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Argentina Is Home to Ushuaia, the Southernmost City in the World

Location of Ushuaia, Argentina

Location of Ushuaia, Argentina

The first of our Argentina facts tells us about this geographical claim to fame. The country is home to what is believed to be the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia. It can be found in Tierra Del Fuego. It has been a settlement for humans for the last 7,000 years and it is a tourist haven for people wanting to see arctic wildlife up close and personal. It even has a tourist attraction called the End of the World Train which doesn’t (as the name implies) take tourists to the end of the world, but to Tierra Del Fuego National Park.

Che Guevara Was Actually From Argentina and Not Cuba!

Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Many people are very surprised to learn this fact, but the person who is so clearly established as being part of the Cuban revolution, Che Guevara, was actually born in Rosario, south of Buenos Aires in 1928. He grew up here but it was only after he had trained to become a doctor that he moved around Latin America. He became a Marxist scholar after being inspired and humbled by the poverty among the people he saw on his travels. He was executed by the Bolivian military in 1967 and the iconic image of him we all recognize is still worn on t-shirts and other items of apparel by people all over the world.

The Lowest and Highest Temperatures in South America Were Recorded in Argentina

This is one of our interesting Argentina facts relating to meteorology. In 1907 the town of Sarmiento in Patagonia reached -27 Fahrenheit. In 1920 in Villa de Maria in Cordova recorded a temperature of 120.4 Fahrenheit was recorded. These two records still stand for South America!

Argentina Has the Highest and Lowest Points in South America

Aconcagua - the Highest Point in South America

Aconcagua – the Highest Point in South America

Laguna del Carbón is a salt lake which is located in Santa Cruz. It is 344 feet below sea level and this makes it the lowest point in South America. Conversely, the highest point is the Aconcagua in the Mendoza province. It stands at 22,841 feet and is the tallest mountain in North and South America.

Patagonia has the Only Glacier in the World that is Growing and Not Shrinking!

Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier

The next of our interesting Argentina facts surrounds the Perito Moreno Glacier. Many people don’t associate this country with glaciers, but Argentina is home to the third largest freshwater reserve in the world. The Perito Moreno Glacier is the only glacier in the world which is growing rather than shrinking. It also happens to be a major tourist pull as it is one of the most accessible on the planet.

The Country Is Named after the Precious Metal Silver

Argentina is the only country on Earth to be named after a metal! The name derives from the Latin word for Silver, Argentum, and it is believed that the original explorers of the country who came from Portugal and Spain thought there were reserves of the metal in the mountains. The country was originally called Rio de la Plata until these explorers discovered the bounty in the hills.

100 Years Ago Argentina Was the World’s 10th Wealthiest Nation

Richest Countries in the World

Richest Countries in the World

The next of our fascinating Argentina facts tells us about the wealth of the country. 100 years ago, and prior to 1915, Argentina was considered to be the world’s 10th wealthiest nation. Now, in 2015, it is only ranked as 54th wealthiest. In fact, since the 1970s, the country has wiped 13 zeroes off the value of its currency, the peso, which roughly equates to a factor of ten trillion!

In 1994 Argentina Suffered the Largest Terrorist Attack Ever Seen in South America

The next of our fascinating Argentina facts surrounds a dreadful terrorist atrocity that took place in the country in 1994. Known as the Amia Bombing, it took place in Buenos Aries and killed 85 people. Hundreds more were injured. It happened when a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a Jewish Community Center in the city. Eleven years later, in 2005, the man who was to become Pope Francis, but was then known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, became the first public figure to sign a petition for justice for the victims of the crime.

Argentina Is Home to the World’s Widest Avenue

9th of july

9th of july

It is called the 9th July and is located in Buenos Aries. It is named after the country’s Independence Day. It has 14 lanes and, and is flanked by four lanes of parallel streets! It runs to the West of the Rio de la Plata and to the South of the Constitucion Station. It was inaugurated on July 9 2013.

Argentina Is Where the Art of Fingerprinting to Solve Crimes Was Discovered

In this one of our exciting Argentina facts, we discover how the country became the place in which fingerprinting to solve crimes was discovered. In 1892, a woman called Francisca Rojas confessed to the murder of her two children. She originally pinned the blame on her neighbor, but after a week of questioning, it was clear they were not responsible. An Inspector Alvarez was looking over Roja’s house and noticed a bloody fingerprint on the door. He had it removed and examined, and Roja was made to give her fingerprints too. They were compared and it was deduced that it was she who had been responsible for the crime.

Sultry! The Dance Called ‘Tango’ Originated in Buenos Aries

The next of our interesting Argentina Facts tells us about this sultry dance craze. Although it is now known worldwide, it had slightly dubious origins – beginning as a dance for two people that was originally performed as an improvisation in the brothels of the capital, Buenos Aries. It was performed by women who would be dressed in risqué costumes, with tail feathers. They would shake these at the men to entice them. From here, it spread out into the working class towns and eventually out to Europe. In 1912, the Parisians fell in love with the simple, improvised steps and adopted it themselves.

Argentinians Celebrate Friendship by Having a Friends Day in October

We’re all familiar with Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, but not so many of us know about Friend’s Day, which is celebrated in Argentina and Paraguay. It dates back to the 1970s when a scholar from Argentina wanted to celebrate the fact that he felt somehow connected to everyone on Earth after the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. It is an official holiday in Buenos Aries, but not a national public holiday, yet. It is a time of great celebration and gift giving that the people of the country fully participate in. In 2005, so many people used mobile phones to call or text their friends that the networks went down!

Argentina Was the First Country to Legally Recognize a Child as Having 2 Fathers

In Buenos Aries in 2012, Carlos Dermgerd and his partner Alejandro Grinblat became the parents of a baby boy. They were the first gay couple to have themselves registered on the birth certificate as being the two fathers of the child. This was the first time this had happened anywhere in the world!

30,000 People Went Missing in the Country between 1974 and 1983

However, these were no ordinary cases of missing people. Most of these people were killed by the Military Junta who were running the country at the time. This Junta deposed Isabel Peron in 1976 and installed General Jorge Rafael Videla as leader. Argentina entered a long period of political repression during this time, in which all these people are said to have gone missing. Many were thrown from planes with weights attached to their feet, so that no bodies would be found as evidence.

Walt Disney’s Inspiration Was an Argentine Filmmaker Called Quirino Cristiani

Quirino Cristiani

Quirino Cristiani

Disney’s name is synonymous with early animation, but he actually took his inspiration from Quirino Cristiani, a film maker who is believed to have been one of the first people to pioneer using cardboard cutouts in animation. It was he, along with his partner Frederico Valle, who made the first feature length animated film in 1917, El Apóstol. All known copies were destroyed in a fire at Cristiani’s studio in 1926.

Many Dinosaur Bones and Fossils Have Been Found in Argentina over the Last Decade

The last of our fascinating Argentina facts tells us about this exciting historical discovery. Argentina seems to have been more of a playground for dinosaurs than was first thought. In fact, over the last 10 years, more fossils and bones have been unearthed than in previous years. However, in 1993, the oldest predator dinosaur fossil was found here. It was called the Eoraptor. It stood on two legs and measured a tiny 3.2 feet in height. It is believed to have been carnivorous and survived by eating animals that were around in the north west region of the country.

The country is also home to the eponymously named Argentinosaurus, a herbivore that was some 125 feet in length and weighed 160,000lbs! It could also move at a speed of 5 miles per hour.

Argentina Facts – Facts about Argentina Summary

Argentina FactsFacts about Argentina tell us that the coldest and hottest temperatures in South America were recorded here, that it is home to the world’s largest avenue and that it is also the only place in the world you’ll find a glacier that is growing and not shrinking. The famous dance the tango originates here, and it is also the country that gave birth to the idea of fingerprinting criminals!

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