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When it comes to the world of celebrities, there are few as fascinating and enigmatic as Steven Ray Tickle. Known for his antics on the popular reality TV show Moonshiners, Tickle has captured the hearts of audiences with his larger-than-life personality and unmistakable Southern charm. But how much do we really know about this moonshining legend? In this article, we will dive deep into the life and career of Steven Ray Tickle, uncovering 38 intriguing facts that shed light on the man behind the moonshine. From his humble beginnings in rural Virginia to his rise to fame on the small screen, Tickle’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. So sit back, grab a jar of your favorite moonshine, and get ready to uncover the captivating world of Steven Ray Tickle.

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Steven Ray Tickle is best known for his appearances on the reality TV show, “Moonshiners.”

Throughout the series, Tickle has gained a reputation for his unique personality and his expertise in the art of making moonshine.

Tickle was born and raised in rural Virginia.

His upbringing in this area played a significant role in his interest and involvement in the moonshining industry.

Steven Ray Tickle grew up in a family of moonshiners.

His family has a long-standing tradition of producing homemade spirits, and he learned the art of moonshining from a young age.

Tickle is known for his distinctive laugh.

His infectious and hearty laugh has become one of his trademarks on the show.

Steven Ray Tickle has a deep love for his pet pig, named “Archie.”

Archie often makes appearances alongside Tickle on “Moonshiners” and has become a fan favorite.

Tickle is skilled at building stills and has become an expert in his craft.

His knowledge and expertise in designing and constructing moonshine stills have earned him respect among fellow moonshiners.

Steven Ray Tickle is no stranger to the law.

Over the course of his moonshining career, Tickle has faced legal troubles and has had his fair share of run-ins with the authorities.

Tickle is known for his creativity in coming up with unique moonshine recipes.

He experiments with different ingredients and flavors to produce innovative and distinct moonshine flavors.

Steven Ray Tickle is a fan favorite on “Moonshiners” due to his entertaining antics and humorous personality.

Viewers are often drawn to his charismatic on-screen presence.

Tickle has a strong bond with his fellow moonshiners, Tim Smith and Josh Owens.

The trio often collaborates on moonshine production and supports each other through the ups and downs of the industry.

Steven Ray Tickle has faced personal struggles with alcoholism.

He has been open about his battles with addiction and has used his platform on “Moonshiners” to raise awareness about the dangers of excessive drinking.

Tickle is known for his signature catchphrase, “Tickle Time!”

This phrase has become synonymous with his appearances on the show and is often associated with his lively and jovial personality.

Steven Ray Tickle is a skilled mechanic.

When he is not producing moonshine, Tickle enjoys working on cars and has a knack for fixing engines.

Tickle is a firm believer in staying true to the moonshining traditions and values.

He has deep respect for the history and heritage of moonshining and strives to keep the craft alive.

Steven Ray Tickle has a knack for storytelling and often shares captivating anecdotes on “Moonshiners.”

His storytelling abilities add an extra layer of entertainment to the show.

Tickle is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time.

He finds solace in nature and often incorporates his love for the outdoors into his moonshining adventures.

Steven Ray Tickle is known for his signature fashion style, often sporting a wide-brimmed hat.

His fashion choices have become an iconic part of his on-screen persona.

Tickle has a loyal fan base who admire his passion and dedication to moonshining.

Viewers appreciate his authenticity and his commitment to preserving the traditions of the craft.

Steven Ray Tickle has faced numerous obstacles throughout his moonshining career.

From law enforcement crackdowns to equipment failures, Tickle has persevered through challenges to continue pursuing his passion.

Tickle is always looking for ways to innovate and improve his moonshine production techniques.

He constantly seeks new methods and approaches to enhance the quality of his moonshine.

Steven Ray Tickle has a charismatic presence that draws people in.

His charm and wit make him a captivating figure both on and off the screen.

Tickle enjoys connecting with his fans through social media and often shares updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his moonshining adventures.

He appreciates the support and interaction with his dedicated followers.

Steven Ray Tickle has a deep respect for the Appalachian region and its cultural heritage.

He takes pride in representing and promoting the traditions of the area through his involvement in moonshining.

Tickle is known for his positive outlook on life, despite the hardships he has faced.

He believes in finding joy and laughter in every situation.

Steven Ray Tickle has been featured in several spin-offs and specials related to “Moonshiners.”

His popularity has led to additional opportunities to showcase his moonshining expertise.

Tickle’s expertise in moonshining has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow cast members on “Moonshiners.”

His knowledge and skills are highly regarded within the moonshining community.

Steven Ray Tickle’s presence on “Moonshiners” has helped bring attention to the moonshining industry.

His involvement in the show has shed light on this centuries-old craft and its cultural significance.

Tickle is known for his unique moonshine flavors, including apple pie and blackberry.

His creativity in mixing ingredients has resulted in delicious and distinctive moonshine options.

Tickle has a close-knit family who supports him in his moonshining endeavors.

His loved ones have been a source of encouragement and strength throughout his journey.

Steven Ray Tickle values hard work and dedication.

He believes that success in the moonshining industry requires a strong work ethic and a passion for the craft.

Tickle’s journey in moonshining has had its ups and downs, but he remains resilient and determined.

His perseverance serves as an inspiration to others who face challenges in pursuing their dreams.

Steven Ray Tickle’s appearances on “Moonshiners” have contributed to the show’s success and longevity.

His vibrant personality and captivating stories have kept viewers engaged throughout the seasons.

Tickle enjoys connecting with fans at moonshining events and festivals.

He appreciates the opportunity to meet and interact with people who share his passion for the craft.

Steven Ray Tickle has a love for music and occasionally performs as a musician.

His musical talents add another dimension to his multi-faceted personality.

Tickle is known for his knowledge of Appalachian folklore and traditions.

He embraces the rich cultural heritage of the region and incorporates elements of it into his moonshining practices.

Steven Ray Tickle is a respected figure in the moonshining community and has earned the trust of his fellow moonshiners.

His dedication to the craft and his willingness to share his expertise have garnered him respect among his peers.

Tickle is often seen sharing his moonshine samples with friends and colleagues.

His generosity in sharing his creations adds to his charm and likability.

Steven Ray Tickle continues to be a beloved figure on “Moonshiners” and remains committed to his love for moonshining.

His passion and enthusiasm for the craft are unmatched, and his contributions to the show have made him a fan favorite.


In conclusion, these 38 facts about Steven Ray Tickle provide a fascinating insight into the life and career of this renowned personality. From his early struggles to his rise to fame, Tickle has captivated audiences with his unique charm and endearing personality. Whether it’s his love for moonshine, his unforgettable catchphrases, or his daring adventures, Tickle has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. As he continues to pursue new ventures and connect with his fans, there’s no doubt that Steven Ray Tickle will remain a beloved figure in the industry for years to come.


1. How did Steven Ray Tickle become famous?

Steven Ray Tickle gained fame through his appearance on the reality TV show “Moonshiners,” where he showcased his expertise in the art of making moonshine.

2. What is Steven Ray Tickle’s catchphrase?

Tickle is known for his unforgettable catchphrase, “Tickle Time!” which he often uses to add a touch of humor to his interactions.

3. Has Steven Ray Tickle ever faced legal issues related to moonshining?

Yes, Tickle has had some encounters with the law regarding moonshining activities, but he has also learned from his mistakes and used those experiences to educate others.

4. Does Steven Ray Tickle have any other talents or interests?

Apart from moonshining, Tickle is also skilled in playing the banjo and enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, and exploring nature.

5. Is Steven Ray Tickle still part of the “Moonshiners” show?

As of the latest updates, Steven Ray Tickle is no longer a regular cast member of “Moonshiners,” but he occasionally makes guest appearances on the show.