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Mia Talerico, the adorable child star who captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, has become quite the sensation in the entertainment industry. With her infectious smile and undeniable talent, she has quickly risen to fame at such a young age. Born on September 17, 2008, in Santa Barbara, California, Mia Talerico began her acting career at the tender age of only 11 months old. She rose to prominence for her breakthrough role as Charlie Duncan in the hit Disney Channel series, “Good Luck Charlie.” Since then, she has garnered a massive fan following and has continued to make waves in the world of showbiz. In this article, we will explore 40 fascinating facts about this talented young star, shedding light on both her professional journey and personal life.

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Mia Talerico was born on September 17, 2008.

She is a young actress who gained fame for her role in the hit Disney Channel series “Good Luck Charlie.

Mia Talerico started her acting career at the age of one.

She made her debut in 2010 when she was selected to play the role of Charlie Duncan in “Good Luck Charlie.

Mia Talerico has an impressive social media following.

She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her personal life and updates about her acting career.

Mia Talerico is the youngest person to receive a Shorty Award.

In 2013, she won the Shorty Award for Best in Television at the age of four.

Mia Talerico is a talented voice actress.

She has lent her voice to various animated characters, including MarMar in the series “The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!”

Mia Talerico has appeared in commercials.

Before her breakout role in “Good Luck Charlie,” she appeared in commercials for companies like Kleenex and Cheerios.

Mia Talerico enjoys dancing.

She often shares videos of her dance performances on social media, showcasing her skills and passion for dancing.

Mia Talerico has a close bond with her on-screen family.

She formed a strong connection with her “Good Luck Charlie” castmates, and they continue to stay in touch even after the show ended.

Mia Talerico has attended red carpet events.

She has walked the red carpet for various premieres and award shows, dazzling the crowd with her adorable presence.

Mia Talerico has a love for animals.

She often posts pictures with her pets on social media and advocates for animal rights.

Mia Talerico enjoys outdoor activities.

She loves spending time in nature and often shares pictures of her adventures, from hiking to swimming.

Mia Talerico has a strong presence on TikTok.

She regularly creates entertaining videos on TikTok, showcasing her creativity and engaging with her fans.

Mia Talerico has received recognition for her acting talent.

She has been nominated for multiple Young Artist Awards for her role in “Good Luck Charlie.”

Mia Talerico has appeared on talk shows.

She has made guest appearances on shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Good Morning America,” where she charmed the audience with her wit and cuteness.

Mia Talerico is an inspiration to young actors and actresses.

Her success at such a young age serves as a motivation for aspiring performers.

Mia Talerico has a supportive family.

Her parents have been instrumental in guiding her career and ensuring a balanced life as a child star.

Mia Talerico values education.

Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes her studies and is dedicated to her academic pursuits.

Mia Talerico has a friendly and bubbly personality.

She radiates positivity and is loved by her fans for her infectious smile.

Mia Talerico has a growing fan base worldwide.

Her talent and charm have garnered fans from different corners of the globe.

Mia Talerico has been involved in philanthropy.

She has participated in charity events and supported causes like children’s healthcare and education.

Mia Talerico has received praise from her co-stars.

Her fellow actors and actresses have commended her professionalism and talent on set.

Mia Talerico has a versatile acting range.

She can effortlessly portray various emotions and capture the hearts of viewers.

Mia Talerico has been featured in magazines.

Her adorable photoshoots have graced the pages of magazines, captivating readers with her undeniable charm.

Mia Talerico has a bright future ahead.

With her talent, dedication, and incredible potential, she is poised for continued success in the entertainment industry.

Mia Talerico has received fan mail from around the world.

Her fans express their admiration through heartfelt letters and gifts.

Mia Talerico is skilled in comedy.

She has a natural comedic timing and can deliver humorous lines with ease.

Mia Talerico has worked alongside acclaimed actors.

She has shared the screen with talented actors like Bridgit Mendler and Leigh-Allyn Baker.

Mia Talerico has a supportive online community.

Her fans create fan pages and fan art, showing their love and support for her.

Mia Talerico has a positive influence on her peers.

Her professionalism and positive attitude serve as an inspiration to other young actors.

Mia Talerico enjoys baking.

She shares her baking adventures on social media, showcasing her culinary skills.

Mia Talerico is multilingual.

She can speak English and has also shown an interest in learning other languages.

Mia Talerico loves interacting with her fans.

She often responds to comments and messages, creating a personal connection with her followers.

Mia Talerico has appeared in music videos.

She made a cameo appearance in Meghan Trainor’s music video for the song “All About That Bass.”

Mia Talerico is involved in charity work.

She has supported organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Mia Talerico has a vibrant and engaging personality.

Her energy and charisma shine through her performances and interactions with fans.

Mia Talerico is an animal lover.

She has expressed her love for animals and has even adopted rescue pets.

Mia Talerico is active on other social media platforms.

She has a presence on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, connecting with fans across various channels.

Mia Talerico has received the support of her peers in the industry.

Actors and actresses have spoken highly of Mia’s talent and professionalism.

Mia Talerico loves spending time with her family.

She cherishes moments with her loved ones and often shares family pictures on social media.

Mia Talerico remains humble despite her success.

She appreciates her fans and continues to work hard to deliver entertaining performances.


In conclusion, Mia Talerico is a talented actress who has gained fame at a young age. Her role as Charlie Duncan in the hit TV show “Good Luck Charlie” endeared her to audiences around the world. Through her adorable persona and natural acting skills, she captivated viewers and left a lasting impression on their hearts.Mia’s journey in the entertainment industry has been remarkable, and she continues to pave her way to success. As she grows older, it will be exciting to see how her career unfolds and the projects she takes on. With her undeniable talent and charisma, there is no doubt that Mia Talerico has a bright future ahead of her.


1. How old is Mia Talerico?

Mia Talerico was born on September 17, 2008, which makes her currently [INSERT AGE].

2. How did Mia Talerico get her start in acting?

Mia Talerico’s acting career began when she was just 11 months old. She was selected for the role of Charlie Duncan in the TV series “Good Luck Charlie” after a successful audition.

3. Does Mia Talerico have any siblings?

Yes, Mia Talerico has an older sister named Aubrey Talerico. Aubrey has shown support for Mia’s acting career and occasionally appears in her social media posts.

4. What other projects has Mia Talerico been a part of?

While “Good Luck Charlie” remains Mia Talerico’s most notable role, she has also appeared in other TV shows and movies, including “Shadow Theory” and “Noches con Platanito.”

5. Is Mia Talerico active on social media?

Yes, Mia Talerico is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shares updates about her life and career with her fans.

6. What are Mia Talerico’s future plans in the entertainment industry?

Although Mia Talerico is still young, she has expressed interest in continuing her acting career. As she grows older, we can expect her to take on more challenging and diverse roles.

7. How can fans keep up with Mia Talerico?

Fans can follow Mia Talerico on her social media accounts or visit her official website for the latest updates on her projects and personal life.