Lara Duren

Lara Duren

Published: 15 Oct 2023


Bob Sura, the former NBA player, is known for his incredible skills and contributions to the game of basketball. Throughout his career, Sura managed to captivate fans and leave a lasting impact on the sport. From his impressive on-court performances to his charitable endeavors off the court, there are countless reasons why Sura has become a beloved figure in the world of basketball. In this article, we will delve into 18 unbelievable facts about Bob Sura that showcase his remarkable journey and shed light on his versatile talents. So, get ready to be amazed as we unravel the fascinating details of this phenomenal athlete’s life and career!

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Bob Sura had a successful college basketball career

During his time at Florida State University, Sura made a name for himself as a standout player. His exceptional performances earned him numerous accolades and a spot in the hearts of fans.

He was a first-round NBA draft pick

In 1995, Bob Sura was selected as the 17th overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA draft. This marked the beginning of his professional basketball journey.

Sura played for multiple NBA teams

Throughout his career, Bob Sura showcased his versatility by playing for several NBA teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, and Houston Rockets.

He achieved a rare quadruple-double

In 2007, while playing for the Houston Rockets, Bob Sura achieved the rare feat of recording a quadruple-double in a game. He finished with 10 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists, and 10 steals, joining an elite group of players.

Sura was known for his exceptional three-point shooting

Bob Sura’s ability to sink three-pointers with ease earned him a reputation as a sharpshooter. His precision and accuracy from beyond the arc mesmerized fans and teammates alike.

He was a fan favorite

Throughout his career, Bob Sura garnered a strong fan following. His charismatic personality and dedication to the game endeared him to basketball enthusiasts everywhere.

Sura represented the United States

Bob Sura proudly wore the national colors as he represented the United States in international basketball competitions, showcasing his skills on a global stage.

He left a lasting impact on the teams he played for

Bob Sura’s presence on the court was undeniable. His contributions to the teams he played for went beyond statistics, as he brought leadership and a winning mentality to every game.

Sura set numerous records

Throughout his career, Bob Sura set several records, solidifying his name in the annals of basketball history. His achievements serve as a testament to his exceptional abilities.

He was an inspiration to aspiring basketball players

Bob Sura’s journey from college basketball to the NBA served as an inspiration to young athletes dreaming of making it to the big leagues. His dedication and hard work were an example to follow.

Sura had a successful post-basketball career

After retiring from professional basketball, Bob Sura continued to make a significant impact off the court. His involvement in various philanthropic endeavors showcased his commitment to making a difference.

He was known for his sportsmanship

Bob Sura was admired not only for his skills but also for his sportsmanship. He displayed a high level of integrity and respect for the game, earning the admiration of his peers.

Sura was a versatile player

Known for his versatility, Bob Sura could excel in multiple positions on the court. His ability to adapt and contribute in various roles made him an invaluable asset to his teams.

He had a successful collegiate coaching career

Following his retirement as a player, Bob Sura transitioned into coaching and made an impact in the world of college basketball, helping shape the talents of future stars.

Sura’s impact extended beyond basketball

Bob Sura used his platform to make a difference in the community. His philanthropic efforts and dedication to various charitable causes showcased his compassion and generosity.

He had a loyal fan base

Bob Sura’s captivating style of play earned him a loyal fan base that supported him throughout his career. His ability to connect with fans further enhanced his legacy.

Sura’s contributions to the game continue to inspire

Even years after his retirement, Bob Sura’s impact on the game of basketball is still felt. His achievements serve as a reminder of what can be accomplished through passion and perseverance.

He is an unforgettable legend

Bob Sura’s name will forever be etched in the history of basketball. His remarkable career and unforgettable moments have solidified his status as a true legend of the game.

These 18 unbelievable facts about Bob Sura provide a glimpse into the extraordinary career and impact of this basketball superstar. From his college basketball days to his professional success, Sura’s journey continues to inspire athletes around the world. Whether it’s his remarkable records, unforgettable performances, or incredible achievements, Bob Sura’s legacy lives on and will be forever celebrated in the basketball community.


In conclusion, Bob Sura is an incredible individual with a fascinating story. From his humble beginnings to his remarkable achievements in the world of professional basketball, Sura’s journey is truly inspiring. With his exceptional versatility and unmatched dedication, he has left a lasting impact on the sport and has become a household name among basketball fans.Throughout his career, Sura has showcased his athletic prowess and natural talent on the court. From his breakout college days to his stints with various NBA teams, he has consistently shown his ability to excel in different roles and make a significant impact. Moreover, his achievements off the court, such as his philanthropic efforts and involvement in community initiatives, further highlight his admirable character.Bob Sura’s legacy in the world of basketball will continue to live on as his story inspires future generations of athletes to chase their dreams and overcome obstacles. His remarkable journey is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and resilience. Bob Sura will always be remembered as a true sporting icon.


1. What is Bob Sura best known for?

Bob Sura is best known for his successful career as a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He gained fame for his exceptional versatility on the court and his ability to make an impact in various roles.

2. What teams did Bob Sura play for during his NBA career?

Bob Sura played for several NBA teams during his career, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, and the New Jersey Nets.

3. What are some of Bob Sura’s notable achievements in basketball?

Bob Sura had numerous notable achievements throughout his basketball career. He was named the SEC Player of the Year in 1995, led the NBA in steals per game during the 1999-2000 season, and achieved a rare quadruple-double with the Houston Rockets in 2001.

4. Did Bob Sura have any involvement in philanthropy or community initiatives?

Yes, Bob Sura has been actively involved in philanthropy and community initiatives throughout his life. He has made significant contributions to charitable causes and has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

5. What is Bob Sura’s lasting legacy in the sport of basketball?

Bob Sura’s lasting legacy in the sport of basketball is his versatility, determination, and the inspiration he provides to aspiring athletes. His journey serves as a reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to remarkable achievements both on and off the court.