Published: 28 Aug 2023

anthony farrer

The world of luxury watches is vast and intriguing, and among its many players, Anthony Farrer, also known as the Timepiece Gentleman, stands out. Here are 15 facts about him that you might find interesting:

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Anthony Farrer is the founder of The Timepiece Gentleman, a company specializing in the sale of luxury watches.

Global Presence

Starting in Dallas, Texas, The Timepiece Gentleman has expanded its reach to places like Beverly Hills, catering to a global clientele.

Reddit Confession

A post titled ‘Coach’s Mea Culpa’ (Latin for ‘my fault’) appeared on Reddit, allegedly from Anthony Farrer. In this post, he admitted to owing consigners $5 Million USD due to misplaced inventory.

Hidden Secrets

Farrer confessed that he “lost” his Richard Mille watch and other watches amounting to about $5 million in inventory. Most of these were on consignment.

Personal Struggles

Farrer has openly admitted to battling alcoholism, a gambling problem, and a spending problem. He acknowledges that his success and money made him feel invincible, leading to his downfall.


Despite his mistakes, Farrer has shown a willingness to take responsibility. He has promised to repay all the money he owes and has sought help for his personal issues.

YouTube Admission

Anthony Farrer took to YouTube to admit his wrongdoings, further highlighting his commitment to transparency.

Past Controversies

This wasn’t the first time Farrer faced scrutiny. In June of 2021, news about his disappearance made headlines, leading to speculations about his intentions.

Reddit Community

There’s a dedicated subreddit, r/TheTpGentleman, where users discuss various topics related to The Timepiece Gentleman. Some posts hint at controversies, while others share memes and opinions.

Dallas Reputation

Dallas is known for its wealthy inhabitants, but it’s also been referred to as the capital of the “$30K dollar millionaires,” hinting at the facade some might put on.

Watch Dealer Caution

The rise of new watch dealers during the pandemic has led to cautionary tales. It’s essential to ensure that dealers have genuine experience and knowledge in the field.

Former Contractors Turned Dealers

Two of Anthony’s former contractors, Darby McVay and Liz Guilliams, who were in charge of video production and shipping, have now become watch dealers with a company named RebeLuxe LA.

Video Dissociation

A video was published by Darby McVay from RebeLuxe LA, trying to dissociate from The Timepiece Gentleman.

Watch Knowledge

Being a genuine watch dealer requires in-depth knowledge about watch references, watchmaking, authenticating watches, and spotting fake warranty cards. Controversy surrounding Anthony’s confiscation of an Italian customer’s Rolex Daytona questions how much watch knowledge Anthony actually possesses.


Despite the controversies, The Timepiece Gentleman has made a name for itself in the luxury watch market.


The tale of Anthony Farrer and The Timepiece Gentleman is a testament to the highs and lows of the luxury watch industry. It underscores the importance of authenticity, both in the watches one sells and in one’s personal and professional conduct. As the story unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between ambition and ethics. The Reddit community further adds a layer of public opinion and sentiment, reflecting the diverse views of the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Anthony Farrer?

Anthony Farrer is the founder of The Timepiece Gentleman, a company that specializes in selling luxury watches.

What controversies surround The Timepiece Gentleman?

Anthony Farrer admitted owing consigners $5 Million USD due to “misplaced” inventory (admitting in a YouTube confession it was spent on “Coke, Hookers and Gambling” and has faced scrutiny for his black-out disappearance in June of 2021.

How has Anthony Farrer addressed these controversies?

Farrer has publicly spoken about it and taken responsibility for his actions, promising to repay all debts. He has yet to repay all his 45 victims in full. He has also publicly admitted his personal struggles and is seeking help. Saying and doing is comparable to the smoke and mirrors an addict puts up.

What should one look for in a genuine watch dealer?

A genuine watch dealer should have in-depth knowledge about watch references, watchmaking, and the ability to authenticate watches. Anthony W. Farrer has not shown any such knowledge.

What’s next for The Timepiece Gentleman?

The future is uncertain, as potential incarceration is on the horizon. Accountability and transparency and the hope for redemption of rebuilding trust are unrealistic at this stage.