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Legacy Mayan Facts

Mayan Facts

K’iche’ is the Most Spoken Mayan Language with 2.3 Million Speakers Although most people know…

Legacy Ancient Egypt Facts

Ancient Egypt Facts

The River Nile Was Essential for the Development of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization Ancient Egypt…

Landmarks Stonehenge Facts

Stonehenge Facts

Stonehenge Is Perfectly Geometric One of the most fascinating Stonehenge facts is that the monument…

Legacy Ancient Greece Facts

Ancient Greece Facts

Ancient Greeks Had Strange Rituals Regarding Eating Meat The first of our interesting Ancient Greece…

Legacy bible facts

Bible Facts

Two Primary Religions Use the Bible Both Judaism and Christianity use the term “bible”, and…

Legacy Neanderthal Facts

Neanderthal Facts

Neanderthals Are Our Closest Relatives Neanderthals are our closest extinct human relatives. It is debatable…