Engracia Zuber

Engracia Zuber

Published: 29 Oct 2023

Source: Brewminate.com

Eric Lefkofsky is a name that has made waves in both the business and philanthropic worlds. With his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make a difference, Lefkofsky has become a force to be reckoned with. From founding successful companies to making significant contributions to cancer research, his impact can be felt far and wide. In this article, we will delve into 24 unbelievable facts about Eric Lefkofsky that showcase his achievements, his passions, and his dedication to making the world a better place. So, buckle up and get ready to be inspired by the incredible journey of this remarkable individual.

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Early Life

Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, in a middle-class family. His passion for technology and entrepreneurship began at a young age.

Co-founder of Groupon

One of the most astounding facts about Eric Lefkofsky is that he co-founded Groupon, a globally recognized e-commerce marketplace.

Philanthropic Ventures

Eric Lefkofsky is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a dedicated philanthropist. Alongside his wife, Liz, he founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which supports various charitable causes.

Tempus Labs

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus Labs, a technology company that specializes in using AI and data analytics for precision medicine.

Numerous Ventures

Throughout his career, Eric Lefkofsky has been involved in numerous ventures, spanning industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, and technology.


One of Eric Lefkofsky’s notable ventures is InnerWorkings, a company that provides global print management solutions.

Accelerated Disruption

Eric Lefkofsky authored the book “Accelerated Disruption,” where he explores the impact of technology on businesses and industries.

University of Michigan

Eric Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors. He later obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit

From a young age, Eric Lefkofsky demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit, launching his first business selling carpets while still in college.

Collaboration with Cancer Researchers

Through Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky is collaborating with renowned cancer researchers to revolutionize the treatment and understanding of the disease.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Net Worth

With his successful career in entrepreneurship and various ventures, Eric Lefkofsky has amassed a substantial net worth estimated at billions of dollars.

Co-founder of Lightbank

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Lightbank, a venture capital firm that specializes in funding disruptive technology startups.

Commitment to Education

Eric Lefkofsky believes in the power of education and has made significant contributions to educational institutions, including his alma mater, the University of Michigan.

Disruptive Technologies

Throughout his career, Eric Lefkofsky has been a strong advocate for disruptive technologies that have the potential to shape the future.

Global Impact

Eric Lefkofsky’s ventures and philanthropic efforts have a global impact, touching the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

Commitment to Cancer Research

Driven by personal experiences, Eric Lefkofsky is deeply committed to advancing cancer research and improving patient outcomes.

Board Memberships

Eric Lefkofsky serves on the board of directors for several organizations, including Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Groupon’s Success

Under Eric Lefkofsky’s leadership, Groupon became one of the fastest-growing companies in history, revolutionizing the way people shop.

Commitment to Sustainable Investing

Eric Lefkofsky is an advocate for sustainable investing and has made investments in companies focused on renewable energy and environmentally friendly practices.

Contribution to Artificial Intelligence

Through Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky is utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate discoveries and advancements in healthcare.

Dynamic Speaker

Eric Lefkofsky is a dynamic and sought-after speaker, sharing his insights on entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation at various conferences and events.

Support for Local Communities

Eric Lefkofsky actively supports local communities and initiatives, aiming to create positive change on a grassroots level.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

With a strong belief in the importance of diversity and inclusion, Eric Lefkofsky strives to create inclusive work environments in his ventures.

Enduring Legacy

Eric Lefkofsky’s impact on the business and philanthropic world has created an enduring legacy, shaping industries and improving lives.


Eric Lefkofsky is truly an extraordinary individual, with a diverse range of accomplishments and a passion for innovation. From co-founding Groupon to his philanthropic endeavors through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, his impact is undeniable. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive have propelled him to success in various ventures, while his commitment to giving back to the community has made a difference in countless lives. Lefkofsky’s ability to identify opportunities and turn them into successful businesses is a testament to his strategic thinking and leadership skills. With his continued dedication to improving healthcare through his latest venture, Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is set to make even more groundbreaking contributions to the world.


1. What is Eric Lefkofsky known for?

Eric Lefkofsky is known for co-founding Groupon, a popular e-commerce marketplace, as well as his philanthropic efforts through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

2. What other companies has Eric Lefkofsky founded?

Besides Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has founded several other companies, including Tempus, a technology company focused on revolutionizing cancer treatment, and Lightbank, a venture capital firm.

3. What is the Lefkofsky Family Foundation?

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife, Liz. It aims to support initiatives related to education, human rights, medical research, and arts and culture.

4. How has Eric Lefkofsky contributed to the healthcare industry?

Eric Lefkofsky’s latest venture, Tempus, is revolutionizing how cancer is treated by utilizing advanced technology and data analysis. Tempus provides personalized treatment options and insights based on analyzing patients’ genomic and clinical data.

5. What are some notable achievements of Eric Lefkofsky?

Some of Eric Lefkofsky’s notable achievements include being listed on Forbes’ Billionaires list, receiving awards for his entrepreneurial endeavors, and being actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives.