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Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of Scheana Shay? This multi-talented celebrity has cemented her place in the spotlight as a reality TV star, actress, model, and entrepreneur. With her infectious personality and undeniable charisma, Scheana has captivated audiences around the globe.

In this article, we’ll uncover 42 intriguing facts about Scheana Shay that will give you a deeper insight into her life, career, and accomplishments. From her humble beginnings to her rise to fame on the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, we’ll explore the various facets of Scheana’s journey in the entertainment industry.

Prepare to be amazed as we delve into Scheana’s personal life, her roles in film and television, and her ventures outside of the entertainment world. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about this enigmatic star, there’s something for everyone in this comprehensive guide.

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Scheana Shay was born on May 7, 1985, making her a Taurus.

Known for her vibrant personality and contagious energy, Scheana Shay has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in West Covina, California, she has carved a successful career as a reality television star and singer-songwriter.

Scheana rose to fame through her appearances on Vanderpump Rules.

Vanderpump Rules is a reality TV show that revolves around the staff and drama at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant in West Hollywood. Scheana joined in the show’s first season and quickly became a fan favorite.

She previously worked as a waitress at SUR restaurant.

Before her reality TV stardom, Scheana worked as a waitress at SUR. This experience played a pivotal role in her involvement in Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana is known for her iconic tagline, “It’s all happening!”

This catchphrase became synonymous with Scheana Shay and her optimistic outlook on life. Fans of Vanderpump Rules often use this line to show their support and excitement.

She has a passion for music and released several singles.

In addition to her reality TV career, Scheana has pursued her dream of being a singer-songwriter. She has released several singles, including “Good as Gold” and “One More Time.”

Scheana has a large fan following on social media.

With her vibrant personality and captivating presence on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has gained a significant following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Her fans eagerly await her updates and engage with her content.

She has been open about her struggles with endometriosis.

Scheana has used her platform to raise awareness about endometriosis, a condition she personally battles with. By sharing her experience, she has become an inspiration for many women facing similar challenges.

Scheana is a proud advocate for body positivity.

With society often placing unrealistic beauty standards, Scheana promotes self-love and acceptance. She encourages her fans to embrace their bodies and celebrates body diversity.

She has appeared in other television shows and films.

Aside from Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has made appearances in shows like “90210” and “Greek.” She has also been featured in films such as “Mouthpiece” and “The Disaster Artist.”

Scheana is an animal lover and has two beloved dogs.

Scheana’s love for animals is evident on her social media, where she often shares adorable photos of her dogs, Coco and Golden. She is a staunch supporter of animal rights and encourages adoption.

She has a YouTube channel where she shares vlogs and beauty tips.

Scheana regularly updates her YouTube channel, providing her fans with insights into her daily life, beauty routines, and travel adventures. Her channel is a go-to for those seeking lifestyle inspiration.

Scheana Shay has a great sense of style.

Known for her fashion-forward choices, Scheana has been praised for her impeccable sense of style. Whether she’s walking the red carpet or rocking casual attire, she always manages to turn heads.

Scheana is a talented performer and has appeared in various theater productions.

Her talent extends beyond reality TV and music. Scheana has showcased her acting skills in theater productions, further proving her versatility as an entertainer.

She has a close-knit group of friends from Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana shares strong bonds with her co-stars from Vanderpump Rules, and their friendships have become a significant part of the show’s dynamic. Their adventures and misadventures keep fans glued to their screens.

Scheana is known for her love of astrology.

She often references astrological signs and characteristics in her conversations and social media posts. Scheana enjoys exploring the connections between astrology and personality traits.

She is passionate about fitness and leads an active lifestyle.

Scheana prioritizes her physical and mental well-being, regularly engaging in various fitness activities. From yoga to high-intensity workouts, she inspires her fans to stay active and take care of their bodies.

Scheana is a food enthusiast and enjoys trying new cuisines.

Thanks to her work at SUR and her love for culinary adventures, Scheana has developed a keen palate for diverse flavors. She often shares her food experiences on social media, sparking curiosity and cravings among her followers.

She has been a part of Vanderpump Rules spin-offs.

Scheana’s popularity led to her appearances in Vanderpump Rules spin-offs like “Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky” and “Vanderpump Dogs,” further expanding her presence on reality television.

Scheana is an avid traveler and loves exploring different destinations.

From luxurious getaways to exciting city trips, Scheana enjoys immersing herself in new cultures and experiences. Her travel adventures are documented on her social media, giving fans a glimpse into her wanderlust-filled life.

She has her own podcast called “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay.”

Scheana loves engaging with her fans through different platforms and mediums. Her podcast allows her to delve deeper into various topics, share personal stories, and interview guests from all walks of life.

Scheana is a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.

Her time on Vanderpump Rules and personal experiences have made Scheana an advocate for equality and inclusion. She actively supports and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.

Scheana enjoys attending music festivals and concerts.

As a music enthusiast, Scheana finds joy in attending live performances of her favorite artists. Whether it’s dancing in the crowd or singing along, she appreciates the energy and connection that music brings.

She has faced her fair share of relationship challenges.

Scheana has been open about her relationship struggles, including her highly publicized divorce from her ex-husband. By sharing her experiences, she aims to inspire and connect with others going through similar hardships.

Scheana has a strong bond with Lisa Vanderpump.

Throughout her time on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has developed a close relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, who serves as a mentor and friend. Their interactions often provide moments of wisdom and guidance.

She has worn many hats in the entertainment industry.

From reality TV star to singer-songwriter and actress, Scheana has explored various avenues within the entertainment industry. Her versatility showcases her passion for all aspects of showbiz.

Scheana is a fan of the Real Housewives franchise.

Her connection to Lisa Vanderpump has sparked an interest in other reality TV shows. Scheana often engages with the Real Housewives franchise and shares her thoughts on various Housewives-related topics.

She values her friendships and cherishes her close circle.

Known for her loyalty and support, Scheana treasures her friendships. She often expresses gratitude for the people who have stood by her side throughout her journey.

Scheana loves the beach and is often seen enjoying sunny days.

Living in Southern California provides ample opportunities for Scheana to soak up the sun and embrace beach life. Her love for the ocean and warm weather is evident in her social media posts.

She has released a workout video called “Scheana Shay’s Perfectly Imperfect Yoga.”

Scheana’s dedication to fitness and wellness inspired her to create a workout video that promotes body positivity and self-acceptance. Her intention is to encourage others to embrace fitness in a positive and inclusive way.

Scheana is passionate about empowering women.

She believes in uplifting and supporting women in all aspects of life. Scheana uses her platform to spread messages of empowerment and to promote female solidarity.

She has been involved in charitable endeavors.

Scheana recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and has participated in various charitable events and initiatives. She uses her influence to make a positive impact.

Scheana is a fan of 90s pop culture.

Having grown up in the 90s, Scheana holds a nostalgic affection for the era. She often expresses her love for 90s music, movies, and fashion.

She has ventured into the world of fashion with her own clothing line.

Scheana’s fashion-forward sense and creativity have led her to launch her own clothing line, catering to those who seek trendy and stylish pieces.

Scheana loves attending red carpet events.

As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Scheana often graces red carpets, sporting glamorous outfits and posing for the cameras. These events give her opportunities to connect with other professionals in the industry.

She believes in the power of positive thinking.

With her vibrant personality and optimistic outlook, Scheana emphasizes the importance of positive thinking and manifesting one’s desires. She encourages her fans to adopt a similar mindset.

Scheana has been involved in theater productions since a young age.

Her passion for performing arts began at a young age when she participated in theater productions, further fueling her desire to pursue a career in entertainment.

She enjoys cooking and often shares her culinary creations on social media.

Scheana’s love for food extends beyond restaurant experiences. She frequently cooks at home and takes pleasure in creating delicious and visually appealing dishes.

Scheana has a naturally bubbly and outgoing personality.

Known for her infectious energy, Scheana’s lively personality lights up any room she enters. Her ability to connect with people is one of her most endearing qualities.

She values authenticity and being true to oneself.

Scheana believes in embracing individuality and encourages her fans to embrace their true selves. She constantly reminds them to stay true to their values and beliefs.

Scheana is a doting aunt to her siblings’ children.

Family plays an essential role in Scheana’s life, and she adores her nieces and nephews. She often shares heartwarming moments with them on social media.

She has been featured in various magazines and publications.

Scheana’s rising popularity and influence have garnered attention from renowned magazines and publications. She has been featured in interviews and photo shoots, further solidifying her presence in the media.

Scheana Shay continues to evolve and leave her mark on the entertainment industry.

With her magnetic personality and determination, Scheana Shay remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her journey is far from over, and fans eagerly anticipate what she has in store next.

There you have it! 42 fascinating facts about Scheana Shay, the Vanderpump Rules star. From her rise to fame on the reality TV show to her music career and empowering messages, Scheana’s influence knows no bounds. Her infectious energy and vibrant personality have endeared her to fans around the world, making her a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Keep following Scheana’s journey as she continues to inspire and entertain.


With her dynamic personality and eventful journey in the entertainment industry, Scheana Shay has become a beloved figure among fans. From her early beginnings as a reality TV star to her current success as a TV host and podcast host, Scheana has proven her versatility and resilience. Through her ups and downs, she has remained authentic and relatable, earning the admiration and support of her loyal fanbase.

As Scheana continues to evolve and pursue her passions, there is no doubt that her influence will continue to grow. Whether it’s through her vibrant social media presence or her candid interviews, she has cemented her place in the world of celebrities and continues to inspire others with her determination and positive outlook.


Q: How did Scheana Shay become famous?

A: Scheana Shay rose to fame through her appearances on the reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules. She joined the cast in 2013 and quickly became a fan favorite, captivating viewers with her engaging personality and relatable storylines.

Q: What other TV shows has Scheana Shay appeared on?

A: Apart from Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay has made appearances on shows like Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and Shark After Dark.

Q: Has Scheana Shay released any music?

A: Yes, Scheana Shay has ventured into the music industry with the release of her single “Good as Gold” in 2013. She continues to explore her passion for music, and fans can expect more music from her in the future.

Q: What is Scheana Shay’s podcast called?

A: Scheana Shay hosts a podcast called “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay.” On her podcast, she discusses a wide range of topics, interviews guests, and shares her perspectives on various aspects of life and pop culture.

Q: What is Scheana Shay currently working on?

A: Alongside her ongoing role on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay is expanding her career as a TV host. She has hosted red carpet events and has her own digital talk show called “Scheananigans Live.”