Francyne Kraus

Francyne Kraus

Published: 23 Aug 2023


Elle Fanning, the talented and charismatic actress, has taken Hollywood by storm with her impressive body of work. From a young age, Elle showcased her acting prowess and quickly rose to stardom, becoming one of the most sought-after performers in the industry. With her ethereal beauty and magnetic on-screen presence, Elle has captivated audiences across the globe.

In this article, we will delve into 39 fascinating facts about Elle Fanning, shedding light on her personal life, career achievements, and memorable film roles. From her early beginnings in the entertainment industry to her collaborations with renowned directors, Elle has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with.

So, let’s embark on a journey through Elle’s incredible career and discover some lesser-known aspects of this multi-talented actress.

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Elle Fanning comes from a family of actors.

Elle Fanning is the younger sister of renowned actress Dakota Fanning. Acting runs in the family as their mother, Heather Joy Arrington, was also a professional tennis player turned drama teacher.

She was born on April 9, 1998.

Elle Fanning was born in Conyers, Georgia, marking her as an Aries with a strong determination and fiery personality.

Elle Fanning made her acting debut at the age of two.

She appeared as the younger version of her sister Dakota’s character in the movie “I Am Sam” (2001). This marked the beginning of her promising acting career.

She has starred in over 50 film and television projects.

From a young age, Elle Fanning has been immersed in the world of entertainment and has showcased her acting prowess in numerous movies and TV shows.

Elle Fanning is known for her ethereal beauty.

With her fair complexion, porcelain-like skin, and captivating blue eyes, Elle Fanning has become synonymous with a delicate and otherworldly charm.

She has worked with renowned directors such as Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola.

Elle Fanning’s talent has attracted the attention of acclaimed directors, leading to collaborations with some of the most respected names in the industry.

She received critical acclaim for her role in “Somewhere” (2010).

Elle Fanning’s portrayal of Cleo in Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere” garnered critical praise for her nuanced performance as a neglected and vulnerable young girl.

She became the youngest member of the Cannes Film Festival jury in 2019.

At the age of 21, Elle Fanning made history by joining the prestigious Cannes Film Festival jury, solidifying her position as a respected figure in the film industry.

Elle Fanning has a passion for fashion.

Known for her impeccable sense of style, Elle Fanning has become a fashion icon, frequently gracing the red carpet in stunning and avant-garde ensembles.

She is an advocate for gender equality.

Elle Fanning actively supports initiatives that promote gender equality, speaking out on important issues and using her platform to raise awareness.

Elle Fanning is fluent in Spanish.

Through her dedication and hard work, she has become fluent in the Spanish language, showcasing her linguistic talents in various interviews and roles.

She has a passion for ballet.

Elle Fanning has a deep appreciation for dance and has nurtured her love for ballet, often incorporating her passion into her performances.

Elle Fanning is a versatile actress.

From period dramas to fantasy films and comedies, Elle Fanning has showcased her versatility by portraying a wide range of characters across different genres.

She has received numerous accolades for her acting.

Elle Fanning’s exceptional talent has been recognized with nominations and awards from prestigious institutions such as the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and the Satellite Awards.

She starred in the hit Disney film “Maleficent” (2014).

Elle Fanning brought the iconic character of Aurora to life in the Disney live-action film “Maleficent,” captivating audiences with her grace and innocence.

Elle Fanning has a strong social media presence.

She actively engages with her fans through platforms like Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her personal life and career updates.

She is passionate about environmental issues.

Elle Fanning uses her platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and supports organizations that work towards a sustainable future.

Elle Fanning has a love for literature.

She is an avid reader and often shares her favorite books with her followers, expressing her love for the written word.

She has collaborated with renowned fashion brands.

Elle Fanning has worked with fashion powerhouses like Miu Miu and Rodarte, cementing her status as a style icon in the fashion industry.

Elle Fanning has a close bond with her sister Dakota.

The Fanning sisters share a special bond and have supported each other on and off the screen throughout their careers.

She played the role of Mary Shelley in “Mary Shelley” (2017).

Elle Fanning portrayed the iconic author Mary Shelley, showcasing her range as an actress in this historical biographical drama.

Elle Fanning is known for her down-to-earth personality.

Despite her fame and success, Elle Fanning remains grounded and approachable, endearing herself to fans and colleagues alike.

She has a pet dog named Lewellen.

Elle Fanning is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her adorable furry friend, Lewellen.

Elle Fanning has worked with renowned actors such as Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell.

She has had the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed actors, further enhancing her acting skills and learning from the best in the industry.

She played the role of Jesse in “The Neon Demon” (2016).

Elle Fanning delivered a riveting performance as the aspiring model Jesse in this psychological horror film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Elle Fanning is known for her expressive eyes.

Her large, soulful eyes are often highlighted by makeup artists and photographers, adding to her captivating on-screen presence.

She is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Elle Fanning has been vocal about the importance of mental health and has raised awareness about the issue, encouraging open conversations and support.

She has served as a jury member at several film festivals.

Elle Fanning’s esteemed status in the film industry has led to invitations to serve as a jury member at notable film festivals, contributing her insights and expertise in selecting outstanding films.

Elle Fanning has been cast as Catherine the Great in an upcoming TV series.

She is set to portray the legendary monarch Catherine the Great in an upcoming television series, showcasing her ability to bring historical figures to life.

She appeared in the music video for Sigur Rós’ “Fjögur píanó.”

Elle Fanning’s expressive presence was captured in this mesmerizing music video, further demonstrating her talent beyond the realm of acting.

Elle Fanning is multilingual.

Alongside English and Spanish, she has showcased her language skills by speaking some French and German in various interviews.

She is a fan of classic films.

Elle Fanning has a deep appreciation for classic cinema and often draws inspiration from legendary actors and directors of the past.

Elle Fanning played the iconic character Aurora in “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” (2019).

She reprised her role as Aurora in the sequel to “Maleficent,” showcasing her growth as an actress and her ability to bring depth to a beloved character.

She has a passion for photography.

Elle Fanning has an artistic eye and enjoys capturing moments behind the lens, sharing her photography with her fans on social media.

Elle Fanning has been involved in philanthropic endeavors.

She has dedicated her time to charitable organizations, using her influence and resources to make a positive impact on causes she believes in.

She trained for three months to perfect her ballet skills for the film “Leap!” (2016).

Elle Fanning’s commitment to her craft led her to train intensively for the role of Félicie, a young aspiring ballet dancer, in the animated film “Leap!”

Elle Fanning is a role model for aspiring young actors.

Her success at a young age and her dedication to her craft make her an inspiration for aspiring actors looking to make their mark in the industry.

She has been a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris.

Elle Fanning’s beauty and style have caught the attention of major brands, leading to her partnership with L’Oréal Paris as a brand ambassador.

Elle Fanning continues to evolve as an actress.

With each new project, Elle Fanning explores different genres and challenges herself to grow as an actress, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her next performance.


Elle Fanning is undeniably a rising star in Hollywood, and these 39 facts have given us a deeper insight into her life and career. From her early start in the industry to her impressive accomplishments on the big screen, Elle Fanning has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with. With her talent, beauty, and undeniable charm, there’s no doubt that Elle Fanning will continue to shine brightly in the entertainment world for years to come.


Q: When did Elle Fanning begin her acting career?

A: Elle Fanning started acting at a very young age, making her debut in the industry at the tender age of two years old.

Q: What are some of Elle Fanning’s notable movies?

A: Elle Fanning has appeared in a wide range of movies, including “Maleficent,” “Super 8,” “The Neon Demon,” and “The Beguiled,” just to name a few.

Q: Does Elle Fanning have any siblings?

A: Yes, Elle Fanning has one older sister, Dakota Fanning, who is also a well-known actress in the industry.

Q: Has Elle Fanning won any awards for her performances?

A: Yes, Elle Fanning has received critical acclaim for her work and has been nominated for several awards, including a Young Artist Award and a Satellite Award.

Q: Apart from acting, does Elle Fanning have any other interests?

A: Elle Fanning is interested in fashion and has been regarded as a style icon, often attending fashion events and gracing the covers of magazines.

Q: What is Elle Fanning’s upcoming project?

A: Elle Fanning is set to star in the highly anticipated film “The Great” as Catherine the Great, showcasing her versatility as an actress once again.