Animals Beaver Facts

Beaver Facts

Beavers Are Sociable, Except When They Work Beavers are very sociable animals. They live in…

Animals Anteater Facts

Anteater Facts

Anteaters Vary Greatly in Size One of the more surprising anteater facts is that these…

Earth Water Cycle Facts

Water Cycle Facts

The Water Cycle Helps to Regulate the Earth’s Temperature Why is the water cycle important?…

US States Washington Facts

Washington Facts

It Is the Only State Named After a President – George Washington George Washington was…

Hobbies Gymnastics Facts

Gymnastics Facts

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Is Considered the Father of Modern Gymnastics While the ancient Greeks practiced…

Countries Djibouti Facts

Djibouti Facts

Cattle Were Domesticated in Djibouti 3,500 Years Ago Djibouti facts tell us about an early…

Hobbies Snowboarding Facts

Snowboarding Facts

Snowboarding Started With Snurfing Snowboarding facts indicate there is evidence of people snowboarding as early…

Chemistry Neon Facts

Neon Facts

Neon Gas Was Discovered in 1898 Neon gas was discovered in 1898 at University College…

Universe Star Facts

Star Facts

Stars Are Made of Gas Although stars might look like they’re solid objects in the…

Concerns Adoption Facts

Adoption Facts

Most Adoptions Occur because of Infertility There are many reasons why people choose to adopt.…

Countries Algeria Facts

Algeria Facts

Algeria Is Predominantly Desert The Sahara Desert covers more than 80% of Algeria. In fact,…

Hobbies Softball Facts

Softball Facts

The First Softball Wasn’t a Ball Softball facts illustrate the funny origin story of this…

Countries Afghanistan facts

Afghanistan Facts

Afghanistan Experiences Harsh Winters Most people, when they think of Afghanistan, picture a landscape of…

Continents asia facts

Asia Facts

Some of the Oldest Human Civilizations Were in Asia There are many Asia facts relating…

Chemistry diamond facts

Diamond Facts

Diamonds are Highly Desirable as Jewels As something that is immediately associated with jewelry, it’s…

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