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Landmarks Stonehenge Facts

Stonehenge Facts

Stonehenge Is Perfectly Geometric One of the most fascinating Stonehenge facts is that the monument…

Hobbies Car Facts

Car Facts

The First Motorized Vehicle Was Built In 1769 The first of our car facts might…

Religions Hinduism Facts

Hinduism Facts

Hinduism Is Very Different from Other Religions The word “Hindu” comes from the name of…

Food Alcohol Facts

Alcohol Facts

The Most Popular Use of Alcohol Is in Intoxicating Beverages Alcohol facts reveal that the…

Concerns Suicide Facts

Suicide Facts

Males Are More Likely To Commit Suicide Males make up 79% of all successful suicides,…

Religions Islam Facts

Islam Facts

Islam Is One of the Oldest Religions Islam facts state that the religion began in…

Celebrations Halloween Facts

Halloween Facts

Trick-or-Treating Started in the Middle Ages Halloween facts show that trick-or-treating has its roots in…

Animals Lobster Facts

Lobster Facts

Lobsters Shed Their Shells to Grow Lobster facts teach us that a lobster produces enzymes…

Concerns Black History Facts

Black History Facts

Most African-Americans Descend from Slaves from Africa Black history facts reveal that the first slaves…

Concerns Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Has Been Used for Almost 5000 Years Marijuana facts reveal that the first direct…

Hobbies Left Handed Facts

Left Handed Facts

Left-Handedness Is Still Not Fully Explained One of the most interesting left handed facts might…

Concerns Breast Cancer Facts

Breast Cancer Facts

There Are Multiple Environmental and Hereditary Risk Factors One of the most interesting breast cancer…

Concerns Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts

1 in 5 American Teenagers are Classed as Obese The first of our interesting obesity…

Hobbies Soccer Facts

Soccer Facts

Soccer Was Invented in England Around 1863 Soccer, more commonly known as football or association…