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Biology GMO Facts

GMO Facts

Genetic Modification Includes Mutation, Insertion or Deletion of Genes GMO facts reveal that genetic modification…

Concerns Smoking Facts

Smoking Facts

Smoking Is Considered an Addiction Nowadays Smoking facts are very clear when it comes to…

Concerns Suicide Facts

Suicide Facts

Males Are More Likely To Commit Suicide Males make up 79% of all successful suicides,…

Concerns Black History Facts

Black History Facts

Most African-Americans Descend from Slaves from Africa Black history facts reveal that the first slaves…

Concerns Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Has Been Used for Almost 5000 Years Marijuana facts reveal that the first direct…

Concerns Breast Cancer Facts

Breast Cancer Facts

There Are Multiple Environmental and Hereditary Risk Factors One of the most interesting breast cancer…

Concerns Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts

1 in 5 American Teenagers are Classed as Obese The first of our interesting obesity…

Concerns bullying facts

Bullying Facts

Schools Are the Center Stage of Bullying All bullying facts are shocking, but the most…

Concerns Fast Food Facts

Fast Food Facts

Fast Food Is So-Called Because It’s Supposed to Be Fast The 1950s brought a revolution…

Concerns Cancer Facts

Cancer Facts

Cancer Is Abnormal and Malignant Cell Growth Cancer is caused by malignant, abnormal cell growth.…

Concerns Adoption Facts

Adoption Facts

Most Adoptions Occur because of Infertility There are many reasons why people choose to adopt.…

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