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Captain Lee Rosbach is a renowned figure in the world of reality TV and yachting. Best known for his appearances as the captain on the hit Bravo series “Below Deck,” Captain Lee has captivated audiences with his commanding presence and sharp wit. With his signature uniform, no-nonsense demeanor, and wealth of experience, Captain Lee has become a fan favorite among viewers.

But there is much more to Captain Lee Rosbach than what meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 36 fascinating facts about this celebrated captain. From his early life and career to his personal life and memorable moments on “Below Deck,” we will uncover the intriguing details that have shaped Captain Lee’s journey.

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Captain Lee Rosbach is a renowned TV personality.

Known for his authoritative presence, Captain Lee Rosbach has gained fame as a prominent figure in the world of reality television.

He is best known for his role on the reality show “Below Deck.”

Captain Lee Rosbach rose to prominence with his appearance on the hit reality show “Below Deck,” where he leads a crew on luxury yachts.

Captain Lee Rosbach was born on November 15, 1949.

With a birthdate of November 15, 1949, Captain Lee Rosbach brings years of experience and wisdom to his profession.

He hails from Saginaw, Michigan.

Saginaw, Michigan is the hometown of Captain Lee Rosbach, and he often speaks fondly of his Midwestern roots.

Captain Lee Rosbach has a military background.

Prior to his career in the yachting industry, Captain Lee Rosbach served in the United States military, which undoubtedly shaped his leadership skills.

He started his career as a commercial fisherman.

Before becoming a captain, Captain Lee Rosbach worked as a commercial fisherman, honing his knowledge of the ocean and its intricacies.

Captain Lee Rosbach has over four decades of experience in the yachting industry.

With more than 40 years of experience, Captain Lee Rosbach is a veteran in the yachting industry, making him an authority in his field.

He has captained luxurious superyachts.

Captain Lee Rosbach has had the honor of captaining some of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious superyachts, catering to high-profile clients.

Captain Lee Rosbach is known for his strict management style.

As seen on “Below Deck,” Captain Lee Rosbach maintains a no-nonsense approach to managing his crew, ensuring professionalism and efficiency.

He is respected by both his crew and viewers alike.

With his strong leadership skills and no-compromise attitude, Captain Lee Rosbach has earned the respect and admiration of his crew and fans of the show.

Captain Lee Rosbach is a firm believer in discipline and accountability.

He emphasizes the importance of discipline and accountability to create a well-functioning team in the yachting industry.

He has earned the nickname “Stud of the Sea.”

Captain Lee Rosbach’s commanding presence and expertise have earned him the affectionate nickname “Stud of the Sea” among his fans.

Captain Lee Rosbach is married to Mary Anne Rosbach.

Outside of his TV career, Captain Lee Rosbach enjoys a stable family life with his loving wife, Mary Anne Rosbach.

He has children and grandchildren.

Captain Lee Rosbach is a proud father and grandfather, cherishing the moments he spends with his extended family.

Captain Lee Rosbach has authored a book.

In addition to his TV appearances, Captain Lee Rosbach has penned a book titled “Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea.”

He is active on social media.

Captain Lee Rosbach engages with his fans through various social media platforms, sharing insights and updates from his life on and off the yacht.

Captain Lee Rosbach is passionate about charitable causes.

He actively supports and raises awareness for various charitable organizations, using his platform to make a positive impact.

He is known for his iconic one-liners.

Captain Lee Rosbach’s witty and memorable one-liners, delivered with his trademark gravitas, have become fan favorites on “Below Deck.”

Captain Lee Rosbach is a cigar enthusiast.

He enjoys the occasional cigar, often seen indulging in one while reflecting on the challenges faced on the show.

He has a strong following on social media.

Captain Lee Rosbach boasts a loyal fan base on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he shares snippets of his adventures and insights.

Captain Lee Rosbach is an avid traveler.

When he’s not captaining luxury yachts, Captain Lee Rosbach satisfies his wanderlust by exploring new destinations around the world.

He values professionalism and excellence.

Captain Lee Rosbach sets high standards for himself and those around him, constantly striving for professionalism and excellence.

Captain Lee Rosbach believes in the power of teamwork.

He understands that successful yacht operations rely on teamwork and collaboration, constantly fostering a spirit of unity among his crew.

He has faced numerous challenges on the show.

Throughout the seasons of “Below Deck,” Captain Lee Rosbach has encountered various obstacles and navigated challenging situations with composure and expertise.

Captain Lee Rosbach emphasizes safety and security on the yacht.

The safety and security of the crew and guests are of paramount importance to Captain Lee Rosbach, ensuring an enjoyable and risk-free experience.

He has trained many aspiring yacht professionals.

Captain Lee Rosbach has mentored and trained numerous individuals pursuing a career in the yachting industry, sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Captain Lee Rosbach is a role model for aspiring captains.

His success story and strong leadership qualities inspire aspiring captains, who look up to him as a role model in the yachting world.

He has established himself as a household name.

Captain Lee Rosbach’s popularity and influence have solidified his status as a household name in the reality TV realm.

Captain Lee Rosbach has a strong work ethic.

His dedication and unwavering work ethic have been instrumental in his rise to success in the yachting industry.

He is known for his expertise in navigation.

Captain Lee Rosbach’s navigational skills are highly regarded, and his ability to maneuver yachts in challenging conditions is exceptional.

Captain Lee Rosbach has a distinctive fashion sense.

Whether it’s his signature captain’s uniform or his stylish off-duty attire, Captain Lee Rosbach always makes a sartorial statement.

He values loyalty and trust.

Captain Lee Rosbach places great importance on loyalty and trust among his crew, fostering strong relationships built on mutual respect.

Captain Lee Rosbach has a no-tolerance policy for drama or laziness.

He expects professionalism and hard work from his crew, making it clear that drama and laziness will not be tolerated on the yacht.

He has faced personal tragedies.

Despite facing personal tragedies, Captain Lee Rosbach has shown resilience and strength, continuing to inspire others with his determination.

Captain Lee Rosbach is a proud supporter of marine conservation efforts.

He actively advocates for the protection of marine life and the preservation of the world’s oceans, raising awareness about the importance of conservation.

He is grateful for the support of his fans.

Through interviews and social media interactions, Captain Lee Rosbach expresses his gratitude towards his dedicated fan base, recognizing their unwavering support.


In conclusion, Captain Lee Rosbach is a highly respected and beloved figure in the world of reality television. His expertise in yacht operations and his larger-than-life persona have made him an iconic figure on the hit show “Below Deck.” As the captain of the luxury superyacht, he navigates through challenging situations with grace and professionalism, earning the admiration of both his crew and viewers worldwide.

Beyond his role on “Below Deck,” Captain Lee is a source of inspiration for aspiring captains and a symbol of hard work and determination. His 36-year career in the maritime industry showcases his dedication and passion for his craft. Whether it’s managing a team or handling high-pressure situations, Captain Lee’s expertise and leadership skills are unmatched.

With his commanding presence, quick wit, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Captain Lee Rosbach has left an indelible mark on the industry and has become an iconic celebrity in his own right.


Q: How long has Captain Lee Rosbach been on “Below Deck”?

A: Captain Lee Rosbach has been a part of the “Below Deck” cast since the show’s inception in 2013. He has appeared on all seven seasons as the captain of the yacht.

Q: What is Captain Lee Rosbach’s background?

A: Captain Lee Rosbach has over 36 years of experience in the maritime industry. He started his career as a deckhand and worked his way up to become a captain. His extensive background in yacht operations makes him the perfect fit for “Below Deck.”

Q: Where is Captain Lee Rosbach from?

A: Captain Lee Rosbach was born and raised in Michigan, United States. However, he has spent most of his professional career traveling and working on boats all around the world.

Q: Does Captain Lee Rosbach have any maritime certifications?

A: Yes, Captain Lee Rosbach holds a United States Coast Guard (USCG) 500-ton Master License. This certification allows him to operate vessels up to 500 gross tons.

Q: Is Captain Lee Rosbach active on social media?

A: Yes, Captain Lee Rosbach is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Fans can follow him to get updates on his latest projects and insights into his life off-screen.

Q: Does Captain Lee Rosbach have any other interests outside of yachting?

A: Yes, Captain Lee Rosbach is an avid golfer. He enjoys spending his leisure time on the golf course and has participated in various charity golf tournaments.