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Vermont Is the 2nd Least Populous State

United States Population Map

United States Population Map

Much of the Northeastern United States is densely populated. Vermont, however, is the second least populous state in the Union. With a population of 626,562, Vermont is slightly more populated than Wyoming, which is the least populous state in the United States.

Green Mountain Boys Founded the Vermont Republic

Vermont facts tell us that while the original 13 colonies were ruled by Britain, Vermont remained under French control until the French and Indian war ended in 1763. Shortly after, in 1777, a militia called the Green Mountain Boys took control of the land and created an independent state, the Vermont Republic, during the Revolutionary War.

The Vermont Republic was an independent state until it voted to become the 14th state of the United States of America in 1791. It was the first state to be added to the original 13 colonies that fought Britain for their freedom.

The Capital of Vermont Is Montpelier

Vermont Map

Vermont Map

The capital of Vermont is the city of Montpelier. Montpelier is the smallest capital city in the United States, and has a population of just under 8,000. Vermont’s largest city is Burlington, with a population of around 42,000.

There Are No Skyscrapers in Vermont

Vermont facts tell us that the state’s buildings would be classified as short when compared with other states’ buildings. Vermont’s tallest building stands 124 feet tall and is composed of just 11 stories. Vermont’s lack of taller building sets it apart. It is the state with the shortest tall buildings.

The Name Vermont Has French Origins

It is believed that the name Vermont comes from the French phrase for Green Mountains, “le Verts Monts”. The Green Mountains run north to south through Vermont, just west of its center. There are two hypotheses regarding how the mountains earned their moniker.

Vermont facts indicate that some believe the Green Mountains are so-called because their tree line was higher than neighboring mountains in other states, leaving them covered in lush forests. Others believe the name comes from a green colored shale that is predominant in the area.

77% of Vermont Is Covered with Trees

Vermont Forest Cover in 2013

Vermont Forest Cover in 2013

Vermont is often viewed as a great vacation destination for urbanites because of its great natural beauty. In addition to the mountains and lakes that dot its landscape, a lush 77% of Vermont is covered with forests.

Lake Champlain Was Once a Sea

Vermont facts indicate that after the glaciers of the Ice Age receded, a temporary inlet of the Atlantic Ocean flowed over the parts of Vermont, New York and Canada. This body of water existed until about 10,000 years ago when the land rose above sea level and was called the Champlain Sea.

Fort Sainte Anne Was the First European Settlement in Vermont

In 1666, the French erected Fort Sainte Anne on what is now Isle La Motte, an island in Lake Champlain. It was the first European settlement in Vermont and served to help protect Canadians from the Iroquois.

Ethan Allen Was a Green Mountain Boy

Ethan Allen, a name now synonymous with nice furniture, was a founding member of the Green Mountain Boys that fought for the separation of Vermont. He also fought in the Revolutionary War until the British captured him. Afterwards, he returned to a free and independent Vermont.

Vermont Birthed Two Presidents

Two former United States Presidents were born in Vermont. Chester A. Arthur was the 21st President of the United States and served from 1881-85. Arthur was born in Fairfield, Vermont, and assumed the presidency after James Garfield’s assassination.

Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States. He was born in Plymouth, Vermont, on July 4 1872. He is the only president whose birthday is 4 July, commonly celebrated as the birth of the United States of America. Plymouth holds a birthday celebration yearly for its most notable resident.

Vermont Is the Leading Producer of Maple Syrup in the US

Market Value of U.S. Maple Syrup Production, 1992-2011

Market Value of U.S. Maple Syrup Production, 1992-2011

Vermont produces 42% of the United States’ maple syrup. From 2001 to 2009, Vermont more than tripled its maple syrup production from 275,000 gallons to 920,000 gallons.

Burton Snowboards Is Based in Vermont

Vermont facts tell us one of the first snowboarding companies, Burton Snowboards, is based in the state. Jake Burton Carpenter started the company in 1977. Carpenter was the first person to enter, and win, a snurfing competition with a board of his own design.

Vermont Was the First State to Abolish Slavery

Abolition of Slavery Map

Abolition of Slavery Map

Vermont became a state in 1791. Its constitution at the time, written in 1777, outlawed slavery. When it was admitted into the union as a state, it became the first state to abolish the slave trade within its borders.

Two Tribes Are Native to Vermont

Thanks to Vermont facts, we know that Native Americans lived in the Vermont area from around 8500 BCE. The two tribes believed to have inhabited the region were the Mohican and Abenaki tribes. These Algonquian-speaking tribes were pushed from their homes by an incursion of Iroquois from the New York region.

Lake Champlain Was a Great Lake for a Few Weeks

In 1998, US President Bill Clinton signed a bill that made Lake Champlain one of the nation’s Great Lakes, adding it to the roster alongside Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Eerie, Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. The bill was repealed a few weeks later, stripping Lake Champlain of its great status, but allowing Vermont to access grant money tied to the bill.

Vermont Has the Highest Ratio of Cows to People in the US

There are a lot of cows in Vermont. For every 3.8 Vermont residents, there is one cow. That’s around 164,884 cows who need land for grazing and daily milking!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Hails from Vermont

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s revolutionized ice cream with natural ingredients, crazy combinations and fun names. The Vermont company is an international sensation that maintains its local roots by giving its edible production wastes to local farms for pig feed.

Vermont High School Students Can Compete in Snowboarding

Vermont is one of only three states that boasts high school snowboarding competitions. With schools located by popular ski and snowboarding resorts, Vermont high school students can easily hit the slopes after school and practice for their meets. Oregon and Wisconsin also hold competitions at the high school level.

Vermont Outlawed Billboards

Driving through scenic Vermont, you may notice there are no billboards. Vermont is one of four US states that has outlawed billboards. Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine don’t allow the distracting signs either. With such natural beauty, who needs billboard distractions?

Lake Champlain Has its Own Loch Ness Monster

Vermont facts tell us Champ is the moniker of the famed Lake Champlain creature. The lake monster was first spotted in 1609 by Samuel de Champlain. Subsequent accounts have led people to believe Champ measures anywhere from 10 to 187 feet long and has a huge jaw!

Vermont Facts – Facts about Vermont Summary

Vermont FactsVermont was the first state admitted to the United States after the 13 colonies. It is the second least populous state. Montpelier, Vermont’s capital, is the smallest state capital, with a population of less than 8,000. Vermont is the nation’s leading producer of maple syrup. Seventy-seven percent of the state is covered in forest. Driving through Vermont, you’ll notice a lack of billboards. Those large advertisements are outlawed so you won’t be distracted from the natural beauty of the Green Mountain State.

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