Animals owl facts

Owl Facts

Not All Owls Are Nocturnal You’ve probably heard of the term night owl, which makes…

Animals dodo bird facts

Dodo Bird Facts

Dodos Had an Unusual Diet Involving Stones Dodo birds’ diet included seeds, nuts, bulbs, roots,…

Plants dogwood tree facts

Dogwood Tree Facts

Dogwoods Enhance Many Landscapes Several varieties of dogwood tree are used as ornamental trees to…

Animals Kitten Facts

Kitten Facts

The Young of Domesticated Cats Are “Kittens”, Not “Cubs” When it comes to the naming…

Cities London Facts

London Facts

London Is the Most Populous City in Europe London is one of the largest and…

Concerns Racism Facts

Racism Facts

Racism Involves Prejudice and Discrimination The most seemingly basic of racism facts − the issue…

Countries Portugal Facts

Portugal Facts

Portugal Is One of The Oldest European Countries There are many interesting Portugal facts relating…

Animals Squirrel Facts

Squirrel Facts

Squirrels Are Rodents from The Sciuridae Family The most essential of squirrel facts relate to…

Plants Tree Facts

Tree Facts

A Tree Is a Perennial Plant with an Elongated Trunk In terms of botanical classification,…

Health Tuberculosis Facts

Tuberculosis Facts

Tuberculosis Is an Infectious Disease The most basic of tuberculosis facts relates to its biological…

Countries USA Facts

USA Facts

The USA is a Federal Republic The most basic of USA facts relate to its…

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