash is a dynamic and talented duo in the world of country music. With their catchy tunes, heartfelt lyrics, and engaging live performances, they have captured the hearts of fans all over the world. Their rise to fame has been fueled by hard work, determination, and a genuine love for their craft. From their humble beginnings to their chart-topping success, Locash has earned their place among the top names in the country music industry.


Q: How did Locash get their start in the music industry?
A: Locash, originally known as LoCash Cowboys, formed in 2008. They released their debut album in 2013 and started gaining traction with their energetic live performances and unique blend of country and rock influences.

Q: What are some of Locash’s biggest hits?
A: Locash has scored several hits on the country music charts, including “I Love This Life,” “One Big Country Song,” and “Feels Like a Party.” These songs have solidified their place as one of the most successful duos in the genre.

Q: Have Locash won any awards?
A: Yes, Locash has been recognized for their talent with nominations and awards. They were nominated for the Academy of Country Music Awards’ New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year in 2018 and 2019.

Q: Do the members of Locash write their own music?
A: Yes, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, the duo behind Locash, are talented songwriters. They have written songs for other artists as well, including Keith Urban’s hit single “You Gonna Fly.”

Q: Can I see Locash perform live?
A: Absolutely! Locash is known for their high-energy live shows, so be sure to check their website or social media for upcoming tour dates and ticket information.